Sales Season Checklist: Is Your Magento 2 Custom Shipping Module Ready?

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During peak sales seasons, ensuring a seamless shipping experience becomes a critical element in retaining customers and boosting conversions. Your business has to ensure timely delivery of gifts and products to meet customer expectations and maintain their trust in your brand.

Is your Magento 2 ready for the bustling sales season? Take a look at our short checklist of the must-have features below.

Rate Calculation Based on Volumetric Weight 

Instead of relying solely on an item's weight, your tools should calculate shipping rates by considering the overall volume, similarly to the way Amasty’s Shipping Suite Pro does it. Volumetric weight takes into account both the weight and dimensions of a package, which ensures a more accurate reflection of the product's space occupancy during transport. This way you will not only ensure fair pricing but also mitigate the potential for undercharging or overcharging. 

Localized Delivery Date Estimations

Make sure your e-commerce platform offers dynamic delivery date predictions based on the recipient's local holidays and non-working days. This can significantly improve customer satisfaction as they receive realistic delivery timeframes adjusted for their local conditions. Without such localized adjustments, customers may face unexpected delays, and their frustration can result in negative reviews on your business.

Currency & Tax Adjustment for International Shipping

When offering Magento international shipping, you ought to have an automatic currency converter and tax adjustment tool. This feature instantly recalculates the total order cost based on the destination country's currency and local tax regulations, ensuring transparency and avoiding hidden fees. 

Imagine a customer in Japan, seeing their total cost suddenly spike due to unaccounted tax differences or currency fluctuations. Such surprises can deter your customers, leading to abandoned carts or lost trust in your brand.

User-Friendly Returns Management System

Returns are a must, especially if your e-commerce business focuses on fashion or high-value items.  A customer purchasing from you might realize the product doesn't fit as expected. And if the return process is convoluted or not transparent, it can lead to negative word-of-mouth and loss of brand loyalty. 

An integrated return management system in the shipping module – or an additional extension like RMA for Magento 2 – can streamline return processes for both businesses and customers. A hassle-free return experience will boost the trust of your customers and encourage repeat purchases. 

Introduce Magento 2 Multishipping

Multishipping is a feature that allows customers to send different products within a single order to multiple addresses. For instance, a customer could buy three items from your online store and choose to send each of them to three distinct locations. Multishipping streamlines this process, eliminating the need to place separate orders for each delivery address.

The feature is especially crucial during peak sales seasons as shoppers might want to purchase gifts for multiple recipients and have them delivered to their respective addresses. Multishipping will enhance user experience, making gift purchasing and delivery a breeze. This capability also helps you increase sales since customers might be more inclined to purchase multiple items knowing they can easily distribute them as desired.

Is Your Shipping Tailored to Gift Buyers?

Leverage Shipping Suite Pro to introduce multishipping – 
and encourage more customers to shop for presents in
your store.

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up this short checklist, let's remember that efficient shipping is the ribbon that ties it all together. From optimizing delivery times to providing transparent rates, every detail matters. Utilizing a properly set-up Magento 2 custom shipping module is crucial to ensure a seamless, efficient, and compliant shipping process, which will lead to improved customer satisfaction and successful global expansion.

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