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Online shoppers don’t have time to waste. If they have to complete a complex multi-step registration form, they are very much likely to leave. In fact, this is the case for 86% of users.

The situation is quite the opposite with logging in using social media: 77% of users believe it’s acceptable. This is not surprising - social login is the matter of only one click.

Why not win more users with one-click registration? And we’ve got a helper we recently updated! We've powered our Google login extension with 3 new features to make it even more flexible.

Magento 2 Google login extension: what's new?

#1 Support for more social networks

Magento login with Google only is not enough, as more and more social networks pop up.

Some of them cater to a specific audience, and yet they are undoubtedly popular. We added support to one of such networks.

Now you can enable social login via Twitch.

#2 Improved data reliability: importing gender and birth data from Google, Facebook, and PayPal

About 88% of users provide incorrect or misleading information when filling in registation forms. For retailers, this means a large layer of untrustworthy data, which leads to incorrect conclusions and potential faults in marketing campaigns.

Some products require age verification to be sold legally. In this case, faulty birth dates may lead store owners to fines.

Social media accounts don’t guarantee top data quality either. However, enabling social login from diverse networks for the same customer, you improve the quality of data you obtain.

#3 Simple password restoration

For retailers, forgotten passwords make a big problem. Mcaffee reports that about 48% of users abandon the shop if they can't recall their credentials. Keeping that in mind, we came up with a handy pop-up for restoring passwords right at the checkout.

The message appears the moment the customer hits “Forget Your Password” text button. They won't be redirected staying on the same store page throughout the restoration process. This is a critical point if they log in from the checkout page.

Summing up

Social login helps address several e-commerce challenges at once. It helps reduce cart abandonment, expand the customer base and improve the quality of data you collect for marketing purposes.

So update Google login extension for Magento 2 and make the most of its features!

September 25, 2019
September 26, 2019
September 23, 2019
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