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Full Page Cache comparison: Amasty FPC vs Magento Enterprise FPC

Hello to Amasty blog readers. We continue to publish articles on using cache for Magento. Our customers frequently ask us how much faster Amasty Full Page Cache is, compared to Magento Enterprise Full Page Cache. And we couldn’t answer this question with precise numbers, as we didn’t actually run comparison tests. As the number of questions grew with time, we finally decided to run a test and show some exact results to our customers. Also, we are often asked a question: why do all the extensions on our demo server work faster than those installed on our clients’ servers?...

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Big Full Page Cache update: Cache Crawler added

Good day to everyone! Big news on our bestseller extension – Full Page Cache was updated to 1.3.0. We added a special feature that’s dedicated to making your store even faster: Cache Crawler is now available for FPC users. What is Cache Crawler? Full Page Cache Crawler is needed for so-called warming the cache. The pages with a big number of visits take more time and server resources during the first request for cache generation, but all the following requests are performed faster on the second try, because the site displays already generated content, the page cache. Thus, to make...

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Amasty research: Full Page Cache vs Varnish Cache

After the release of Full Page Cache Magento extension many clients started asking us what makes our extension better than Varnish Cache and whether it is better at all. At first we didn’t consider conducting such research, but the amount of our clients interested in this issue encouraged us to knock these two together to learn which of them provides the best page load time. Get inside the review to know who has become the winner! Indeed, if you need to speed up your Magento store, just ‘faster’ is not enough to describe the performance of your website. A...

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Amasty Research: How fast can Magento be with Full Page Cache?

Amasty Team has recently issued a new extension Full Page Cache, aimed to speed up Magento store pages, known for their huge weight. Full Page Cache is a great success, it considerably reduces page load time and offer a number of other cool features. But actions speak louder than words. And statistics speaks even louder. Check Amasty new research on how fast can Magento be with Full Page Cache?  Have already switched to Magento 2 try Speed Optimization extension we’ve recently released. Improve your site performance by numerous showings. Test configuration: Hardware CPU: Intel Xeon L5520 2.27GHz (16 core)...

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Magento 2 cache storage methods [beginner’s guide]

Hey to Amasty blog readers! Today we are going to talk about Magento 2 site performance. Pages load speed is not the thing we need to explain to anyone. It’s enough to recall the latest case you got angry when the favorite store wouldn’t load the desired product page. Do you think your customers should have okayed that? Then it’s time to seek a new solution! As you know, caching is one of the mightest mechanisms to let your customers get what they want faster without spending priceless time on waiting for pages to load. Magento 2 supports several...

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Magento cache explained: a guide for store owners

Magento site speed is an extremely important factor for your business. It is a ranking factor and a factor that influences bounce rates and conversions, as well as users’ intentions to visit the site in the future. Website performance factors To succeed in making your Magento store faster, you can use several methods, which can be divided into three general categories: Server upgrade Code optimization Caching Each of these variants has its pros and cons. Server upgrade can boost a site’s performance in no time while relatively small costs are required. In reality in some cases the results will...

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Welcome Amasty New Partners [Updated in June]

Hello to Amasty blog readers! It’s been a while we introduced our new partners. We are proud that these companies joined our family! Our business partners come from over 80 countries from all across the globe. It’s our partners who inspire us to develop fully-fledged and user-friendly Magento extensions. And it’s our partners who trust us with the success of their business. Here are the guys that joined Amasty Partnership program during the last 3+ years. Timeline: May 2019 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 Partners that joined us in May 2019 This May has been quite eventful. We have...

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Magento Extensions Updates – May 2019

Another month is coming to an end. And we have traditionally taken stock of the progress made in the implementation of new features and updates into your extensions. Pick the mods of the list you have or want to acquire to see what’s changed. Magento 2 Magento 2 Advanced Reports 1.1.1 +6 NEW We added a new option that allows you to compare sales of different time periods like in Google Analytics: Now you can use order statuses in Sales Reports. When using the Sales by Product report you can additionally filter/apply a rule by Category, Attribute, Brand to...

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Magento 2 Security Suite

Like any other business with a heavy online presence, e-commerce vendors often fall victims of various types of cyber threats. They may come both from outside and inside. Sadly, these two basic types of threats require different prevention measures. With that in mind, we’ve gathered top security modules from our store in a  Magento 2 Security Suite that offers advanced protection from the hacking attacks and admin malpractices. So what’s in? Let’s check it out! Security Suite for Magento 2 Protect your store from spam, bots and fraud.Make all forms in your store spam-free. Prevent hacking and bad insider practices....

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Magento 2 news: all in one place

Do you want to keep track of Magento news but have no time for surfing the web? We’ve taken care of this. From this time on you can find the most important news of Magento 2 in one place (psss, you’re here already!). Starting from Magento 2 beta and spilling over to Magento 2.3 version release peppered with useful hints and tips – all this and much more info is gathered in one place. So, if you missed something important and couldn’t find it later, we’re happy to help you with this. Stay tuned to get a greater understanding...

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