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Order Status for Magento 1

Create understandable order statuses to effectively manage orders on the grid. Also inform customers about order status changes to keep them devoted to your store.

  1. +1 communication channel with customers
  2. Order status change notifications
  3. Sorting & filtering of orders by statuses
  4. Additional order statuses for order states
  5. Automatic or manual status change notifications
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Report to customers about order process like if they were your boss

+1 way to keep in touch with customers.

Order status is an important means of communication with customers. Providing relevant information in the status is crucial in building customer trust. Let customers feel that they are cared about. They should see that your store is secure and responsible in doing business.

Make order management simple and clear.

Create intelligible Magento order statuses list and you'll know what to do with each order without checking the order page or other sources. This will save you hours of work and efforts and let you reduce order processing time.

Now you can flexibly notify customers about Magento order status changes.

In the sphere of E-commerce it's very important for customers to know what's happening to their order. And store owner must keep customers to date about their orders. With our module you can use a separate email template for each order status to properly inform your customers.

notify customers about order status change

Feature-rich Magento order processing functionality

magento order status add comments

Manual or automatic order status change notifications.

With the Magento order status extension, you can enable or disable automatic dispatch of notifications for each status or manually send notifications only for particular orders. Also it is possible to use a separate email template for each store view.

Sort and filter orders by their Magento custom order status.

You have an ability to sort and filter orders by order statuses. This feature adapts Magento to your needs.

Create additional order statuses for each order state.

And after this step you'll be able to choose with which order states each order status can be used.

Additional statuses features:

  • NEW Hide custom Magento order statuses on the frontend
  • Show statuses in customer accounts and on the order grid
  • Separate email-notification template for each store view
  • Modify statuses for new and existing orders
  • Edit default order statuses or create new ones (including Magento 1.4.x versions)
  • Now you can enable, disable or change Magento order statuses

Product questions

Are customers notified when the status of their order is changed?

Yes, you can enable/disable automatic 'order status change' notifications or send the notifications manually for definite orders. Besides, a unique email template can be applied to each store view. Follow a step-by-step guide to make everything on the first try.

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Are there ready email templates for custom order statuses?

Yes, you can send an email notification on a status change and choose a separate email template for each store view. Continue reading to see the screenshot.

Can I delete an order status created with this extension?

Yes, when creating a new status you see numerous option: order status 'pending payment', 'new', 'on hold', etc. To delete an unnecessary status you need to assign it a complete or closed state and delete it in the edit order status settings.

Can custom emails include attachments?

This option is available only with customization.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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