Price per Unit (pre-order) for Magento 2

Ensure legal compliance and boost customer trust by enabling automatic base price calculation and display using Magento 2 Price per Unit extension.

  • Show unit prices by weight, volume, length, etc.
  • Create custom unit metrics tailored to your products
  • Place price per unit blocks on product and category pages
  • Flexibly modify the base price template
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Deliver greater pricing transparency

In most countries, companies are legally obliged to also indicate the price per unit (base price) alongside the actual selling price in an easy-to-read way. This practice helps customers make more thought-out purchases as they can simply compare and evaluate products between brands and package sizes.

Set custom quantities and measurements

The Magento Price per Unit extension will be an excellent choice for providing customers with unit prices when you sell products based on weight, volume, items, square meterage, or lengths, such as liquids, fabric, tiles, ropes, wallpapers, and more. Let admins add as many measurement units as they need to cover specific requirements of products in the store catalog. Conveniently view all added units from the grid and set them with easy-to-identify system names for internal use.

📌 To create a new unit, you need to specify the product unit (e.g. g), reference unit (e.g. kg), reference amount (e.g. 1), and conversion rate (e.g. 1000).

Assign unit metrics to products

Assign unit metrics to products they were created for to automatically calculate the base price. For this, you’ll be asked to select one of the pre-created units from the dropdown and enter the product amount value (e.g. 500) on the product’s edit page. The calculation of the product's base price will be automatically performed using the formula: ((product_price / product_amount) * conversion_rate) * reference_amount).

📌 For example, taking into account the mentioned configurations, the base price of a 500 Gr coffee package priced at $15 will be $30 per Kg ((15/500) * 1000) * 1).

Customize unit price display

Clearly showcase blocks with the base price on Magento product and category pages. Use available variables and add extra text to make a unique unit price template for displaying on the frontend.

📌 The default template looks like {{unit_price}} / {{reference_amount}} {{reference_unit}} or ‘$2.5/ 100 ml’. You can change it to ‘equals {{unit_price}} / {{reference_amount}} per {{reference_unit}}’ on the backend, which may result in ‘equals to $ 2.5 per 100 ml’ on the frontend.

Explore 3 main reasons why you need
the price-per-unit Magento functionality

Effortlessly comply with the unit price regulations enforced in many countries


Enhance the shopping experience by providing accurate and consistent price per unit information


Strengthen your unique selling proposition by providing clear criteria for comparison with competitors

See how the solution can serve different industries

With the extension, you can design unique metrics with precise conversion rules suitable for country-specific and industry-specific needs.
Here are some examples:

Cosmetics and personal care

In the cosmetic and personal care industry, package products are commonly used, especially for boosting sales. For instance, a package of 5 face masks priced at $10 can be configured with the extension to display a unit price of $2 per count. Similarly, a pack of 30 baby diapers priced at $15 translates to $0.50 per pcs, and a 24 oz bottle of shampoo for $9.99 equates to $0.42 per ounce.


In the food industry, especially for liquid and weight products, the extension helps handle different measurements. For example, milk can be sold in liters, milliliters, gallons, quarts, ounces, or even pints depending on the location. In such cases, it is recommended to attentively configure the unit metric and its conversion rate to appropriately display the unit price.

DIY (construction, repair)

In the DIY industry, where customers purchase materials like fabrics, paints, cables, wallpapers, or nails, the extension plays a crucial role in simplifying price comparisons. For example, products like nails are often sold in boxes of varying quantities. With the extension, a store admin can configure the pricing to display an exact unit price, such as $0.05 per nail.

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