Amasty Collaborates with Google to Deliver Integration with Google’s Automated Discounts

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Yes, you’ve read the title correctly – collaborating with none other than the team at Google, Amasty releases a new Magento 2 extension. To say that we’re hyped would be a massive understatement! 

About Automated Discounts

The module focuses on seamlessly integrating your store with Google merchant’s newest feature – Automated Discounts. This functionality empowers you to let any user, who searches for goods in Google and sees a link to your store, get an automatic discount on the relevant items in your product catalog. The discounts are calculated and adjusted dynamically based on a variety of real-time signals detected by Google’s algorithms.

The primary goal of this feature is to boost your conversion rates, make the idea of purchasing at your store more appealing to clients, and expand your customer base with the help of the most dynamic and efficient channel of all – Google search.

How Our Module Works

To make your store a participant of Google's Automated Discounts program, you need to set up product feed and conversion reporting on your website. Amasty’s Product Feed and Google Analytics 4 with GTM Support can help you do this with ease. After that, you simply install and enable our latest extension for integrating Automated Discounts – and Google immediately starts calculating and transmitting discounts on your products to your store’s new visitors. 

In essence, our Automated Discounts module acts as the vital bridge connecting Google Merchant's latest functionality to your Magento storefront. What’s more, with our Feed and Analytics extensions, you are able to gain insights into which product categories get more automated discounts, what factors affect sales after discounts are applied, and more. 

Pre-order Now!

Get ready to surpass your competition with Google's intelligent discount algorithms and Amasty's reliable integration module. Pre-order our extension at a 15% discount and stay in touch for more details by following our blog and Amasty's LinkedIn.

October 16, 2023
October 17, 2023
October 12, 2023
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