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Admin Actions Log for Magento 2

Magento 2 Admin Actions log is designed to enhance your store security and protect data from possible hacker and other malicious attacks. Get complete visibility of every change made in your store admin panel!

  1. Track automatically all logged actions
  2. Keep log details for a predefined time period
  3. Restore recent changes of specific items
  4. Get notifications about all login attempts
  5. Manage all active working sessions
  6. Monitor admin navigation history
  7. Compatible with the Jet Theme by Amasty
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admin actions log review from a company

Magento 2 Admin Actions Log is designed to enhance your store data security: track who logged into the admin panel, see what attempts failed, check who modified a specific product, category or order and when, monitor what admin is working on now, and debug problems caused by admin changes.

What benefits do you get for your store

Automatically track logged actions of all or specific admin users

Get a full picture of all activities by monitoring the navigation history

Access details about all changes performed in the store admin panel



Track Logged Actions of All Admin Users

View Detailed Information of Each Logged Action and Restore Recent Changes

Manage All Active Working Sessions and Terminate Any Session in One Click

Check All Admins Who Made Page Visits in One Grid

See Navigation History for a Review of All Magento Pages



Log actions of all or specific admin managers

Flexible Magento 2 audit log settings enable you to choose whether to track actions of all admin users or select particular managers to check their performance. This option will let you receive only relevant information and eventually streamline log data processing.

Track admin users actions

Magento 2 Admin allows to log the actions of all admin managers in a real-time mode and terminate any session if necessary. This way, you have an audit trail right in Magento admin panel.

Specify the time to automatically сlear all logs

To keep your log records clean and up-to-date, with the Magento 2 admin activity log you can specify how long the records should be stored. The same settings work for records about login attempts as well as for page history log.

admin actions log magento 2

Show history of changes on backend pages

The Magento 2 admin log extension adds a special 'History of Changes' tab to product, order and customer info pages. The tab contains detailed information about all changes performed by admin users for a specific product, order or customer.

Restore recent changes

In case one of store administrators performed incorrect actions, you can easily restore recent changes to always keep your website data clean.


View log details on the grid

Due to informative 'Actions Log' grid you will quickly find any information about the changes made by store admins. The grid contains information about :

  • The date of performed action
  • Admin user name
  • Action type (deletion, creation etc.)
  • Action object
  • The item that has been changed
  • The item ID
  • Store view

Show order comments in log details

All comments made by admin users on order info pages are displayed in the admin actions tab.

Preview details in a handy window with mobile admin

Use fancy preview window to see brief information about changes made by store admins right from the 'Login Attempts' grid.

View detailed info about admin actions

To get more details about each particular action simply click on the 'View details' link to see necessary data on a new page.

Monitor user role changes

All information about admin role changes is automatically displayed in the action log tab.


View all admin login attempts

With Magento 2 Admin Action Log you can easily track all backend login attempts and see them on a special grid.

admin actions log for magento 2

Display login geolocation

Due to the GeoIP detection feature you will be able to keep a close watch on login attempts geolocation. The module displays not only an IP address, but the country and city for each backend login action. Our GeoIP detection also supports IPv6.

Export login info

Apart from monitoring all Magento actions on the grids, you can export login attempts data to CSV or XML files for further analyzing just in a few clicks.

Get magento admin notifications about all login attempts

You'll receive a notification in case of unusual login activity (e.g. multiple login attempts within a short time period) or when an admin user gets logged in from an unusual country. It's also possible to enable admin notifications via Magento emails for successful login attempts if necessary.

Easily cover all CCPA requirements

Enshure online privacy of your customers and thus strengthen their trust with the magento privacy solution.

admin actions log for magento 2

According to the statistics, the extension can cover each business need in synergy with the following solutions: magento 2 authentication and magento 2 cancel order.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
9 Reviews
Jun 12, 2020
Recommend to everyone
Dave Sadler
JB Furniture Ltd., Director
I've been using the extension for 1 month. With identifiable updaters, it has become easy to address erroneous updates
Photo Amasty employee
Amasty answer
Jun 17, 2020
Natalya Chekanina / Head of Sales Team
Thanks, Dave, for the kind words about our Admin Actions Log extension! It's great to see that it has been helpful for you.
May 18, 2020
We can undo any mistakes that might have been made by any of our admins.
Dennie Clerx
DepaLux BV, Owner
We've been using Admin actions log for 3 months. We bought it, because there was no way to log when certain changes were made to products, and by who. With the actions log we can see any changes made to products or the system, so we can undo any mistakes that might have been made by any of our admins. I like the ability to undo productchanges with the press of a button. Support team make answers in a day. I would recommend this extension to any webstore owner, who has multiple admins working on a catalog. This way you can track any changes and undo mistakes.
Photo Amasty employee
Amasty answer
May 18, 2020
Natalya Chekanina / Head of Sales Team
Hello, Dennie! Thank you for your detailed review. We are glad that you appreciate Admin Actions Log for Magento 2 functionality and quality. We would be happy to see you in our store again!
May 18, 2020
All products relations are now formed by dynamic rules, which only have to be set once,
Dennie Clerx
DepaLux BV, Owner
All products relations are now formed by dynamic rules, which only have to be set once, and will work for any new products in the catalog. The thing I like the most is the ability to set multiple rules per product relation type, and set a priority so the right rule is always applied. We've been using this extension for 3 months, because it took too much effor to set relations, cross- and upsells by hand. We can reccomend extension to any webstore owner with a large product catalog, to save alot of time on setting product relations.
Photo Amasty employee
Amasty answer
May 18, 2020
Natalya Chekanina / Head of Sales Team
Hello, Dennie! Thank you for your detailed review. We are glad that you appreciate Admin Actions Log for Magento 2 quality. We would be happy to see you in our store again!
May 02, 2019
Tony Gillett
The Appliance Depot, IT Manager
This extension is brilliant as it gives you all the information required to monitor employees logins and actions on the site, giving us the ability to also simply reverse changes if needed.
As we use quite a few extensions on site from Amasty all of these help with increased traffic and more time spent on our site. Support is nothing but excellent! Keep up the great work.
Photo Amasty employee
Amasty answer
May 05, 2019
Natalya Chekanina / Head of Sales Team
Dear Tony, thank you for your review! We would be happy to see you in our store again!
Apr 24, 2019
Most notable benefits of Amasty's extensions is the time saved from our customer service team
Martin Doellinger
Softstar Shoes, Marketing
We currently use six Amasty extensions on our website. They have become an integral part of our day-to-day operations that it's hard to imagine how we would function without them. Our most useful from the backend are the Order Status and Mass Product Actions extensions, which are used daily and save our customer service team countless hours of labor by significantly reducing the number of actions they must perform to complete tasks. For the frontend, the Improved Layered Navigation has completely transformed our site's user experience by providing customers with easily navigable pages, intuitive menus and SEO-friendly data.
Our most notable benefits of Amasty's extensions is the time saved from our customer service team and web developers working on the backend of our site. Our ability to manage order statuses more easily and apply bulk changes to products, a result of the Order Status and Mass Product Actions extensions, saves us many hours of labor each week and allow us to stay caught up with customer orders during busy seasons.
Amasty support is quick and reliably. It is easy to submit questions and I always receive a timely response.
I absolutely love how easy it is to view all of our installed extensions from within our Amasty configuration settings, where I can see at a glance which version of each extension we have installed and whether or not an update is available. This seems like such simple information to offer, but so many extension developers do not do this and I have to spend a great deal of time tracking down the information. I also appreciate the change logs visible on each extensions product page on the Amasty website. These small touches make my job of maintaining and updating our website so much easier!
Photo Amasty employee
Amasty answer
Apr 26, 2019
Natalya Chekanina / Head of Sales Team
Dear Martin, thank you for your review! We would be happy to see you in our store again!
Feb 01, 2018
Tool stopped team squabbles :)
Literally, I had it up to here with ‘who did that’s'. I regret that only when a customer’s info was affected, I googled for such tools. Really, with several store admins, you just have to track their actions. And this extension has all you need to do it fast and easily.
Jan 23, 2018
Improves security
Such modules are must-haves for store’s security. I was impressed by how fast Amasty reacts to issues. Asked them if they could hide passwords in the log, and they did it! Thanks.
Feb 03, 2017
Great Tool!
This is one of my most favorite extensions!

The reason for getting this extension isn't because I want to track what my staff are doing, but instead what outside contractors are doing.

We have had an issue with credit cards getting compromised in the past after a company had logged into our admin panel in order to give us support. If I had this plugin, it would be so much more simple to see what changes they made!
Dec 08, 2016
I like it
kumar ahbi
we are using this tool with advanced permissions

but it will be more useful if advanced permissions and admin action log can be a one tool

it will be cheaper and better

but it's good and no errors. thanks to amasty

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My Downloads
Version 2.0.0
Last Update: Jun 16, 2021
2.0.0 - Jun 16, 2021:
  • New the extension code was renovated and refactored to improve its performance and maintainable
  • New now the extension comes with the functionality of restoring changes in bulk using mass actions in Actions Log grid
  • New we added Clear Logging to ACL admin resources for you to restrict logs clearing to specific admin users
  • Improvement now you can check the IP addresses of admin users via Actions Log grid
  • Fix we fixed the issue that occurred when exporting Actions Log grid
See previous updates
Version 1.2.13
Last Update: Apr 29, 2021
1.2.13 - Apr 29, 2021:
  • Fix we fixed the issue with log when changing some product data represented as an array of elements
1.2.12 - Mar 23, 2021:
  • Fix we fixed the issue with logging changes for bundle products
1.2.11 - Dec 02, 2020:
  • Improvement we implemented UI improvements for samples in Send to Email settings to be more intuitive for a better user experience
1.2.10 - Nov 19, 2020:
  • Compatibility we improved compatibility with Amasty Extended Product Grid with Editor
1.2.9 - Oct 15, 2020:
  • Compatibility compatibility with Amasty Custom Order Number was enhanced
1.2.8 - Aug 25, 2020:
  • Compatibility the compatibility with Magento 2.4 was added
1.2.7 - Aug 13, 2020:
  • Fix we fixed the issue with Log exporting on Magento versions less than 2.3.3
1.2.6 - Aug 12, 2020:
  • Fix we resolved the problem with sorting and filtering by Full Name on History of Changes grid
1.2.5 - Apr 09, 2020:
  • Improvement we improved code constructions for Magento Marketplace standards
  • Fix we fixed logging cache flushes for admin users who have log actions disabled
1.2.4 - Jan 27, 2020:
  • Fix we solved the problem with deleting configurable and his child product on Magento 2.3.1
  • Fix we solved the problem with reverting action UnHold from admin actions log for 2 orders
1.2.3 - Nov 27, 2019:
  • Improvement we implemented a stability enhancement
1.2.2 - Oct 23, 2019:
  • Fix we solved the problem with displaying Item ID column
1.2.1 - Oct 14, 2019:
  • Improvement now the extension allows you to modify the admin actions log grid
1.2.0 - Sep 27, 2019:
  • New we added an Item ID column to actions log grid that allows you watch full story even if product name was changed
Version 1.1.1
Last Update: Sep 02, 2019
1.1.1 - Sep 02, 2019:
  • Improvement we made minor code improvements
1.1.0 - Jun 11, 2019:
  • New unit tests were added to the Geo IP Data module
  • Improvement we refactored the code of the Geo IP Data module
Version 1.0.24
Last Update: Mar 29, 2019
1.0.24 - Mar 29, 2019:
  • Fix we resolved the issue with the error 'Notice: Undefined index: country_id'
1.0.23 - Mar 25, 2019:
  • Improvement IPv6 support was added to Geo IP detection.
  • Improvement the possibility to upload the latest Geo IP Database was added
  • Fix the possible issue on a product page was resolved
1.0.22 - Feb 19, 2019:
  • Fix the issue with updating the extension via composer was resolved
1.0.21 - Jan 22, 2019:
  • Improvement the compatibility with Magento 2.3 was enhanced
  • Compatibility the compatibility with the 3rd party extensions was enhanced
  • Fix the issue with the logging out an admin user when terminating other user sessions was resolved.
  • Fix the issue with the difference in the number of unsuccessful login attempts for the backend grid and email notification was resolved
  • Fix the issue with "Preview changes" function was resolved
  • Fix the issue with saving 'element_id' during order creation was resolved
1.0.20 - Nov 19, 2018:
  • Fix the issue with wrong geolocation detection was resolved
1.0.19 - Nov 08, 2018:
  • Fix the issue with saving a product with 'file' type custom option was resolved
1.0.18 - Oct 29, 2018:
  • Fix the issue with the preview changes popup was resolved
1.0.17 - Oct 02, 2018:
  • Fix the possible issue with saving a product was resolved
1.0.16 - Jul 04, 2018:
  • Improvement the location detection via GeoIP data was improved
1.0.15 - Apr 04, 2018:
  • Code improvements
1.0.14 - Mar 14, 2018:
  • Fixed an issue with Gift Cards on Magento Commerce (Enterprise)
1.0.13 - Feb 26, 2018:
  • Fixed an issue with setting the correct store ID after the changes being reverted
1.0.11 - Dec 11, 2017:
  • Fixed an issue with enabled suspicious
1.0.10 - Sep 26, 2017:
  • Fixed an issue with product options
  • Fixed an issue with an error on the admin login form
1.0.9 - Sep 26, 2017:
  • Fixed issue with login to admin if sendmail is failed
1.0.8 - Mar 14, 2017:
  • Improvements for detecting IP address
1.0.7 - Feb 20, 2017:
  • Improvements for actions log
  • Passwords in the log now are hidden with stars
1.0.6 - Jan 17, 2017:
  • A number of compatibility improvements for latest Magento versions
1.0.5 - Jan 04, 2017:
  • Fix for error that had happened in some cases when AJAX requests were performed during logging page visit history data
  • Fix for "array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given." error which occurred in few cases when saving actions log data
1.0.4 - Nov 14, 2016:
  • Missing files restored
1.0.3 - Nov 09, 2016:
  • Minor code refactoring
1.0.2 - Oct 27, 2016:
  • Some improvements related to code structure
  • Improvements for logging date type values
1.0.1 - Aug 04, 2016:
  • Fixed merge of .css files
  • Minor fixes
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