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Product Configurator for Magento 2

Increase your sales by letting your customers create a personalized version of the product with unlimited customization options. Calculate the total price according to the chosen configurations.
  1. Offer ‘make your own…’ product
  2. Create custom options with a handy drag-and-drop tool
  3. Preview the result in 360° mode before completing an order
  4. Show additional information about each customization option
  5. Benefit from the mobile-optimized solution
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We all have experienced the situation when you are looking through the list of products but can’t find anything that will be a perfect match for your desire. In this case, tools like ‘create your own pizza’ can be a real rescue as it is a product to your liking.


Magento 2 Product Customizer is a tool that offers your customers the possibility to build a personalized product. They can choose and preview possible product options like material, size, color, form, accessories, design, etc.; add pictures and text to the fabric clothes.

What benefits you get for your store

Increase sales by offering personalized options

Improve user experience with ‘build your own product’ functionality

Decrease bounce rate with fully customizable products in the catalog

How to simplify customers’ product choices?

Let shoppers find the needed product parts faster - add a smart Product Parts Finder. Supply any of your store pages with multiple selection options. Allow users to get a filtered list of relevant products sorted by key parameters simplifying the shopping process. The module is easy to set up, as you can simply import values for selection options in CSV format and assign them to relevant products.

How to benefit from catalog marketing?

Create virtual categories for various marketing needs with the Visual Merchandiser extension. Use the drag-and-drop feature to sort and add relevant products for a new category, pin and move the products to the top and through the pages. Or gather products into a new category automatically based on a set of predefined rules and conditions.


Let your customers create unlimited product variants

With Magento 2 Product Configurator, you can add fully customizable product options. Choose how to display options on the frontend and let your customers choose the size, color, form, design, fabric, additional elements, etc. Mark a needed setting as required and add fixed or percent cost to each option. Customize titles of the variants and add unique descriptions to clarify the difference between them.

Add ‘build your own product’ functionality

To let your customers create the desired product from scratch, you can add ‘make your own...’ product to your catalog. On this page, customers can choose every element of a product, upload their pictures, add texts, or create their design by using Magento 2 product customizer with drag-and-drop tool and 20+ pre-made elements.

Calculate the total price according to chosen options automatically

The price of the final product will be calculated by the following algorithm: the basic price of a non-custom product plus costs of all additional options. You can specify a fixed price for custom options as well as a percentage amount. Whenever a customer makes the changes, the total price is calculated according to the new configuration. Also, you can configure the price for custom options as a ‘one-time’ price. That means, no matter how many items will choose a client, the price of this option will be added only once.

Besides, you can make special offers for custom options. You can make them time-limited or offer only to specific customer groups. For example, get 20% off for the ‘vegan cheese’ option in our pizzeria till the end of January.

Preview products in 360°

The Magento Product Configurator extension supports 360° mode. Customers can see the result of all customization options they apply by clicking the preview button. The preview also allows you to see customizable areas by highlighting them when you hover over the object. Also, you can show the customization summary on the checkout page to prevent mistakes and order returns.

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Enable multiple languages

Magento custom product builder supports multiple languages. You can translate titles and descriptions of product options to other languages or even hide them for specific store views.

See also: Use this extension together with GeoIP Redirect for your international store to meet target audience needs.

Allow clients to set delivery time and date

Say, you have a flower store, and your client made a custom bouquet for a special occasion like Valentine’s day. Usually, on this day, your delivery service is overloaded, so you can offer your customers to make a pre-order and set day, time when they want flowers to be delivered. Just add a delivery date graph to your product page.

Manage custom options

Add available customization options and manage them in bulk on one handy grid. Edit options data right on the page: change prices, in-stock quantity, description, etc. If you have multiple ‘make your own…’ products, you can set dependencies and connections between personalization options and product builders in your Magento.

Enable one of the 3 SKU strategies

Magento custom product builder offers you 3 ways how you can manage SKU of custom products:

  • Basic. Уou add SKUs of the chosen options to the product’s one.
  • Separate. According to this strategy, every custom option will be displayed as an independent item in the cart and order.
  • Disabled. If you disable the SKUs at all, you will see the SKU of the main product in the order while custom options are ignored.

You can apply the chosen SKU strategy in the cart, in the order, or to both.

Track stock status automatically

When you get a lot of custom orders it might be difficult to keep an eye on your inventory status. Our plugin automatically disables out-of-stock options and shows the warning message on the frontend. Also, you can enable the display of the current product options quantity on the frontend and let users define the needed quantity for each option. Admins, in their turn, can analyze the stock level on a separate grid, and update the information in bulk.

See also: Take a look at Advanced MSI extension. It helps to optimize your stock workflow and reduce delivery costs.

Analyze sales data

Make data-driven decisions by analyzing statistical data. See what custom options are more popular among your clients. With this data, you can refill your stock effectively, add in-demand products, get rid of dead stock thus, increasing your income.

See also: Learn more about online consumer behavior from our free e-book.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.

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