How Are E-commerce Giants Using AI to Automate Their Commercial Tools?

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how are e-commerce giants using ai
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I will begin with the assumption that you know what AI means. With artificial intelligence, you can do a lot, and, recently, we heard that this powerful innovation has the potential to сreate science. This development has led to tremendous changes in all aspects of life. However, we are only going to delve on the use of AI in automating e-сommerce tools.

As you might already know, e-сommerce stores require queueing, processing, and fulfillment of orders. But everything happens in the background. All that the customer sees is the order confirmation and waiting for delivery of the product they purchased. So, how does AI help in making everything possible while you are not active all the time?

These are the ways that artificial intelligence can help to improve the performance of your e-сommerce store.


1. Offer Better Search Results

improve search results with ai

Whenever a customer visits an e-сommerce shop, they first perform a search to find the products they want. In most cases, your e-store customer does not know the best category for a product, and they resort to search. Their hope is finding the most accurate listings.

However, e-сommerce software search feature works differently. In the hope of delivering performance-triggered results, it goes against the customer's expectations. The sorting tool is not what people want when searching for their desired products.

Twiggle is an AI-powered e-сommerce search solution for delivering relevant results according to user requests. The software simulates human understanding to provide the most relevant results that your customers ask. With the improved outcomes, you can increase the conversions of your store for the best ROI.

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2. Improve the Sales Process

Having a sales agent to chat with your potential customers can improve the conversion of your store. But what if you have to serve customers 24 hours globally, and your employee can only work up to 8 hours per day? That is where AI comes in to fill in the gap.

AI technology can work as a respondent to customer querries and collect their data for better processing. For instance, a customer can ask an AI-assisted chatbot for a specific product or a description of the item they need, and the bot replies with things that may interest the buyer. Then it guides the buyer through the order until the customer closes the deal.

3. Provide Better Product Recommendations

When you visit an e-сommerce website or open an e-сommerce mobile app, you will see some product recommendations. However, most of the items are out of your taste. Thanks to AI innovation, e-commerce stores can now deliver the most relevant product recommendations to users.

Instead of sorting random items from various categories, AI learns how users interact with various apps and services. With the amount of user data, you can expect too much, and it is not easy for people to make the best judgments from such data. With AI, your e-commerce store can analyze the user data to identify what they like and the things they need. Such information is vital when delivering product recommendations with high-conversion expectations.

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4. Target Potential Customers

find your potential customers with ai

According to advertisement statistics, a customer is thrice more likely to click an ad related to the product of interest, and there is a 70% probability of making a purchase. With this method, businesses can improve transactions and improve customer retention rates.

Understanding your customer data is essential when you want to target them in the market. However, some of the data is too complex for the human to comprehend and make clear definitions. AI, on the other hand, can read the customer data and make the right product selections within microseconds.

AI can use facial recognition, among other methods, to make final decisions. For instance, by scanning images from a CCTV camera, AI can identify people that spend time negotiating certain products. They can also identify the products a user added to their shopping cart and abandoned the purchase. This method works for both the current and other websites.

When a customer lands on an e-сommerce store, AI identifies them and presents the most relevant product recommendations. AI also works best with advertising to deliver the appropriate products to potential buyers.

Customers want to spend the minimum time doing stuff. It is easier and faster to speak than type. As you might expect, a customer would like to interact with your store the same way they communicate with a person. AI can help e-commerce store owners to deliver desirable results when customers are checking their catalogs.

With voice-based AI, a customer speaks to the interactive e-сommerce platforms, explaining their needs. The technology then processes the information to personalize the requested products. This process takes less time to deliver accurate information compared to typing, misspelling, retrying a new search string, and reloading of web pages. Customers can find their desired products faster and proceed to checkout quickly.

6. Image Search for Products

enable search by image in online store with ai

I remember someone sending me to ask the price of a product, but they did not know the right name. So, I had to go with a description. This trend is common to many customers, including online shoppers. When they want a product, they know how it looks like and how it works, but they cannot come up with the right name. It becomes hard to find it among the thousands of listings when you are searching for the products on an e-commerce store.

AI uses image recognition features to help customers search faster and get accurate results. With image search technologies, companies like eBay can process customer queries faster. A user can upload a picture of the item or share an image URL to the search bar. AI then identifies the product by comparing the shape, color, and other design features to help the customer find the products they need.

Summing Up

Artificial Intelligence has changed how we do things in various aspects of life. In business, AI helps to simplify the buying process and improve the customer experience while increasing the revenue on e-сommerce platforms. With the right tools, you can boost your sales, communication, and customer service and retain customer loyalty. AI also helps you to connect your physical store to the e-commerce platform to improve customer retargeting.

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Adam Ray
April 21, 2020
Very informative article with some useful productivity measures, From a couple of decades, AI has progressed a lot and brought wonderful changes as eCommerce businesses. Thanks for sharing!
Polina Litreyeva
May 14, 2020
Hi, Adam! Thanks for sharing your opinion! We're happy to know that our articles are helpful.
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