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magento 2 auto invoice

Auto Invoice and Shipment by Webiators for Magento 2

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Save time on manual transaction processing by automatically performing invoice and shipment generation with Magento 2 Auto Invoice and Shipment Extension. Enhance customer experience and strengthen their trust by offering quick and convenient confirmation of payment documents.
  1. Create invoice automatically as soon as an order created
  2. Configure automatic shipment generation
  3. Keep customers updated with e-mail notifications
  4. Enable for particular payment methods
  5. Easily configure from admin panel

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Default Magento does not allow store administrators to automatically generate invoices, thus they need to do it manually. As the business grows and the number of orders constantly increases this routine task requires more manual effort and therefore might lead to more human errors hence greatly affecting customer satisfaction level.


Magento 2 Auto Invoice and Shipment extension allows you to automate the invoice and shipment generation process within 1 step configuration. Decrease time on manual tasks and complete orders faster thus providing a better customer experience. Provide invoices automatically and keep customers informed with notifications.

What benefits you get for your store

Save time and resources with automatic invoices and shipments creation

Minimize human errors and delays by reducing the number of manual tasks

Enhance customer experience with accelerated orders processing

Improve customer experience with automated order processing

Automatically create invoices

Fully automate the invoices creating process with Magento 2 Auto Invoice and Shipping extension. The module will instantly create the invoice as soon as an order is created if all the conditions configured in the backend are met.

Select specific payment methods

In the extension general configuration, the store administrator can easily enable the auto invoice and shipment for all payment methods or just for the selected ones. Conveniently choose the option most suitable for your needs.

magento 2 auto invoice
magento 2 auto invoice

Configure automatic shipment generation

The extension will also help you to overcome the issue of manually generating shipments for the orders as it allows the admin to enable/disable automatic shipment generation for Magento 2 stores in a click.

Timely inform buyers with email notifications

The module provides you with the functionality to auto send default invoice emails both to customers and admins. These emails will be automatically sent upon successful completion of the order and payment.

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Speed up the whole shopping process with fast checkout

Enhance customer satisfaction with convenient and user-friendly One Step Checkout extension. Let customers edit product options on the checkout, display delivery date and time options, enable order comments and many more.
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Auto Invoice and Shipment by Webiators for Magento 2

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