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Magento Promotions Extensions

Store Credit
Store Credit M1

Provide registered customers with a flexible credit system. Let them spend their credit balance on product purchase or easily share it with friends.

  • Refund orders directly to customers' credit balance
  • Share credit balance with friends
  • Subscribe to credit balance updates
  • Update credit balance for individual customers or in bulk
  • View detailed credit transactions history
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Special Promotions Pro
Special Promotions Pro M1

Create personal promotions using customers' account information. Build customer devotion with specials based on order history.

  • 20 additional discount rules for powerful promotions
  • Deals based on any customer attributes – name, DOB, etc.
  • Discounts based on customers' order history
  • Ability to show detailed discount breakdown on front end
  • Skip items with special price
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Special Promotions
Special Promotions M1

Attract customers with advanced promotions like 'Buy X product get Y product with 30% discount', 'Each 2nd shirt for 50%', 'Get 10% off if placed more than 3 orders before', 'Buy 3 products and get 50% off for the cheapest' and many more.

  • Deals with cheapest and most expensive items
  • Discount items to a fixed price and by percent
  • Deals with quantity steps, of ‘Buy X Get Y’ type
  • Create popular specials with free products
  • Ability to skip items with special price
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Auto Add Promo Items
Auto Add Promo Items M1

Automatically add free promo products to cart. Offer promo items with discounts and inform customers about promotions with catchy banners. Make little surprising presents and customers won't hesitate about returning to your store!

  • Optimized for mobile
  • Offer promo items with a discount
  • Display catchy banners and promo items on product pages
  • Clearly indicate promo items in the cart
  • Configurable & bundle products support
  • Works with coupon codes
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Abandoned Cart Email
Abandoned Cart Email M1

Increase your conversion rate by motivating customers to recover their abandoned carts. Send mass cart reminders, easily customize email templates and generate coupons to encourage visitors come back to your store.

  • Create unlimited number of flexible rules
  • Capture email early via AJAX
  • Use customizable sending schedule
  • Automatically generate coupons
  • Track sending history
  • GDPR compliant
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Generate and Import Coupons
Generate and Import Coupons M1

Import and generate thousands of coupons per shopping cart price rule literally within seconds. Export coupon codes for your affiliates. View coupon usage statistics. Start Groupon deals.

  • Generate and import unlimited number of codes for each rule
  • Work with deal hosting services like Groupon
  • View and export coupon usage reports, e.g. for Groupon
  • Ability to edit and delete each coupon code
  • Give coupons via URLs, e.g. via a banner link
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Gift Card
Gift Card M1

Let customers purchase gift cards and send them to friends via post office or email. Easily keep track of all purchased certificates and enable visitors to customize your Magento gift cards according to their needs.

magento 2 data migration
  • Create gift cards of various types
  • Send cards via email or post office
  • Easily generate or upload gift card codes
  • Keep track of all purchased certificates
  • Provide customers with catchy gift card templates
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Multiple Coupons
Multiple Coupons M1

Let your customers use multiple coupons for one order and benefit more from their loyalty.

  • Allow several coupons to be used together in one order
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Make the shopping process more comfortable
  • Ability to limit usage of some coupons with others
  • Compatible with Magento tax functionality
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Follow Up Email
Follow Up Email M1

Increase the number of repeat sales with follow up emails on different events. Build a strong customer loyalty by establishing lifetime relationships with your customers.

  • Email generation for different order statuses
  • Offers based on wishlist and previous orders
  • Birthday greetings
  • Follow up emails based on customer activity
  • Helpful email campaigns statistics
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Promo Banners
Promo Banners M1

Now you can increase profit from each order! Place image banners on the customers' path to purchase - offer them promos which will stimulate them to add more items to cart.

  • Display promo banners on the cart, category and product pages
  • Display promo banners among the products
  • Inform customers about new deals in an engaging way
  • Show deals relevant to the products viewed by customers
  • Mobile-friendly design
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Smart Review Reminder
Smart Review Reminder M1

Encourage your customers to share their experience in reviews and reward them with special offers.

  • Easily collect numerous product reviews
  • Dispatch reminder emails in automatic mode
  • Customize the email template
  • Apply automatic coupon integration
  • Get the statistics of your email campaign
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Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program M1

Reward customers with discounts using shopping cart rules and it will automatically increase average order amount and eventually drive more sales. Make customers stay with you instead of shopping at competitors’ stores.

  • Create promos based on purchase history
  • Bundle products support
  • Stimulate guest customers to register
  • Clearly indicate discounts in the cart
  • Create promos for individuals and groups
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Magento promotions are one of the most important elements of online shopping that fuel Magento deals. When you offer discounts, coupon codes or other promos, you get a great opportunity to attract new customers and increase the lifecycle of existing. Catchy promos and considered loyalty system are bound to help your Magento shop thrive.In doubt? Just try them!

There is a great variety of Magento promotion extensions. Using some of them, you can offer discounts or coupons. Other modules enable you to advertise the deals. Magento functionality includes such basic discount types as fixed amount discount and percent of a product price. However nowadays online shops need much more sophisticated offers to attract customers with promotions. Add a free gift to large orders, give a discount for product A when product B is purchased, sell each third product with a 20% discount, show banners based on shopping cart contents – these are only some of your new options.

Today you can’t ensure sales simply with loud words. This doesn’t work even withMagento checkout promos. Some visual aid (colorful images, banners, you can set up, promo block position and more) come in handy, and you can get it all with our Ultimate Advertising Suite. Manage your promotion block presentation with no difficulties!

The promos described above are not the only possible promotion way. Coupon hosting systems (Groupon) make another popular way of promotion. You can present your shop there using our extensions. Thanks to them, you have an ability to generate magento coupons and control them, as well as view statistic reports.

Successful promotions require an integrated approach. It’s not enough to set up some enticing Magento deals. You need to effectively inform customers about them using coupon newsletters and/or smart Magento banners, which are displayed at appropriate moments. Banners, promo emails and thought-out text messages will help shoppers make fast buying decisions and stimulate them to add new goods to the shopping cart.

Take your Magento store to a new level with our extensions!

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