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Amasty Improved Layered Navigation vs. Mageplaza Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Let users find the desired products easily by providing them with a feature-rich navigation system.
  1. Vertical and horizontal navigation
  2. Price slider
  3. Image swatches
  4. AJAX loading of filtering results
  5. ‘Shop By' options
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To find a perfect solution for your store, you need to research, analyze and compare multiple options. This time, we did all the hard work for you and created this comparison page for the 2 most popular Layered Navigation extensions: Mageplaza and Amasty. Both extensions have 3 pricing options, we’ll take the most feature-rich plans.

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Features of Mageplaza Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Navigation features

Mageplaza Layered Navigation for Magento 2 comes with a bunch of navigation features:

  • multi-select of filter options. Your customers can choose multiple values of product attributes, for example, blue and red colors or S and M sizes
  • price slider. This tool allows users to set flexible price borders and find affordable products. The extension has 6 types of sliders: default, flat UI, HTML 5, modern, nice white, and simple dark
  • vertical and horizontal navigation. Using this plugin, you can place filters in a vertical or horizontal menu
  • advanced filter options. Mageplaza Layered Navigation includes advanced filters like filters by ratings, new, sales, or in-stock products
  • out-of-stock display. You can choose to display or hide out-of-stock products on the filtering result page
  • expand or hide filtering options in the left menu by default

SEO features

This extension allows you to create SEO-friendly URLs that will be not only organized for better positions on SERP but also clear and easy for users. In addition, you can configure SEO attributes for the page with all products.

UX features

Magento 2 Navigation by Mageplaza helps you improve the user shopping experience. It includes the following features:

  • AJAX loading page. After the user applies filters, the page doesn’t reload completely to show the results but updates the product information only. This technology provides better website performance and speeds up the product selection process 
  • scroll to the top after filtering. If you enable this feature in the backend, users will be redirected to the top of the page after they apply new filters 
  • the Apply Filter button. The Apply Filter button feature allows users to select all the filters they are interested in and then apply them
  • product count. Users can see the number of suitable products right next to each product attribute
  • quick lookup. Visitors can search for product attributes using the quick lookup tool
  • infinite-scroll. On the all-product page, users can scroll through the filtered products without pressing the Load More button, as new products are uploaded automatically

Included extensions

The ultimate version of the extension includes 2 other modules:

  • Shop by Brand that allows buyers to quickly find products by their favorite brands
  • Advanced Ajax Search. With this tool, a Magento store can present 10 specific products in the dropdown when the user clicks on the search box. In doing so, store owners can stimulate sales of new arrivals and best sellers

Features of Amasty Improved Layered Navigation

Navigation features

As well as the plugin by Mageplaza, the Amasty’s includes:

  • multi-select of filter options
  • price slider
  • vertical and horizontal navigation
  • advanced filter options (On Sale, New, Rating, and Stock)
  • out-of-stock display
  • expand or hide filtering options in the left menu by default 

But this module covers not only basic navigation features but also advanced ones, like: 

  • 5 filter display modes: labels, drop-down, images, images and labels, text swatches
  • dependent filters. You can configure dependencies between filters so that dependent filters will be shown if a user chooses the value of the main filter
  • attribute mapping. For example, having grouped all the shades of blue, you can show a user looking for blue sweatshirt results that include all the possible options
  • advanced categories tree. You can choose how subcategories will be displayed and enable a slider with subcategories images

SEO features

Amasty Layered Navigation allows creating SEO-friendly URLs and customizing metadata for filter results and brand pages. Also, this extension adds canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content on a Magento website and allows you to add custom Navigation Pages to the sitemap.

User experience features

These 2 extensions have mostly similar UX features like:

  • AJAX loading page
  • the Apply Filter button
  • product count
  • quick lookup

But Navigation by Amasty has 2 additional characteristics:

  • vertical scrolling. If you offer filters with a long list of options, you can enable vertical scrolling with a search bar for them 
  • slider and the from-to widget for numeric attributes

Included extensions

The premium version of the extension includes 2 additional plugins and 1 add-on:

  • Infinite Scroll. Infinite Scroll browses new products on demand when the user scrolls to the bottom of the list or when they click on Load More. So, new products appear without reloading the whole page 
  • Shop by Brand. For a multi-brand store, there are brand filters that can be added to a store navigation panel and the Brands dropdown for the top navigation menu. Also, there is the “More from this brand” block that can be added to product pages together with brand logos and links
  • Brands Merchandise. With this add-on, you can customize the product order on the brand pages to highlight specific products

Features comparison

Key FeaturesAmasty Navigation (Premium)Mageplaza Navigation (Ultimate)
Vertical and horizontal navigation
Multiple filter values
Attributes mapping
‘Shop By' options (on sale, new, rating, stock filters)
Price slider
Out-of-stock display
Dependent filters
All products page
Advanced categories tree
Expanding or hiding of filtering options
Apply Filter button
Product count
Quick lookup
Vertical scrolling
From-to widget
SEO-friendly URLs
Custom metadata for filter results
Custom URL alias
Canonical URLst
AJAX loading
Infinite AJAX scroll
AJAX search
Brands merchandiser
Shop by Brand
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.

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Amasty Improved Layered Navigation vs. Mageplaza Layered Navigation for Magento 2

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My Downloads
Version 1.10.1
Last Update: Mar 25, 2021
1.10.1 - Mar 25, 2021:
  • Fix we resolved the styling issues related to Add Vertical Scrolling to Filter Block After setting
1.10.0 - Mar 24, 2021:
  • New category UI overhaul. Filter states UI, category filters visuals, swatches, price slider styles, checkbox/radio-button filters - everything have been re-worked and improved
  • New we introduced the setting to enable SEO-friendly URLs in bulk
  • Improvement we re-worked the Fly-out view for the categories filter
  • Improvement we optimized brand settings to make the brand configuration more convenient
  • Improvement we enhanced the "More from this Brand" block's performance as well as overall extension’s performance
  • Improvement the Dropdown display mode for filters has been marked as deprecated. It will be removed in the future versions
  • Improvement we refactored the extension code to transfer Group Attributes functionality to the independent module Amasty Group Options
  • Improvement we added cascade delete for the alias values
  • Improvement we adjusted Brand logo rendering for out of stock products and brand pages
  • Improvement we improved price filter behavior with decimal values
  • Compatibility we improved the compatibility with Amasty Jet Theme
  • Fix we fixed the issue with custom pages canonical tag
  • Fix extension no longer returns an error when the MSI extensions are missing
  • Fix we resolved the jQuery UI warning on category pages
  • Fix we fixed the issue with missing gallery image on category pages
  • Fix we corrected the price slider values for the large price steps
  • Fix we adjusted Yes/No attributes in facets configuration
  • Fix we resolved the toolbar issue related to Remember Category Pagination setting
  • Fix we fixed the issue with tooltip positions
  • Fix issue with missing attribute options that were added via API was resolved
  • Fix we corrected the price slider behavior on search result pages
See previous updates
Version 1.0.9
Last Update: Mar 04, 2021
1.0.9 - Mar 04, 2021:
  • Fix we resolved js error with automatic scroll type enabled
1.0.8 - Feb 25, 2021:
  • Fix we resolved the issue with infinite load of ‘Previous’ button in case it was clicked several times
1.0.7 - Jan 13, 2021:
  • Compatibility we improved the extension’s functioning in case it is used in combination with lazy load enabled
1.0.6 - Dec 23, 2020:
  • Fix We resolved issue with category page sorting and ElasticSearch
  • Fix we fixed wrong counters on filters using Shop By Brand Menu item
  • Fix now unselect for multiple category filter is working correctly
1.0.3 - Dec 03, 2020:
  • Improvement MFTF tests were moved to additional packages particular for Magento 2.3.6+ and Magento 2.4.1+
  • Fix now category pages display relevant products if category filter is disabled
1.0.2 - Nov 20, 2020:
  • Fix we fixed the issue occurred in case Magento_Inventory is disabled
1.0.1 - Jun 23, 2020:
  • Fix we resolved the issue with installation via composer
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