The Truth About 'Hyvä-Compatible' Magento Extensions: Deciphering the Hype


Hyvä, the innovative front-end solution, has motivated many developers to invest additional money and effort into making their existing and new Magento 2 extensions Hyvä-compatible. Amasty was one of the first to do that. And if you look at our catalog today, you will notice two kinds of badges for our modules: “Hyvä Ready Storefront” and “Hyvä-compatible By Default”. 

In this article, we'll explain the reason behind adding these badges, bust some myths along the way, and provide a clear understanding of what 'Hyvä compatibility' truly entails.

Demystifying the 'Hyvä-Compatible' Label

Let’s cut to the chase: not all Magento extensions can be genuinely classified as 'Hyvä-compatible'. Rather than a precise reflection of an extension's capabilities or the effort put into its creation, the label has been widely used as a marketing tactic to claim ownership of ‘the largest Hyvä-compatible extension catalogs’. (Just facts, no shade.)

Since Hyvä compatibility can be a decisive factor in choosing a Magento module, a customer without extensive tech expertise can fall for the ploy. After all, if you use Hyvä and have to choose between a pricier module that says ‘Hyvä-compatible’ and a cheaper one that doesn’t, you’ll surely go for the more expensive option.

But what if you knew that, in fact, this exact type of module doesn’t even interact with Hyvä by design?

Distinguishing Front-End from Back-End Extensions

To explain this better, we should draw a distinguishing line between front-end and back-end Magento extensions. 

Front-end extensions for Magento primarily address the functionality of – you guessed it – the front end, right where the essence of Hyvä resides. Both Hyvä and front-end extensions typically enhance the features your users see on the screen and directly interact with. So, to avoid possible conflicts with Hyvä, front-end Magento extensions require intentional developers’ efforts to be made compatible.

Back-end modules, however, handle various store functionalities on the server side. Since their code doesn’t directly affect the front end, such modules don’t need additional engineering to align with Hyvä’s functionality and standards. That’s why branding back-end extensions 'Hyvä-compatible' is quite misleading. 

Amasty's 'Hyvä-Ready Storefront' and 'Hyvä-Compatible By Default' 

We love logic and fairness and believe that it's vital to help our customers discern between the front-end extensions that are truly 'Hyvä-compatible’ and the back-end modules, whose functionality is completely separate from Hyvä. That’s why Amasty offers two distinct labels:

  • 'Hyvä-Ready Storefront' – This badge is for our front-end extensions such as Improved Layered Navigation, Product Labels, Google Page Speed Optimizer, and many others. These modules have been upgraded specifically to work in sync with the Hyvä theme, giving you a true 'Hyvä compatibility' experience.
  • 'Hyvä-Compatible By Default' – This label is for back-end modules, including Special Promotions Pro, Product Feed, and Admin Actions Log. These extensions don’t affect your Hyvä front end directly and have no Hyvä-specific code. However, the Amasty team performed rigorous QA of such modules and ensured that they caused zero conflicts in a Hyvä-driven Magento store.

Our 'Hyvä-Ready Storefront' and 'Hyvä-Compatible By Default' labels are all about transparency. We want to make it easy for you to understand what type of extension you're getting and whether it truly lives up to the 'compatibility' claim.

These labels are our way of helping you make well-informed choices for your e-commerce needs. And if you ever need any more information about our modules or Hyvä themes before making a purchase, don’t reach out with the questions – we’ve got your back. 

October 26, 2023
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