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Facebook Comments for Magento 2

Let your customers share their reviews more easily and efficiently. Enhance your sales conversion and credibility.

  1. Allow customers to comment on product pages via Facebook
  2. Engage customers for more activity and interaction
  3. Let customers duplicate reviews on Facebook
  4. Customize and embed Facebook comments
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The Facebook audience is ever growing. According to statistics, five new profiles are created every second. Obviously, you want your e-business to be well-presented on Facebook. With Magento 2 Facebook Comments extension, you can win more benefits from social media.

Enhance your business Facebook presence

Easy to comment

As more people give all their spare time to social media, Facebook becomes somewhat a second home. Customers don't have to login or sign up to give a review on the web shop: with the Facebook Comments extension, your customers can post comments right away on the product pages.

More trustworthiness and reliability

In their familiar chat environment like Facebook, Magento 2 customers write reviews more eagerly as well as rely on other comments. At the same time, the merchants will have the trustworthy reviews from real people on their page. This can significantly boost sales conversion.

Bright and engaging product pages

Make your product pages more engaging. Display customers' reviews on the product pages to live them up and make them brighter and more enjoyable.

Allow customers to duplicate reviews from product pages to Facebook

Customers can easily duplicate reviews, posted on the product pages, to the Facebook. They can share their views and engage more people via Facebook. With a single checkbox, you get a significant effect.

Customize and embed reviews

Embed comments to any place on your web store

Customers' reviews are priceless - the merchants may want to share them on the website of their company or use for the internal teamwork.

Feel free to customize display options

You can easily customize the layout of the reviews block. Select how many Facebook reviews per Magento 2 page you want to display. Sort them in the suitable order you want (e.g. Show the newest first).

To make your work with customers even better, Amasty also offers you the Follow Up E-mail extension

Simply generate and send triggered emails based on customers' activity with Follow Up E-mail for Magento 2.

Reach more customers via Facebook with Dynamic Ads and Magento 2 Facebook product feeds.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Facebook Comments for Magento 2

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Last Update: Dec 07, 2020
1.0.5 - Dec 07, 2020:
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1.0.3 - Jun 21, 2019:
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  • Minor bug fixes
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