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Free Magento Extensions

We are happy to offer you some free Magento powerups!:)

These free Magento extensions are meant to show the quality of our paid modules. You can download them by giving us your email. We’ll send you the link for the chosen Magento plugin download. As a bonus, you’ll get notifications about new free Magento add-ons from Amasty and our special offers.

With this unique set of free Magento modules, you get the chance to optimize your website content and make the process of store management much more effective. We have an array of free Magento plugins for download, which will facilitate all aspects of store management, from purely operational tasks like selling product parts to marketing efforts (managing promotions) and content management.

As for content management, it has become one of the most important marketing tools, the need to use its powers to the fullest has grown dramatically. With our free-download Facebook Reviews plugin for Magento, you’ll make your online store more credible by displaying blocks with customers’ reviews. Let your visitors share their opinions with others and help potential clients to make more informed decisions.

If you intend to leverage Facebook powers, you have to make sure the reviews will be positive. We offer another free-download Magento module that can help you - Easy Content Blocks. Place as many content blocks with special tips as you need. Now you can effectively guide your customers to making purchases in your store by showing them a clear path from a product page to the checkout.

Our free Magento extensions have a lot to offer to Magento store admins as well. These top plugins will enable store admins to effectively manage stock inventory, get notified when customers can’t find particular pages and protect their stores from unwanted spam emails. This allows Internet vendors to quickly optimize store management and troubleshooting process.

Thus, to stay attractive to customers, you need to equip your store with regard to the latest e-commerce market trends.

And don't forget to check all Magento extensions by Amasty!

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