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Shipping Suite for Magento 2

Shipping Suite — your perfect extension for shipping profitability. It combines 3 smart and useful shipping managing tools: shipping table rates, rules, and restrictions. Get the greatest benefits from their synergetic work and take your shipping process under full control.

  1. Create and customize an unlimited number of shipping methods and table rates
  2. Create rules and restrictions based on a variety of attributes and conditions
  3. Complex and flexible conditions support
  4. Work with any postcodes, including non-numeri—Ā
  5. Volumetric or dimensional weight calculation
  6. Import/export your shipping table rates in a few clicks
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magento 2 shipping suite extension

What benefits do you get for your store

Take your shipping strategy under control

Offer right shipping options

Offer shipping options at the right time

Make your shipping process flexible

Reduce cart abandonment

Make both your margins and your customers happy

Important facts

Why is it important to customize shipping?

‚ÄúMore than 86 percent of cart abandonment is related to high shipping costs and inconvenience.‚ÄĚ

‚Äú84% of online shoppers perceive shipping costs as too high, with 65% abandoning their carts due to expensive shipping, and even 40% abandoning their carts if no free shipping is offered.‚ÄĚ

‚Äú93% of consumers say shipping options are an important factor in their online shopping experience‚ÄĚ.

Custom shipping methods and rates


To effectively manage your shipping process and easily calculate the shipping prices you need to build a highly flexible system of shipping methods and rates. However it‚Äôs hard to add custom shipping methods and rates having only out-of-the-box Magento 2 settings and features ‚ÄĒ special skills are required.


Magento 2 Shipping Suite is here to provide you with Table Rates tool that allows to generate an unlimited number of shipping methods with flat and percent rates based on delivery address, cart weight and products quantity. Apply any shipping method you create to a specific product or to a group of products.

Key settings that available for every Method you create:

Specify countries to which your shipping method is applied to

Activate free shipping for the particular shipping types

Add comment and custom image for the method

Specify the method name for all your Store Views

Set a min/max rate or sum up rates for mixed-type cart

Make your method available to specific stores and customer groups


Key settings that available for every Rate you create:

Assign rate to specific products and product groups

Set rates based on shipping parameters

Set different type of rates: percent, flat or rates combination

Specify and display the estimated delivery time in days

Create rates combinations to adjust them to any specific requirements

Use shipping types to set specific rates for different product groups


Custom shipping methods and rates: use cases

  • Create a new method "In-store pick up" with 2 days of estimated delivery;
  • Set Free shipping for your ‚ÄúWinter collection‚ÄĚ or any specific group of products using shipping types;
  • Charge $3 per order and 1% of a product price simultaneously;
  • Assign higher rates to toxic or fragile products, extremely large items or items located in distant storehouses;
  • Set a $5 flat rate (or percentage) for orders with total weight from 5 to 10 pounds and price between $15 and $75 when 5 or fewer items are added to cart;
  • Offer free or very cheap shipping when customer purchases 10 or more items from a specific warehouse.

Shipping Rules and Restrictions


Setting rules and conditions as well as offering specific shipping options is a key functionality that you need to demonstrate individual approach to the customers and to make your shipping profitable. However Magento 2 has very poor possibilities to create rules and there is no complex conditions support.


Once you have created your custom shipping method you can apply custom shipping rules to it or to any of default shipping methods using Shipping Rules tool. Rules can be based on a variety of product conditions (including complex ones) and shopping cart attributes. Apply additional delivery options surcharge, discount or replace shipping rates according to your business needs and shipping strategy.

Sometimes it’s necessary to set the list of restrictions for your shipping methods to meet legal requirements or tune cost-efficiency. Default Magento 2 functionality allows you to restrict shipping methods only for the whole catalog, but it can badly affect your business.

With Shipping Restrictions tool you can create and apply any number of restrictions to your custom shipping methods or to any of default ones. Restrict shipping methods using various product, cart and customer attributes and conditions (including complex ones). Inform your customers about the restrictions and make your shipping process both legal and cost-effective.

Create a Shipping Rule or Restriction based on:

Certain carrier or shipping methods

Attributes and conditions including postcode and shipping address line

Coupons or shopping cart rules

Customer groups or store views

Days and time


Key settings that available for the Rules
and Restrictions you create:

Modify rates per individual products or whole orders

Allow free shipping for specific products

Surcharge, discount or replace rates preset by carriers and methods

Apply mass actions for your rules and restrictions using a grid

Manage tax and discounts inclusion


Shipping rules and restrictions: use cases

  • Increase UPS shipping cost from $10 to $15 or get it down to $2 to create a discount;
  • Add $25 shipping surcharge for the whole order and $5 + 10% of the each individual product price;
  • Set no shipping discount for the whole order, however 5% discount from each individual item price;
  • Your carrier (DHL) proposes several shipping methods such as land, air, sea shipments, etc. You want to restrict only unnecessary shipping method (‚ÄėDHL ground‚Äô) of the carrier instead of blocking them all;
  • Block a delivery method for a very heavy or very small orders;
  • Restrict ground mail methods of a specific carrier for the perishable products as it usually takes about a week to deliver them;
  • Exclude ground mail from delivery methods in case the order contains some premium brands;
  • Remove next day delivery shipping method for the items that are temporarily out of stock;
  • You have launched an advertising campaign with discount coupons. Offer or remove free shipping if the customer uses a coupon;
  • Give an access to your free shipping method only to wholesale users;
  • You‚Äôre working worldwide and have several online shops. You want to choose shipping methods for a particular store view or a website;
  • You have set your shop to automatically give free shipping when someone's subtotal is over $149, but if a customer uses a coupon that drops the order value below $149, free shipping wouldn‚Äôt be applied due to the discounted subtotal;
  • Restrict delivery method on weekends or on holidays;
  • Hide a shipping method from particular region or customer group;
  • Restrict the shipping of particular products to some countries;
  • Restrict delivery to distant regions such as Hawaii and Alaska.

Advanced features


By default, complex shipping conditions in Magento 2 are unavailable, therefore you have very limited possibilities to set shipping rules and restrictions. However this functionality is necessary to offer specific shipping options to your customers nad to demonstrate individual approach.


With Magento 2 Shipping Suite extension you will be able to create individual and highly customized shipping rules and restrictions. Your shipping cost might be changed via substitution, surcharging or discounts, as well as separately or simultaneously based on product and order attributes, location, customer attributes.

The accuracy of geo conditions and settings is critical for your package delivery, shipping optimization & cost calculation. However the level of this accuracy in Magento 2 is not that deep.

With Amasty Shipping Suite you have an access to smart geo settings such as address line condition attribute and support of postcode validation. Shipping Table Rates has two modes of processing postal codes: when you set postcode ranges, you can configure the extension to treat them either as strings or as numbers. Learn more from our blog.

The shipping cost can be affected not only by the actual weight, but also by the amount of space a package occupies. By default, shipping settings doesn’t take into account such features.

Magento 2 Shipping Suite supports Volumetric or Dimensional weight as a pricing method where an estimated weight is calculated from the length, width and height of a package. Thus, a carrier can optimize the usage of the cargo space while you will make your shipping cost-efficient.

Explore our advanced features to solve
the most sophisticated shipping issues

Complex and flexible conditions

Set rule or restriction separately or simultaneously combining different attributes (order, product, customer, geo) in one condition.

Smart targeting to specific locations

Use location attributes in a different scale to define your rule or restriction: country, state, shipping address line or ZIP-code. Create custom regions of several countries and make shipping rules or restrictions for the whole region.

Non-numeric postcodes support

Besides numeric postcodes we do partial match for non-numeric postcodes so you may work with zip codes containing 'XYZ'. This includes supporting postcodes of USA, UK, Netherlands and Australia. (order, product, customer, geo) in one condition.

Volumetric weight calculation

Calculate a shipping price in 4 ways: volumetric weight attribute, volume attribute, dimensions attribute, separate dimension attribute.

CSV import/export for rates and methods

Besides manually edition of your rates and methods, you can import or export a CSV file with all your shipping table rates in a few clicks for tuning your shipping process. Please click here to download a file template.

Advanced features: use cases

  • Provide a shipping discount for orders to California with subtotal greater than $200 that include any ‚ÄėSony‚Äô product;
  • Special shipping rate for orders from Alaska with subtotal less that $150 and total weight more than 44 lb, also for orders from Hawaii with subtotal less that $100 and total weight more than 44 lb;
  • Apply the rule or restriction to the zip code that starts from ‚Äė123‚Äô or ends with ‚ÄėXYZ‚Äô.
  • Exclude country's specific postal codes from your Express Delivery option;
  • Make shipping method unavailable for the specific region, country, city, address or ZIP-code range;
  • Use ‚Äúshipping address line‚ÄĚ attribute with value ‚ÄúP.O.‚ÄĚ to restrict delivery to post office boxes;
  • You have the already calculated volumetric weight value and want to make your shipping costs depend on it;
  • Set shipping rates depending on item's volume and shipping factor;
  • Set shipping rates depending on item's dimensions and shipping factor;
  • Set shipping rates depending on the attributes for each particular dimensions parameter (height*length*width) and shipping factor.
  • Enable customers to ship an order to multiple addresses due to the module compatibility with Multi Address Checkout
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In our Shipping Guide we explain Magento shipping functionality in Amasty modules and discuss real cases from our support experience.

How to enable a custom shipping method in Magento 2?

  • Install and enable Amasty Shipping Suite;
  • go to Sales > Shipping Table Rates and click Add New;
  • enter Name, Comment, upload the image, specify minimal and maximal rates, choose how should be calculated the rate for
    products with different shipping types;
  • create labels, choose Stores and Customers Groups that can see the rule;
  • import a CSV file and save the changes.

According to the statistics, the extension can cover each business need in synergy with the following solution: magento 2 sales category.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
5 Reviews
Apr 19, 2019
1st class support
Nadeem Ahmed
Lampwise Ltd, Director
We have high expectations from this mod. We always get 1st class response to our questions which we have lots. We continue to develop our website, our first stop is always Amasty with there lifetime free updates :) happy customer
Photo Amasty employee
Amasty answer
Apr 21, 2019
Natalya Chekanina / Head of Sales Team
Dear Nadeem, thank you for your review! We would be happy to see you in our store again!
Mar 20, 2019
Nice to have!
I like the suit. I wish all your modules went in packs of 3-10 extensions. I saved money and at the same time got all featured I need at once.
Mar 05, 2019
3-in-1 works well
Enjoyable work. We tried before to have 4 separate modules of this type in our shop but 2 of them lagged, even though they came from same vendor, my team couldn't solve this. But here there are no problems at all.
Feb 28, 2019
Pretty hard to configure by myself
Some features are superb, eg. ship zones. I created it for my city, cross linked it with restrictions - and made sure I always ship at best price and all this with one extension. Best for me. The only trouble is that setting up this one zone took me time, as I’ve never done it before. Probably, it would be easier with some notes or in-place guides right in the admin.
Feb 18, 2019
Can fit any shop
I’ve been using it for a month - and I only have positive impressions. I’ve set up at least 5 flexible rules by myself, both highly specific and common like free shipping for out-of-season goods. They all worked. Thanks to this suite, my sales have grown by 10% over the last month.

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