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360 Product View for Magento 2

Magento 2 360 Product View extension shows your products in 360 degrees. Visitors can rotate images down and up to view over and under a product. The Magento 3D product viewer is designed for maximizing sales conversions making online purchasing closer to offline.
  1. Make your site eye-catching with 360-degree product icons
  2. Fix a separate 360-degree view for every product posted on your site
  3. Customize the width and height of the product
  4. Adjust animation effects and speed settings for the products shown
  5. Import the 360 icons through CSV
  6. Magento 3d product viewer is 100% mobile responsive
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How to help customers make purchase decisions faster?

Let customers view product information without product page loading. Use the Quick View extension to show product details and add-to-cart button right on the category page. Improve customer experience by speeding up the product browsing process. Allow your customers to write reviews right in the preview popup.

How to extend product configurations?

Allow your customers to customize products by offering ‘make your own…’ product functionality. Provide your customers with unlimited product options by enabling the Product Configurator extension. Manage custom variants on a separate grid and timely replenish warehouses. Set up a flexible price policy by calculating the total price based on chosen options.


The aim of a successful entrepreneur is geared towards customer satisfaction and convenience. This behavior promotes sales and assists greatly in the growth of a business. This is why Magento 360 product view is designed to satisfy your needs.


Magento 3d product viewer helps you increase sales and decrease the number of returned products. According to the interviewed visitors, they say that Magento 360 product view gives a fantastic display of the product’s profile from every angle, which also boosts the look of your store.

What benefits you get for your store

Improve your site user experience and increase sales conversions

Accelerate the page load speed. The pictures are optimized and resized automatically by this extension

Prevent your e-com store from losing potential clients

3 Reasons why you need 360 Product View for Magento 2

1. The mod is designed with SEO in mind. Magento 360 product view gives the most stunning appropriate size and SEO-friendly URLs to assist Google to rank your products higher.

2. Secure your photos. Magento 360 will help to brand your products with a unique logo. You can even adjust the location, size, and style of your products. Do not give your competitors a chance to use your 360 images on their site.

3. Enchant your clients with 360 spins. Magento 2 360 product view will unfold the beauty of your goods. Place Magento 360 product view anywhere in your store and adjust it with over thirty options. There are two modes of integration that come with Magento 360:

Standard integration dominates the default implementation of the product, which is commonly introduced on the left side of a product page. You can simply configure it to either 3D or 360 product views.

Ad-hoc mode integration does not dominate the default media product content. Uniquely, it excellently embeds itself in the place of an HTML placeholder. This permits selecting any location on a product page to fix a product view or show a thumbnail icon that activates the popup on tap or click. The ad-hoc behavior is active when a product view is configured under the catalog for a specific product.

Magento 2 360 view extension features

Give better pre-purchase experience for visitors

As an effective e-commerce merchant, your work is to provide reliable products and services to your customers. Given that e-store, unlike brick-and-mortar stores, doesn’t provide shoppers with the chance to touch and feel the product they buy, the 360 Product View extension gives a better view of the good and all its details to visitors. So they can make a decision basing not only on their guessing and other buyer’s reviews but rather on the info they receive on their own.

Set up 360-view for each separate product

The owner of the e-commerce store can come up with separate 360 degrees pictures for a variety of products. This can assist the purchaser to better categorize products.

Adjust 360-view images width and height

With the flexible features, the owner of the e-commerce store can control the width or height of the 360 degrees product image view. With this versatile feature, your visitors won’t feel misguided upon receiving the real product.

Benefit from the animation effect

This module provides animation effects like full screen, blur, and speed adjustments as well. With these features, the owners of the e-com store can perfectly customize the design of the site according to their needs.
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.

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