Amasty Reaches Milestone: 100 Hyvä-Compatible Extensions and Counting!

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Amasty Reaches Milestone: 100 Hyvä-Compatible Extensions and Counting!

Before the year ends, Amasty is pleased to share one of our key 2023 achievements: an upcoming milestone of 100 Magento extensions made fully compatible with the Hyvä theme!

Hyvä is known for being a prominent game-changer in e-commerce, and we're proud to be on board. However, Hyvä-compatibility isn’t merely a trend for us. The goal of Amasty's robust portfolio, featuring the most diverse Hyvä-ready extensions, is to allow businesses to enrich the functionality of their Magento stores while remaining committed to Hyvä technology.

For Amasty, Hyvä-compatibility is about giving our customers an extensive range of choices and options according to their unique requirements, without imposing any limitations.

Approaching 100 extensions – both front-end and back-end – compatible with Hyvä, we’re set to have the highest number of such modules among Magento vendors in the market. Yet, true leadership is about the breadth and depth of functionality, not just the numbers. That’s why we’re dedicated to leading in quantity and quality, defined by both seamless compatibility and smooth functionality.

The emphasis on the slick performance of our Magento products, coupled with a profound understanding of Hyvä development, makes Amasty a go-to vendor for everyone who seeks high-quality Hyvä-compatible solutions.

The imminent inclusion of our 100th Hyvä-compatible Magento extension is undoubtedly a highlight that we're proud of, but the number 100 is only a stepping stone. Get ready for the continuously growing array of high-quality, Hyvä-ready solutions from Amasty! Subscribe to our blog, follow us on LinkedIn, and keep an eye on our public roadmap to stay informed about the upcoming releases.

December 20, 2023
December 16, 2023
December 19, 2023
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