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GLS for Magento 2

Save on shipping in Europe and US with 40 percent lower rates of GLS courier. Delegate responsibility for shipping to professionals inspiring trust among your customers.
  1. adds GSL shipping solutions
  2. creates downloadable shipping labels in PDF
  3. auto-generates shipping labels in bulk
  4. adds parcel tracking links to Magento backend
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What is GLS?

GLS stands for General Logistics Systems B.V., a British Royal Mail subsidiary located in Amsterdam. The courier is one of the largest in European logistics. It delivers parcels to 41 European countries, 8 US states, 2 Canadian provinces, and has a wide partner network.

Why connect GSL with Magento?

Integrating Magento 2 with this courier, you manage orders faster delegating responsibility for shipping to professionals. Synchronizing your shipping system with a reliable world-known logistics company inspires trust among users. Moreover, when comparing GLS to FedEx and UPS, its shipping rates are 40% lower.

Note that to use this module, you need to open an account on GLS

Add GLS shipping solutions to your checkout

GLS offers flexible shipping solutions with comfy timing: BusinessParcel, EuroBusnessParcel, Express12h, Express17h, ShopDeliveryService, FlexDeliveryService, ShopReturnService. Domestic parcels are normally delivered in less than 24 hours, whereas European delivery times make from 24 to 96 hours. Integrating your Magento 2 with GLS, you can add the needed solutions to your checkout and set custom pricing.

Create GLS shipping labels in bulk

Say, now you run seasonal sales and have to create labels for multiple orders at once. To save on paying employees for overtime, we added the automatic labels creation. This extension will automatically create labels for each approved order.

Download GLS shipping labels in PDF

To track parcels and make sure the high-priority ones remain safe, GSL uses labeling. You should create a unique bar-coded label for every shipping. 

Created a delivery in your Magento 2 backend with our GLS extension, you can at once download this unique label in PDF and print it.

Keep buyers informed on the shipping status

Once a unique order label is created, this extension automatically adds the tracking link to the Magento shipment tracking. Knowing where the parcel is right now, you can send triggered emails on shipping status or/and inform customers on their order status sharing the link in the shopping accounts.

Upgrade your vanilla Magento 2 shipping table rates. This module creates an additional shipping carrier with an unlimited number of custom shipping methods. You can set rates based on the destination, weight, size, price, Qty of items, or a combination of these conditions. It also supports alphanumeric postcodes, see this dedicated guide for the USA, the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Develop an advanced shipping system with this 3-in-one ultimate Magento 2 Shipping Suit. See the use cases.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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