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Hello to Amasty blog readers!

By browsing our store, you see extensions are usually presented as ready-made solutions that can help you get more done in a cost-effective manner.

But what’s behind it?

With this article, we launch a number of posts dedicated to Magento 2 stores that have integrated our extensions. And today we are glad to present you how 10 of our modules are implemented in e-commerce websites developed by our long-term trusted Partner -Advanced Logic.

Magento 2 Improved Layered Navigation

Catalog browsing and filtering are basic and most essential parts of any e-commerce website.

Improved Layered Navigation can equip your store with a powerful and SEO-friendly navigation functionality.   
The Farmaworld catalog consists of products belonging to numerous brands and the filter search feature provided by the module helps shoppers to (a) filter products by brands, (b) quickly find the needed brand and get the whole product list corresponding to the chosen filter options.

Apart from the positive impact on SEO, the 'Shop by Brand' functionality (included in the extension) further enriches the Farmaworld store by allowing shoppers to directly access the products of their favorite brands from one page.


To add two more examples, I should also mention Quanticlo and Emporio Cattani. Giving their users a possibility to filter by color through the selection of visual swatches improves the UX.

Magento 2 Improved Sorting

Improved Sorting presents another essential functionality for gaining effective product catalog navigation in Magento 2.

This extension supplies Farmaworld customers with the option to choose among several ordering parameters, like, the 'newest' products, 'best sellers' and several other custom attributes.

Magento 2 Infinite Scroll

Together with Improved Layered Navigation and Improved Sorting, Infinite Scroll completes the list of the best tools to offer your users a smooth surfing experience. With this solution, the Emporio Cattani catalog browsing is fast and immediate both on desktop and mobile.

Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification

In order not to lose business opportunities, many e-commerce websites allow shoppers to subscribe to a notification alert when desired out-of-stock items are back in stock.
By installing Out of Stock Notification on Emporio Cattani customers can receive back-to-stock alert messages even without a need to be logged in or registered.
When you're seeking for a solution to boost sales, giving customers information about the stock status of desired products can often be of use. The low inventory messages can be displayed both on the product and cart pages so to remind the shoppers in the most convenient way.


Quanticlo uses Custom Stock Status to dynamically show inventory messages depending on the stock quantity and the configured rules.

For large stores with numerous product SKUs, the management of the related products can be a slow process resulting in an expensive operation both in terms of time and money.


For this reason, we can evaluate solutions that create the list of the related products automatically instead of manually.

With Automatic Related Products the Emporio Cattani up-selling items are dynamically generated when a user considers current products.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Notwithstanding the checkout procedure has been improved in Magento 2, we generally opt for a single-step procedure, which also guarantees higher conversion rates.

Using One Step Checkout Farmaworld customers have everything at their hands in one single intuitive screen and benefit from a clean checkout success page.

Magento 2 Extra Fee

Sometimes merchants may want to offer their customers supplementary services at an additional price.


Thus, with Extra Fee extension, Emporio Cattani offers the extra shipping service delivery which is purchasable at the checkout for an additional charge.

Magento 2 Extended Product Grid with Editor

Catalog management is often time-consuming. Therefore using tools that simplify this activity can never be underestimated.

With its inline data editing capabilities, Extended Product Grid with Editor is one of our favorite admin extension as it saves our admin users valuable time they spend on updating product data.

Magento 2 SMTP Email Settings

A timely distribution of emails is a critical factor for smooth communication with your customers and an e-commerce site loyalty, in general.

SMTP Email Settings ensures our clients an optimal dispatch of all the emails, including the back-to-stock alerts and the abandoned cart emails.

Wrap Up

With a certified team of Magento 1 and Magento 2 developers on board, Advanced Logic has been working with Magento since 2011.

From the very beginning of its existence, the agency has opted for Amasty modules with a current installed base of 8-9 Amasty extensions per website. The agency also specializes in migration service (from Magento 1 to Magento 2), and for large e-commerce projects, Advanced Logic suggests using Amazon AWS and Magento Enterprise Edition.

On our part, we hope you've enjoyed these 10 vivid examples of Magento 2 extensions implementation, and now it'll be at least a little simpler to make the right choice.

Still have questions? Feel free to drop us a line in the comments below.

Stay tuned!

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