Magento Promotions Extensions

Magento promotions are one of the most important elements of online shopping. You have a great opportunity to attract new customers and increase the lifecycle of existing ones using catchy promos and considered loyalty system.

  • Store Credit

    9 Review(s)
    Store Credit
    • Refund orders directly to customers' credit balance
    • Share credit balance with friends
  • Special Promotions Pro

    37 Review(s)
    Special Promotions Pro
    • 20 additional discount rules for powerful promotions
    • Deals based on any customer attributes – name, DOB, etc.
  • Special Promotions

    43 Review(s)
    Special Promotions
    • Deals with cheapest and most expensive items
    • Discount items to a fixed price and by percent
  • Auto Add Promo Items

    52 Review(s)
    Auto Add Promo Items
    • Automatically add free promo items to cart
    • Offer promo items with a discount
  • Abandoned Cart Email

    15 Review(s)
    Abandoned Cart Email
    • Create unlimited number of flexible rules
    • Capture email early via AJAX
  • Generate and Import Coupons

    28 Review(s)
    Generate and Import Coupons
    • Generate and import unlimited number of codes for each rule
    • Work with deal hosting services like Groupon
  • Gift Card

    14 Review(s)
    Gift Card
    • Create gift cards of various types
    • Send cards via email or post office
  • Multiple Coupons

    13 Review(s)
    Multiple Coupons
    • Allow several coupons to be used together in one order
    • Increase customer loyalty
  • Gift Wrap

    9 Review(s)
    Gift Wrap
    • Gift wrap service on shopping cart and checkout pages
    • Ability to show the catalog of wrapping on pop-up window
  • Advanced Customer Segments

    9 Review(s)
    Advanced Customer Segments
    • Easily segment registered customers
    • Segment guest visitors by order and shopping cart data
  • Follow Up Email

    11 Review(s)
    Follow Up Email
    • Email generation for different order statuses
    • Offers based on wishlist and previous orders
  • Facebook & Twitter Promo

    13 Review(s)
    Facebook & Twitter Promo
    • Reach more of your potential clients
    • Additional sales channel with immediate access to customers
  • Gift Registry

    6 Review(s)
    Gift Registry
    • Create and manage gift registries
    • Customize gift registry page
  • Promo Banners

    13 Review(s)
    Promo Banners
    • Activate impulse purchases at your store
    • Display promo banners on the cart, category and product pages
  • Smart Review Reminder

    10 Review(s)
    Smart Review Reminder
    • Easily collect numerous product reviews
    • Dispatch reminder emails in automatic mode
  • Loyalty Program

    9 Review(s)
    Loyalty Program
    • Create promos based on purchase history
    • Bundle products support
  • Special Occasion Coupons

    14 Review(s)
    Special Occasion Coupons
    • Significantly increase customer loyalty
    • Send coupons to clients on birthday, signup, other events
  • Ultimate Advertising Suite

    5 Review(s)
    Ultimate Advertising Suite
    • Display ads and highlight important information
    • Use both text and images
  • Customer Activity Log

    3 Review(s)
    Customer Activity Log
    • Notifications on product & category pages
    • Ability to show random actions on category pages
  • Birthday Coupon

    14 Review(s)
    Birthday Coupon
    • Automatically send birthday coupons
    • Indicate coupon sending time
  • Share Me!

    1 Review(s)
    Share Me!
    • Put sharing buttons on the product page or in the cart
    • Give your customers immediate discount after sharing

There is a great variety of magento promotion extensions. Using some of them you can offer discounts or coupons, other modules enable you to advertise the deals. Magento functionality includes such basic discount types as fixed amount magento discount and percent of product price. However nowadays online shops need much more sophisticated features to attract customers with promotions. Add a free gift to large orders, give discount for product A when product B is purchased, sell each third product with 20% discount, show banners based on shopping cart contents – this is a very far from complete list of your new abilities.

Another way of promotion in our modern world is coupon hosting systems like Groupon. You can present your shop there using our magento coupon extensions. Thanks to them, you have an ability to control and generate magento coupons as well as view statistic reports.

More important is that your magento discounts won’t sink into oblivion. You’ll be able to inform customers about active discounts. Banners, emails and thought-out text messages will help customers to make fast buying decisions and stimulate them to add new goods to shopping cart.

Of course, integration with social media is a must have activity for e-shops. We have a solution to make this possible – Facebook & Twitter Promo module. This tool gives you unlimited possibilities to reach your potential customers at minimal costs.

Successful promotions require integrated approach. Just to setup interesting deals is not enough – you need to effectively inform customers about them using smart banners, which are displayed at appropriate moments. Take control of your magento store to a new level with our extensions!