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SMTP Email Settings for Magento 2


Increase the chances for your emails to be actually delivered to customers. Specify SMTP settings properly, send reliable emails from popular hosting services and reduce the possibility to get into spam.

  1. Prevent your emails from being labeled as spam
  2. Use reliable email providers to decrease email rejection
  3. View the content of sent emails
  4. Test your emails using debug mode
  5. Log all sent emails
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By default, your emails are dispatched via the mail server running on the Magento installation server. In other words, it's quite likely that your emails will either end up in spam folders or will get rejected altogether. To improve the chance of a successful email delivery, you need to use reliable SMTP servers.

Flexible settings of SMTP

  • Configure parameters with autofill option
  • Define authentication and connection parameters
  • Specify the address to send test emails
  • Replace the sender email, when configuring your own server
  • Control the sending of all emails

    Deliver all emails of any types successfully. SMTP Email Settings handles all the emails that are sent out from your Magento store (welcome, emails, newsletter, order confirmations, invoices, etc).

    12 preset SMTP providers

    Configure your own custom SMTP server or use one of the following preset providers:

    magento smtp email settings
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Mail.com
  • AOL Mail
  • Yahoo
  • Comcast
  • O2 Mail
  • Office365
  • Orange
  • Outlook
  • GMX
  • Zoho
  • Debug mode and log of all errors

    Debug mode emulates the work of Magento 2 email SMTP server without sending out any emails. If any errors occur you will see them in the log and make fixes without reconsidering all the settings. Clear the log manually or automatically after a certain period of time.

    Specify settings for multiple websites and store views

    If you manage multiple Magento stores from one backend, it’ll be quite useful for you to specify SMTP parameters as a server address, a provider and others for each store separately.

    Log all emails and view the details of every letter

  • The extension registers and logs all emails that are sent from your store.
  • You can see what, when and to whom the email was sent.
  • Check the current status of the email (pending, in process or failed)
  • Preview the frontend layout of any email.
  • email log
    coming soon update

    Coming soon!

    Authorization via the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol.

    Reasons to choose

    Other Features

    • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
    • Follows Magento Code Architecture
    • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
    • Simple installation via Composer
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    I’ve managed to make all the SMTP configurations in a shake. Besides, the preset providers are more than enough. Thanks!
    I like it
    I should say the module's met all my expectations. It allows for additional security and extends email marketing management possibilities a lot. Special thanks for the chance to test emails with the debug mode.
    Worked straight away
    Very good, worth the money. I was hesitant at first, partly because of the lack of reviews, but it is perfect. The Magento mail sending and SMTP settings just aren't up to scratch out of the box and manually overriding them is not simple. So using this instead and with Mandrill works well. Worked the very first time which I didn't expect. If you need to use SMTP, use this.
    Very good module
    This module works pretty well and it is very easy to install and configure. I recommend it.
    Lucas Santos
    Works as advertised
    this extension works like a charm. straightforward installation and configuration. The debug log shows some good information if it is enabled, a sys-admin approved solution.

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    Version 1.1.2 - October 22, 2018
    – Improvement: now, you can see the full list of recipients in the history of sent emails
    Version 1.1.1 - August 01, 2018
    – Compatibility: the compatibility with Magento 2.2.5 was improved
    – Fix: the issue with sending emails from the admin panel was resolved
    Version 1.1.0 - July 04, 2018
    – New: the ability to replace email sender was added
    – Improvement: the code was enhanced
    Version 1.0.4 - September 19, 2017
    – Magento 2.2 compatibility improved
    Version 1.0.3 - August 30, 2017
    – Magento 2.2 compatibility introduced
    Version 1.0.2 - April 12, 2017
    – Compatibility improvements
    Version 1.0.1 - June 16, 2016
    – Use specific store settings when creating order or sending order e-mail from the backend
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