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Magento promotions are one of the most important elements of online shopping that fuel Magento deals. When you offer discounts, coupon codes or other promos, you get a great opportunity to attract new customers and increase the lifecycle of existing. Catchy promos and considered loyalty system are bound to help your Magento shop thrive.In doubt? Just try them!

There is a great variety of Magento promotion extensions. Using some of them, you can offer discounts or coupons. Other modules enable you to advertise the deals. Magento functionality includes such basic discount types as fixed amount discount and percent of a product price. However nowadays online shops need much more sophisticated offers to attract customers with promotions. Add a free gift to large orders, give a discount for product A when product B is purchased, sell each third product with a 20% discount, show banners based on shopping cart contents – these are only some of your new options.

Today you can’t ensure sales simply with loud words. This doesn’t work even withMagento checkout promos. Some visual aid (colorful images, banners, you can set up, promo block position and more) come in handy, and you can get it all with our Ultimate Advertising Suite. Manage your promotion block presentation with no difficulties!

The promos described above are not the only possible promotion way. Coupon hosting systems (Groupon) make another popular way of promotion. You can present your shop there using our extensions. Thanks to them, you have an ability to generate magento coupons and control them, as well as view statistic reports.

Successful promotions require an integrated approach. It’s not enough to set up some enticing Magento deals. You need to effectively inform customers about them using coupon newsletters and/or smart Magento banners, which are displayed at appropriate moments. Banners, promo emails and thought-out text messages will help shoppers make fast buying decisions and stimulate them to add new goods to the shopping cart.

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