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Magento 2 itself is a powerful platform to run an e-commerce business. Yet, to bring success to your web store, it needs to become stronger in particular areas (like Magento 2 shipping or Magento Table Rates). The abundance of modules available on the market can confuse anyone who is eager to get better customer conversion and transparent administration as a result, yet has a limited budget.

This list of must-have Magento 2 extensions will help you identify the starting points for your web store functionality improvement.

1. Improved Layered Navigation

The Improved Layered Navigation module provides a fine selection of features for user-friendly navigation. It upgrades the default product search system, allows you to fine-tune flexible filters and their display on the frontend, and this way makes store browsing convenient and fast. The most feature-rich extension on the market, Improved Layered Navigation gets constant updates.

Key features:

  • Configurable product filters with customizable display
  • AJAX-based product filtering
  • Fully-featured multi-select option
  • Advanced SEO features
  • Numerous sliders and widgets
  • Mobile optimized

Amasty hint: Let customers search for products by their preferred manufacturers. Add a brand logo and description to the product page and product listing, enable a brand slider, show “More from this brand”, and allow filtering by brand.

2. Free Gift

Magento 2 Free Gift is meant to let you please customers with free and discounted products. This module turns the management of incentives into an organized process, allows tweaking flexible conditions and dragging customers’ attention to hot deals. 

Free Gift for Magento features list

  • 5 auto-add promo actions
  • 4 product types supported (simple, configurable, virtual, and downloadable)
  • For free and discounted offerings
  • Vivid banners on product pages
  • Stock availability checking
  • Coupons allowed
  • Mobile optimized

Amasty hint: Create accurate conditions and apply rules to categories and products with specific attributes. Also, make gifts real gifts and allow their shipping for free.

3. Order Attributes

Magento 2 Order Attributes upgrades the checkout page step by step and this way helps you (a) collect more crucial order data and (b) maintain the convenience of the checkout process.

Key magento 2 features:

  • Different types of custom order attributes, including dependent ones
  • Flexible conditions for attribute display
  • Easy management of attributes on the order grid
  • Custom attributes in emails and PDF documents
  • API integration
  • Attributes dependent on a selected shipping method
  • Mobile optimized

Amasty hint: Add informative tooltips to help your customers understand why and how to fill extra fields during the checkout process.

4. One Step Checkout

Magento 2 One Step Checkout effectively combats checkout abandonment by reducing the number of steps leading to successful order placement. It helps you customize the checkout page to make it intuitive and attractive.

Key features:

  • Customizable and mobile-friendly checkout page design
  • Editable product options on the checkout page
  • Default values for certain checkout fields
  • Automatic geolocation detection and Google Address suggestions
  • Delivery date and time options on the checkout page
  • Amazon Pay support

Amasty hint: Use CMS blocks at the top and the bottom of the checkout page to display useful information, such as hotline telephone, or add trust seals to show that your brand is reliable.

5. Special Promotions Pro

Magento 2 Special Promotions Pro is a must-have module for promo campaigns management. It allows creating diverse promotions by combining rules and tailoring offerings. Intuitive backend settings simplify the tech part of running promotions to a couple of clicks.

Key features:

  • 16 promotion types
  • Rule conditions based on customer attributes and order history
  • Flexible choice of the base price for discount calculation
  • Skipping specially priced products
  • Rule configuration via Magento API

Amasty hint: Try new promo types to please customers that buy in bulk - add discounts to every duplicate product in the cart. Also, make sure you give discounts at a maximum profit and set a rule that applies to the cheapest or the most expensive product in the cart.  

6. Product Feed

The Magento 2 Product Feed extension is designed to speed up the work with marketplaces and shopping engines. The module guides you through the feed generation process, and as a result, you get a data feed compliant with the requirements of any shopping engine you need.

Key features:

  • 4-step Feed Wizard
  • Feed templates for popular shopping engines
  • Cron option for automatic feed generation
  • Flexible data feed configurations
  • All product types support
  • Google Analytics support
  • Multiple data feed formats (XML, CSV, TXT, ZIP, BZ, and GZ)

Amasty hint: Use the g:item_group_id tag in the feed profile to let Google recognize the relationship between a configurable product and the products associated with it. This way Google will treat such feed items as variants of the same product.

7. Multi Warehouse Inventory

Magento 2 Multi Warehouse Inventory makes inventory management a seamless process regardless of the number of warehouses and their locations. With this module, you can supervise inventory of geographically distant warehouses, organize efficient shipping, and reduce the time required for stock management.

Key features:

  • Precise distribution of inventory among warehouses
  • Assigning warehouses to store views and customer groups
  • Intelligent 5-step algorithm for warehouse selection
  • Custom shipping methods and rates per warehouse
  • Backorders for out-of-stock items
  • Low-stock reports
  • Export and import of stock data

Amasty hint: What if you use different shipping rates for geographically distant warehouses but the order items can't be delivered from just one warehouse? Configure the module to either create multiple orders, or calculate shipping costs for each item separately and deliver the order at a summarized shipment rate.

8. Product Labels

The Magento 2 Product Labels module helps you catch the customer’s eye with vibrant marks. You can try different combinations of a label text, appearance, and location to find the one that drives your sales.

Key features:

  • All product types support
  • 6 packs of ready labels
  • Custom badge builder and label place selector
  • Flexible conditions for badges display
  • Configurable time frames for labels display
  • Priorities for labels display
  • Mass actions
  • Mobile optimized

Amasty hint: If you have many configurable products, ensure a stable and quick web store performance by applying indexes to labels.

9. Shipping Table Rates

Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates is the very extension to establish accurate calculation of shipping costs. It allows setting flexible rates with regard to multiple factors, such as an address, cart weight, order subtotal, price, and product SKU. The ability to highly customize prices makes it much easier to offer order shipping as an additional service (e.g. fast delivery or in-store pickup option).

Key features:

  • Diverse custom shipping methods
  • Specific rates for products and product groups
  • Quick import of table rates
  • Volumetric weight calculation
  • Shipping parameters combinations
  • Rate combinations
  • Estimated delivery time
  • Comments and images on product and checkout pages

Amasty hint: Optimize the way you use the cargo space by enabling volumetric weight calculation. Automatically compare the rates computed based on the item weight and its dimensions and apply the biggest one.

10. Extended Product Grid

With the Magento 2 Extended Product Grid module, product data processing takes far less time. You can tailor the product grid to your needs and work with products without opening each product page.

Key features:

  • Custom product grid templates
  • Drag-and-drop grid configuration
  • Additional product attributes on the grid
  • AJAX-based editing of product data on the grid
  • Product filtering by any parameters, including categories
  • Quick frontend links
  • Automatic stock status updates based on product quantity

Amasty hint: To quickly update inventory data, just make the Quantity column editable, type in the difference (say, -28 or +67), and get the total amount calculated.

That’s it with the top Magento 2 extensions. Perhaps, the best advice regarding the choice of an effective extension kit is to thoroughly evaluate your needs and prioritize functionality that you want to get.

Do you need to improve customer experience first? Or do you want to save admins’ time for more important tasks?

Find your answer and give relevant modules a try. Results usually speak better than words.

Check a full list of Magento 2 extensions and find the functionality best suits your business needs.

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