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Google Customer Reviews for Magento 2

Gain customers' trust by adding the Google Reviews badge on your store pages in a few clicks. Give customers the ability to fill the Google Customer Review survey and thus increase the rate of your store in Google Reviews.

  1. Show catchy Google Customer Reviews badge to attract customers’ attention
  2. Display customer reviews on multiple websites and for multiple store views
  3. Define the position and language of the Google Customer Reviews badge
  4. Provide the survey opt-in on the checkout page to gather more feedback
  5. Automatically send a survey email as the customer agrees to leave a review
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Benefits you get by participating:

  • have a real impact on the development: actively share your ideas and see them implemented

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  • see what’s happening in real time: you’ll have access to the Trello board for Beta and see how the development is progressing


The number of various rating platforms grows larger every day. And if you use a platform that is not in the public eye, it makes it harder to convince users that the reviews on your webstore are real and trustworthy. That’s why lots of store owners prefer to use Google Customer Reviews as one of the most common and trusted platforms for gathering buyer’s feedback. Quoting Google, the reviews badge promotes your seller rating and can be placed on any page on your site that you desire.


By using Magento 2 Google Customer Reviews, your store will quickly gain more reviews thanks to a smart and user-friendly way Google gathers feedback (it’s an email with a one-minute survey). Besides, joining this program will help to increase your seller ratings on Search ads and Shopping ads, which is highly beneficial if you're running ads for your products in Google. It also positively affects your product ratings, which can result in more qualified shoppers visiting your site.

What benefits do you get for your store

Boost CTR of your ad campaigns by displaying your product and seller ratings in Google

Gain customer loyalty by showing Google-approved social proof from the real users

Improve SEO by showing all reviews and ratings in Google search results

Make your store more trusted with Magento 2 Google Reviews

Use recognizable rating badge to gain trust from the first sight

Attract customers’ attention to your remarkable store rate by showing Google Customer Reviews badge in your footer.

Please note, that a minimum of 100 reviews is required to establish a seller rating in a particular country. Find more details here.

You’ll never forget to ask for feedback

As soon as a customer clicks the opt-in link on a checkout, Google will automatically follow-up with a one-minute survey sent by email - you just have to specify the number of days that have to pass after a purchase is complete. If you set 0, then the survey will be sent immediately.

Specify the position and language of the badge

Place the reviews badge on the bottom right or bottom left and easily set up language preferences.

When timing matters: show the opt-in link on the checkout

A perfect moment to gather customers’ feedback: when purchase is almost completed, customers are usually more patient to any feedback inquiries. Show the opt-in link for the survey on the checkout page, and if they agree to participate, then Google will send these shoppers one email a few days after their order has been delivered. Voila, you have a review!

Multi websites and store views support

Automatically accumulate and conveniently manage Google customer reviews from several websites and multiple store views all in one place. You can also specify certain customer groups that won’t be allowed to opt-in, for example, customers that are not logged in yet.

Reach users for feedback even on mobile

Users can conveniently fill in the survey to leave a review even from their smartphones.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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