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Chat for Magento 2

We test the demand for this M2 Chat extension. See the list of features that we’re going to write for the module. And when interested in the development, leave your email (no spam guaranteed).
  1. live chat software
  2. settings to customize the design of the chat popup
  3. automatic creation of tickets from chat requests
  4. automatic replies
  5. support and analytics dashboards
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Users want to get instant responses. Magento live chat extension gives them this possibility. However, only 9% of companies have live chats. It's because the development is money-consuming.

Having an online chat at our store, we confirm that faster support converts more users into customers. See the proof from global stats:

  • 79% of businesses see the improvement in customer loyalty and revenue
  • they retain up to 63% of pre-sale leads and increase revenue by up to 6%
  • their conversion rate increases by up to 3.84%
  • and the average cheque of customers who used the chat before purchasing is 10% higher than of other clients


Live chat software

Around 70% of customers prefer to communicate with humans instead of AI. We plan to create a widget that will help you connect store visitors with support managers, give a live consultation about products and motivate to purchase.

→ Increase users' engagement with Facebook comments

Chat popup

Magento 2 Chat extension will have an invitation popup that offers to start a dialogue with your managers. It will automatically ask names from not logged-in users, offer to choose the topic of their request, or collect any other info you need.

Custom magento chat design settings

To make the chat fit your Magento 2 theme, we'll add settings for design customization. We will develop templates for chat popup appearance and give you a freedom to create a custom view adding your company’s logo, managers’ names, and photos. Also, you will be able to add custom fields to the Magento customer chat window, say, required for automatic tickets' creation.

Auto replies and tickets creation

To speed up your managers’ work, we plan to add template answers to FAQs, thus, making our Magento 2 extension combine live chat and chatbot features. You'll be able to set the auto reply for the non-working hours, for example. In so doing, the plugin will support:

  • Auto replies via chatbot. Specify the list of the most common questions and answers to them. When users open the chat during the offline hours, they can choose from several questions that Magento 2 chatbot extension can answer. For example, how to place an order, your working hours, how to return a product, etc.
  • Auto creation of tickets. You can offer your customers to ask questions and give answers to them when you will be back online. The system will ask for the contact information and create a new ticket automatically.

Support dashboard

The Magento 2 Chat extension will have built-in tools that help your admins process new chat requests. Say, it will send notifications to managers about new requests. They will see visitors’ information: what pages they visited, from what page they ask the quetsion, for how long they have been surfing through your pages. For logged-in users, managers can also see the name, shipping, and billing information, purchasing history, and contact information. Besides the text messages, the Magento customer chat will support images and documents that your managers can attach to the message. They will be able to ban spam messages and add users to a blacklist.

→ Retain more customers that rmad products

Analytical dashboard

This extension will collect data about chat sessions and the number of created tickets. On a separate dashboard, you will monitor how many customers purchase after getting support via the Magento live help chat, what rating they give to your managers, what questions they ask more frequently, and more.

Please, leave your email in the form above if you want us to develop this Magento 2 Chat plugin!
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Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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