How Can Magento 2 Improve Your Restaurant, Pizzeria, or Other Food-Related Business?

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how can magento 2 improve your restaurant, pizzeria, or other food-related business
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Magento 2 is a nice platform for any type of store. But what if you want to create a food ordering system on Magento? Is it possible? Yes, you can sell anything by using the Magento platform: food, drinks, pizzas, etc.

Today we will consider some case studies that show how Magento 2 can help your food business and give you some examples of extensions that can be useful.

Grocery online store

Albertsons is one of the largest food and drug retailers in the USA. But as soon as millennials started a new trend on organic and farmer products and wanted to know more about their food, the company realized that they need to change their business model.

Challenge: New customers needed new products that are usually unavailable in a supermarket. So Albertsons wanted to extend their range and offer better customer experience.

Solution: They have developed the online marketplace based on Magento Commerce Cloud and Mirakl SaaS. It is integrated with the Albertsons brand with sites, banners, customer loyalty platform, CSP security, and Adobe Dynamic Tag Management via LDAP. This all was possible, thanks to the API-based approach of Magento.

Results: The results of this Magento food store are impressive. 3 months after they launched, they got +3 000 Unique customers, 42 500 SKUs, and 170 sellers.

Coffee shop

Strauss Coffee is a company that offers high-quality coffee blends worldwide. As a part of Strauss Group, they own around 20 brands on 7 territories. Their customer was used to buy coffee in a supermarket, and they needed to create a valuable offer in each country to drive consumers online.

Challenge: Strauss Coffee looked for a platform that allows them to create different offers for different countries. Also, they wanted to sell various products under multiple brands.

Solution: Magento Commerce allowed the company to make their ideas real. They created individual Magento stores for coffee drinkers in each country. Moreover, they developed a subscription option to convert users into loyal customers and make repeated purchases automatically. To track their KPI’s, Strauss Coffee connected Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics.

Results: After shifting on Magento 2 their conversion increased up 50%, and the number of pages per session has grown up to 60%. In general, they noticed that visitors are more engaged in choosing and buying the coffee process with Magento 2 website.

The most useful Magento extensions for restaurant

Say, you have a restaurant, and you want to build a Magento 2 website to let your clients enjoy your food at home. Let’s see what modules can be useful for you.

Cash on Delivery

Sometimes it’s easier to pay by cash to the courier, especially when you are ordering food delivery or Magento restaurant online ordering. Offering cash on delivery option to your users can help you to increase your sales by reaching more potential clients. Our Cash on Delivery extension allows you to set an additional fee by choosing this type of payment or restricting it to certain locations.

Product Option Templates

Say, you don’t eat onion, but you want to order the dish that includes this ingredient by default. It would be convenient if you can choose the option ‘without onion’ right on the product page.

With Product Options Templates extension, you can offer an unlimited number of custom order options in your Magento 2 online restaurant. Assign your templates to multiple dishes, offer additional sources or garnishes.

Store Pickup with Locator

Food delivery is one of the best things in the world. But sometimes you need just quickly drop in a restaurant, pick up your food, and continue your way.

Store Pickup with Locator for Magento 2 allows your customers to pre-order pizza, coffee, or any other food and then pick it up in the nearest restaurant. This extension lets your customers choose the convenient day, time, and store. Also, if you have multiple restaurants that serve different cuisine, you can assign specific dishes to the exact restaurant.


As you see, you can build any business you want with the help of Magento 2. Even if you lack any functions, you can always make custom development thanks to the open-source code.

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