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Automatic Related Products for Magento 1

Show related products viewed or purchased together with a specific store item. Let customers easily find similar Magento products popular among store visitors and raise the number of spontaneous purchases.

  1. Smart mechanism for automatic product relation
  2. Use flexible conditions to determine products display
  3. Set parameters for accurate stats collecting
  4. Show related products based on views or purchases
  5. Hide out of stock products
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Show relevant products to make sure users won't leave without a purchase:
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Don't know how to encourage customers to buy more? Simply show them relevant related products which are usually viewed or bought together with the item they've already selected. Due to the Automatic Related Products Magento 1 Extension you'll be able to display special blocks with cross-sells, up-sells and related items based on customer purchase behavior. A specially developed algorithm lets you show necessary items in each particular related products block.

Key features

  • Display blocks with related, up-selling and cross-selling items;
  • Show products depending on the number of views or purchases;
  • Hide products with zero and negative stock quantity;
  • Configure flexible rules for products display;
  • Display similar products on Magento 1 product pages;
  • Specify the time period for stats data gathering;
  • Replace manually added products with the ones generated automatically;
  • Manage the number of products displayed in each block;

Easily manage products display

Automatically define related products and display them on product pages

Configure settings for related products display

Show similar products based on specific Magento 1 parameters

Manage 1 up-selling items display

Show cross-selling products on a shopping cart page

Fine-tune cross-sells display


Motivate customers to buy more

Show blocks with related, up-selling and cross-selling items

With the Magento 1 related products tool you can place cross-sells, up-sells and recommended products to separate blocks to show a wider variety of items. Display cross-selling products on a shopping cart page to boost spontaneous purchases.

Display store items based on customer behavior

Due to a special algorithm the module automatically defines which products are frequently viewed or purchased together with the chosen one and displays corresponding results in each Magento 1 associated products block.

Relate products without views or purchases

Promote products that attract less views and generate less sales. Use the special 'Product Currently Viewed' data source to effectively display items without the history of interactions based on various conditions, including the category, brand, and price.

Configure settings to show relevant items

Set time period for data collecting

To accurately gather statistics for products display specify the time period basing on which the products will be shown. The auto related products system for Magento 1 will filter relevant items and show them to customers.

Exclude out of stock products from display

The Related Products Magento 1 module lets you hide out of stock items from display to show only the products that can be immediately purchased, thus significantly improving customer experience.

Show products based on views and purchases

Flexible extension settings enable you to choose whether to display related products either viewed together with chosen items or bought together. Set an order status for 'bought together' products to make statistical data maximally precise.

Replace manually added products

Due to automatic matching of up-selling, cross-selling and related items, you don't have to relate them manually. Apart from that, you can replace manually related products with the ones matched automatically.

Fine-tune conditions for up-selling and related products

Category based conditions

You can display products from any category or from the same categories with the chosen items. The auto related products Magento 1 module also lets you exclude items from specific categories if necessary.

Configure brand conditions

Show similar Magento products depending on their brand for highly targeted results.

Price conditions

Configure price conditions for up-sells and related products to show a rich variety of products in each Magento 1 related products block. E.g. Use 'higher price' option for up-sells and 'same' or 'lower' price for related items.

automatic related products magento extension
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
4 Reviews
Apr 20, 2018
Time Saving Extension
With this extension i don't have to manually add automatic related products, upsell & cross sell products. It automatically calculates data on customer viewed product & show them in upsell relate product,cross sell, upsell block. Best feature is i can limit the products to 4.
Support team help me to make compatible with third party extension. I am happy to recommend this extension who want extra functionality in their store saving valuable time.
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Aug 02, 2017
Appreciate your time and effort!
We had to hide products with negative stock quantity manually, which is rather pricey and fruitless. With the Amasty extension we get things done even without admin’s help. Besides, the customer support is always online and in touch. Appreciate your time and effort!
Jun 26, 2017
Great job!
Raul J.
I’ve run Automatic Related Products for a week already and can say it saves time and money spent on my webstore correcting. It really does well, as we exceeded the sales plan twice.
May 31, 2017
Must Have Extension
An absolutely competent team of developers. After expanding my shop with more than 7000 item numbers, Automatic Related Products is a Must Have. Purchased installation along with extension and Amasty was quick about installing. It's an extension that does not make the shop slow - so will definitely recommend it to all webshop owners - it's not to be missed.
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CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x

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My Downloads
Version 1.4.1
Last Update: Nov 19, 2018
1.4.1 - Nov 19, 2018:
  • Improvement the information section was added. Now, you can see the installed extension version, available update, the user guide link, conflicts and other useful information right on the module configuration page
1.4.0 - Mar 12, 2018:
  • New added the 'Product Currently Viewed' data source. It allows you to display products without views or joint purchases history. You can configure the automatic display of products from the same category, from the same brand, and based on their price.
  • New added the 'Show related products only for Out of stock' option. Now, you can display related products only for those items that are currently out of stock.
See previous updates
Version 1.3.7
Last Update: Feb 12, 2018
1.3.7 - Feb 12, 2018:
  • Minor code improvements
1.3.6 - Feb 05, 2018:
  • Minor changes in code architecture for Magento Enterprise version
1.3.5 - Jan 23, 2018:
  • Fixed an issue with showing related products in Magento Enterprise
1.3.4 - Nov 29, 2017:
  • Fixed an issue with empty block for manually added products.
  • Minor improvements.
1.3.3 - Nov 03, 2017:
  • New feature: ability to show only products from categories is added.
  • Fixed issue with empty collection for manually added products.
1.3.2 - Mar 31, 2017:
  • Few minor fixes and improvements
1.3.1 - Nov 24, 2016:
  • Current product excluded from the list of purchased together products
1.3.0 - Sep 02, 2016:
  • Price, brand and category conditions added
  • Possibility to choose data source: viewed together or bought together
  • Possibility to set data gathering period for each product type
Version 1.2.0
Last Update: Aug 15, 2016
1.2.0 - Aug 15, 2016:
  • New feature: automatically append most viewed products to manually specified
  • New feature: possibility to exclude products from specified categories
  • Improvement for display order
Version 1.1.5
Last Update: Sep 25, 2015
1.1.5 - Sep 25, 2015:
  • Two new settings: `Query Limit` and `Period` in days to find matching products
1.1.3 - Aug 06, 2015:
  • Improved category filter algorithm for all blocks;
  • Exclude products added into Related products from the Upsells block
1.1.2 - May 05, 2015:
  • New option to exclude products from the same category in results
1.1.0 - Apr 17, 2015:
  • Improved logic of product selection
Version 1.0.4
Last Update: May 18, 2013
1.0.4 - May 18, 2013:
  • Compatibility fix for Enterprise Edition 1.13.
1.0.2 - Oct 10, 2011:
  • Ability to show viewed together products in the cross-sell block at the cart page.
1.0.1 - Jun 20, 2011:
  • Ability to display in the block only items from the same category.
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