How to earn customers loyalty with a Thank You

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Cicero quote about gratitude

Thank you is a universal expression of gratitude. Each and every culture has codes to express gratitude, and language is one of them.

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Gratitude and its expression has several meanings in human communication, such as:

  • giving something in return to what you've received, a form of repayment
  • a formal pattern to show appreciation
  • accepting the giver, showing that you recognize him as a part of the social circle

Therefore, being thankful is actually giving. And giving is a positive step, which actually intends to raise positive emotions and feelings. Let's see how we can use this ancient and beautiful culture pattern to get closer to your clients!

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How we can give by saying Thank you to clients

Now, let's follow the pattern: you want to raise positive emotions for your clients, and you know you can give them a thank you. How can we actually do this? Some of you might say: the customer has bought a product or services from me, I've done everything I could. Is there a point in doing anything else?

The answer is - absolutely yes!


The benefits of saying thank you to your clients are:

  • It's absolutely free
  • Studies have shown that saying thank you improves the mood of both the giver and the receiver
  • By giving more, you're earning customers' loyalty

Here are the ways to give more with a thank you in your business.

thanks for your interest/thanks for asking

It works when a customer is interested in your product, he hasn't bought yet, but he's researching and asking questions.

Reason to say thank you: you appreciate the time a customer has spent to research, and you're looking forward to work with him. You'd be happy to help him and to see him as a client.

Example: Hey John, thanks for your interest! Yes, we offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee so you could try the product and see if it works for you. If you have any other questions, we'd be happy to answer them. Have a good day!

thanks for being the client

This pattern is good to start an email to your existing customer when you're offering new products, asking for feedback or when an existing customer addresses you with questions or concerns.

Reason to say thank you: you appreciate the fact that the customer trusts you and has chosen you. You show you're ready to continue your relationship.

Example: Hey John, first of all, thank you for being on board with us, we appreciate you've chosen our products. Yes, your order has been shipped tonight, and the estimated delivery time for your location is three days. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Merry Christmas!

thanks for the purchase/order

This pattern is close to the previous one, but the difference is that you shouldn't forget to say thank you exactly at the touchpoint of the purchase. For e-commerce, it could be the page the customer's seeing after completing the purchase, or the order confirmation email he receives straight after.

Reason to say thank you: you appreciate the fact that the customer trusts you and has chosen you. You show you're ready to continue your relationship.

Example: Hey John, we're at CompanyName are excited that you've chosen the product. Here's the order info. Thanks for your purchase!


thanks for feedback

It can be a tricky moment for any human being. It's hard to appreciate any feedback, even neutral or extremely negative one.

Reason to say thank you: you know that any feedback helps you make your products and services better, and you're grateful for the opportunity to do this. You appreciate the time the customer has spent to write/say this. You care about whatever your customer is saying.

Example: Hey John, we'd like to say thank you for informing us about the issue, this information is extremely valuable on our journey of providing better service. We're sorry this happened to you and will do everything we could to fix the situation and review our work so it never happens again. I will personally check your order and get back to you withing 24 hours to fix it. Have a nice day!


Thank you for feedback A thank you for feedback template from Kayako


thanks for understanding/waiting

Use it any time your client experiences issues or inconveniences.

Reason to say thank you: When purchasing from you, your client expects great service. If there are some issues, you have to give something back to cover the inconvenience.


thanks for sharing

Use this any time someone spreads words about you anywhere you can notice it.

Reason to say thank you: each share, like, retweet or forum post is a potential to bring you the new customers and revenue. These people are spreading the info about your company for free, so you should give something in return.

  • 26% (13/50) of the people she thanked favorite her tweet (recognized her thanks)
  • 30% (15/50) of the people she thanked replied to her
  • 26% (13/50) of the people she thanked followed her
  • 24% (12/50) of the people she thanked engaged with her in more than one way (both replied and followed her, both favorited and followed her, etc.)
an offline thank you

If your business deals with offline touchpoints, as in e-commerce, include all these types of thank you into communication. Add a thank you on cards, receipts, and other papers, send a thank you card on holidays.



Thank you card A thank you card from Everlane


How to make your thank you sound honest

To make a thank you work, don't make it generic and common! Here are some tips to sound warmer:

  • Be personal. Thank a customer, not the whole crowd.
  • Be specific. Let your customer know why you say thanks to him.
  • Be honest. Don't say thanks just because you have to. Feel the love to spread it!
  • Be unusual. If you can think of some funny or uncommon ways of saying thank you, go for it!
  • Be empathic. Try walking in your customers' shoes. Which words will make them happy?

Suggestions for further reading

To help you expand your gratitude skills, we've collected some useful resources you would like to read. The list is supported by inspirational quotes from each source.

A guide on mastering thank you pages from WordStream - a solid article about dealing with pages that users see after completing a desired conversion, including a couple of case studies.

The thank you page serves as a method to continue your interaction with a user.

 The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk - a must read book about business in social media. Or it may appear to look so, while in the deep it's a book about the power of caring about people.

If your organization’s intentions transcend the mere act of selling a product or service, and it is brave enough to expose its heart and soul, people will respond. They will connect. They will like you. They will talk. They will buy.

Omotenashi: The Secret of Japanese Service - an article about how people from Japan understand customer service and the secrets of their old tradition of serving a client as a god.

In over a year in Tokyo, I have never once seen a sales attendant look bored, let alone fiddle with a mobile device while on the sales floor.

How 13,000 handwritten thank-you notes built a thriving business - a fashionable young company called HEX has built a thriving business and great customer loyalty through 13,000 thank you notes that its employees have written by hand.

To have a positive, memorable end to a customer interaction, find a way to show that you care, that the interaction/sale/purchase mattered to you, that you’d like the customer to come back.

Useful tip! You can gain extra customers' loyalty with Magento 2 RMA extension that allows shoppers to return products easily.

What's the best thank you you've received so far?

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