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Order Memos and Attachments for Magento 1

Need to add information to orders while or after processing them? Magento Order Attachments enables you to make memos, add important data (like processing or actual shipping dates) to any orders after customers or admins have created them.

  1. Keep all order related data in Magento to find it easily
  2. Prevent loss of important order data
  3. Add fields for files, memos, other info to orders after creation
  4. Filter and sort orders by the fields on the order grid
  5. Let customers see and edit the fields and upload files
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We have a new Order Manager Toolkit module, that has all the functionality included, as well as a lot of new features to keep order-related data in Magento.

Create fields for order files, memos, etc. for the order data to be organized and easily accessible

Keep all order info in one place to find it fast

Very often there are some documents associated with orders. You will never need to look for them if you attach them right to the order (e.g. some screen shots, logos, design mockups, etc). The extension lets you add the data to the order grid, so you will be able to filter and sort orders using this data. This powerful and very easy to use tool will make your order handling a lot more effective and organized.

magento order attachments and memos
edit order memos in magento

Display fields on order grid

You can show text, dropdown and date type fields on order grid - this will let you filter and sort orders by these fields. Let's say you use the fields to specify sales person and actual shipping date for orders. This way you will be able to track down the orders processed by some sales person and/or orders shipped between certain dates.

Add various fields to order page

You can add unlimited number of fields, which are then displayed on the order page and can be filled in by admin. The fields and their values are visible only to admin in admin panel. You can also fold and unfold the attachments block on the order view page.

Prevent data loss

When you store order-related information in several places, it is easy to lose something and hard to find the necessary data. On the contrary, with the module it will be very easy to find order information and difficult to loose, as all the data will be attached to corresponding orders.

You can show the fields to customers and let them edit the fields

Let customers browse and edit the fields

The extension allows to display the fields on order view page in customers account. For each field you can define whether it should be displayed to customers or not. What's even better, you can enable customers to edit any of the fields.

magento order memos settings

Let customers upload files to orders after the orders have been placed

Very often customers need to provide some files for the orders to get completed - for example images, payment documents or some other paperwork. The files, uploaded by customers, are visible on order view page in admin panel. This feature enables you to effectively manage order-related data - both admin and customer can upload and see files. The files are easy to find, as now they are attached to corresponding orders. In addition, you don't need to run a separate system for storing order-related files, now you can store all the order data in one place.

Advanced features for field management

magento order attachments extension

Select order statuses for fields display

You can choose order statuses for front-end and back-end separately. The fields will be displayed only for orders which have the selected statuses.

Let's say you have a field memo and select Pending status for front-end and Complete and Pending statuses for back end. The memo field will be displayed on front end only for 'Pending' orders, while in admin panel it will be displayed for Pending and Complete orders.

Use the fields data in emails

You can add the extension data to email templates with the help of variables of the kind: {{var order.memo('some_field')}} . Replace some_field with the alias of the field which you would like to use for emails.

Change date in the 'updated_at' field

It is possible to change date in the 'updated_at' field in order related tables each time a memo or an attachment is edited. This can be important for fluent work with some order export software.

Field creation functionality

Attach notes or files to order via mass action

Newly added mass action ‘Edit Orders Notes and Files ’ provides a fast and convenient way to keep the orders up-to-date. It enables you to attach files or comment several orders at the same time.

Create fields for file upload

You can create either single upload or multiple upload fields. For multiple upload fields you can upload unlimited number of files - this comes very handy when the number of files to upload is different for each order, so you won't need to create a separate field for each file. Of course, admin can download the uploaded files.

Create data fields of different types

It is possible to add text field, text area, dropdown and 'date' type fields, which will let you add memos, indicate important dates and other information.

magento order memos mass actions

Indicate default values.

The module enables you to use default values for 'text field', 'text area' and 'dropdown' field types. If you specify a default value for a field, the value will be automatically displayed in the field for each order. It is possible to edit default values.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
6 Reviews
Sep 23, 2016
Magic wand for the store managers
Love this module! It keeps not only orders, but all our work in order. Custom fields are especially cool for us, because we ask each customer a number of standard questions. Actually the level of customer support rockets up when all the info is arranged properly.
Sep 02, 2016
A treasure among the modules
There is nothing the devs could do better! We are totally happy with this plugin. Now all store managers are sure that the latest info about all orders is at hand, all customers’ wishes and requirements are saved and can be brought up in seconds due to the sorting option. It’s a really cool thing for a reasonable price.
Mar 29, 2015
Good but a feature must be included
The extension works OK and does what it says.
We had a question on how to export order comments with order export by amasty, their support was excellent and they helped us to do this, all answers came in a couple of hours and in excellent english (rare when buying from anywhere in the world).
But this functionality must be included into out of the box features as these two extensions are by amasty and about orders. This is my suggestion.
Magento Connect
Jul 17, 2013
Very helpful extension
It helps to keep all tracking info at hand and find any data whenever I need them without wasting my time. I adore this extension!
Mar 18, 2013
Support, installation, feature-rich! All-in-one!
First I will like to point out that these guys have an excellent support. Always reply fast, easy installation as well and competitive price.
We have deal with many companies in the past and I can rest a sure you these guys are professionals!
We were looking for CRM for magento and find out it will cost a lot and not always will be so efficient.
The combination of the flags &order memos and attachments &order status extensions gave us the ability to handle a very large amount of orders with no need to import or export anything all from our back end with the same look and feel we know.
I will highly recommend to any one!
Thanks Andrew

noamv, Magento Connect
Mar 18, 2013
Quick solvation of the issues!
Great extension! It help me solve our jobs faster, especially writting memo and shown the memo at frontend features. Definitely will purchase other extensions that we need from you again.

dressmi, Magento Connect

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CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x

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My Downloads
Version 2.4.13
Last Update: Jun 26, 2017
2.4.13 - Jun 26, 2017:
  • Fix multiupload files issue
2.4.12 - Apr 18, 2017:
  • Minor integration improvements
2.4.11 - Dec 26, 2016:
  • Possibility to upload files using drag and drop on the order view page (in addition to the order grid page)
2.4.10 - Aug 31, 2016:
  • Fixed sorting by date
  • Modified algorithm for file uploads
2.4.9 - Aug 25, 2016:
  • Fixes for "Archive" feature of Magento EE
  • Fix for calendar display in Magento EE
2.4.8 - Jan 15, 2016:
  • Improvement for filter logic when filtering one single day
2.4.7 - Dec 09, 2015:
  • Fix for saving fields on Magento
  • Fix for checkout when bundle product is purchased
2.4.6 - Oct 28, 2015:
  • Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
2.4.5 - Aug 03, 2015:
  • Default values are now applied correctly for PayPal orders
  • Fix for regional date format at the order grid
2.4.4 - Jul 14, 2015:
  • Mageto security patch compatibility
  • New mass action "Edit order notes and files"
2.4.2 - May 14, 2015:
  • Compatibility improvements
2.4.1 - Apr 29, 2015:
  • Compatibility improvements
See previous updates
Version 2.3.1
Last Update: Mar 14, 2014
2.3.1 - Mar 14, 2014:
  • Support for multiple address checkout
Version 2.2.1
Last Update: May 08, 2013
2.2.1 - May 08, 2013:
  • Fix for renderers on the order grid (some field types were displayed incorrectly).
2.2.0 - Apr 05, 2013:
  • Correct handling of values what contain $ symbol
  • Class rewrite removed - event used.
Version 2.1.9
Last Update: Jan 15, 2013
2.1.9 - Jan 15, 2013:
  • Fix for including fields into e-mail templates.
2.1.8 - Dec 12, 2012:
  • Bug fix for syntax error.
2.1.7 - Sep 27, 2012:
  • Filtering error fix.
2.1.3 - Jul 25, 2012:
  • An option for superadmin to give permission to view the block with order memos, when creating admin roles.
2.1.1 - Jun 11, 2012:
  • Admin can choose order statuses for display of fields. For example, you can set up any field to be displayed only when order is in 'Pending' or 'Complete' or some other status.
Version 2.0.1
Last Update: May 03, 2012
2.0.1 - May 03, 2012:
  • Ability to display order memos and attachments in customer's account. Admin can also enable customers to edit any of the fields - there's a setting for each field.
Version 1.1.3
Last Update: Dec 08, 2011
1.1.3 - Dec 08, 2011:
  • Ability to change date in the 'updated_at' field in order related tables each time a memo or an attachment is edited.
1.1.2 - Nov 14, 2011:
  • Ability to fold and unfold the attachments block on the order view page.
1.1.1 - Nov 04, 2011:
  • Ability to specify default value for 'text field', 'text area' and 'dropdown' field types.
1.1.0 - Jun 22, 2011:
  • Ability to use the fields data in emails.
  • Dropdown field type added.
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