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first magento 2 theme by amasty
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As you may know, we currently develop our very first theme for Magento 2 - Jet Theme. It is already available for pre-order, so we decided to share more details about this product. In this article, we will talk a bit more about why we decided to develop our theme, what benefits it has, and what problems it solves.

Why did we develop this theme?

We are well known as the Magento extensions vendor. So why have we decided to try our hand at theme development? There are 2 key reasons for this:

  1. firstly, we get a lot of questions and requests from our partners and clients that meet problems with third-party themes. They often complain about compatibility issues with extensions, poor functionality, and low speed.
  2. also, we constantly monitor the Magento market and trends to see how we can improve our offer.

Thus, we’ve conducted a research, analyzed the received data, and made up our mind to develop a theme that will meet the key needs of our clients.

What main problems can our future theme solve?

We know that if you use any theme that is not the default Magento Luma theme, sooner or later, you will meet a bunch of different problems. Below we will look through problems our theme solves and what plans we have.

Version 1.0

Problem #1

Our clients often mention that their theme is not responsive, and it’s hard to optimize for mobile.


We know that responsive design is a must for Magento 2 theme because the percentage of mobile traffic in e-commerce was almost 52% in Q1, 2020. Thus, our theme will be optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Problem #2 

Another common issue is poor functionality.


Well, here we have a goal to make our Jet theme incredibly functional. To begin with, version 1.0 will include the following options:

  • Cart widget that attracts more customers' attention.
  • Navigation widgets and banner slots to add more possibilities to promote offers and navigate users to the needed page of your store.
  • Improved review section that will ease the review process for customers and gather more feedback for your products.
  • Compatibility with a11y standards that makes your website easier to use for people with disabilities.

Problem #3

We often hear that it’s hard to find a Magento 2 theme that has clear code.


As a Premier Magento developer, we now, how to make any product following the standards. Also, we will regularly review the code and update it to keep the theme compatible with the latest Magento 2 version.

Problem #4

Compatibility conflicts are the last, but not least issue, our clients meet.


We will make our theme compatible with our TOP extensions so that installing it, you’ll know no functionality will be broken.

Future development plans

Of course, the features we mentioned above are just the basis of our theme. We are already planning several improvements that we want to release in future versions. Here is a list of our plans:

  • Animation and visual effects. We want to let you create custom animated elements and use them in our theme.
  • Support of all our 161 Magento 2 extensions.
  • Theme constructor. We are planning to give you the freedom to set up and customize containers, blocks, and layouts.
  • Theme templates. We will add templates for different branches and store types like electronics, furniture sport, cars, etc.
  • 4 built-in extensions. We are planning to integrate Lite Layered Navigation, Product Tabs, Google Invisible ReCaptcha, and Thank You Page. They will be available out of the box.
  • Speed optimization.

What can I do right now?

Now you can pre-order the Jet Theme at its lowest price and check the prototype we made. Also, our platinum partners can get the theme for beta testing.

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