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  1. Custom Maintenance Page M2

    Notify users whenever your website is down and back up again.

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    • Customize maintenance page without coding
    • Choose one of the pre-made design templates
    • Enable countdown timer
    • Preview the page before publishing
    • Let users subscribe to email newsletters instead
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  2. Sphinx Search M2
    Turn your potential sales into real ones with an extremely fast and reliable Magento 2 Sphinx Search solution. Provide highly flexible search results to increase your conversion rate and the number of orders.
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    • Provide the most relevant query results
    • Boost your website search speed
    • Manage autocomplete product suggestions
    • Search by category names, custom options and related products
    • Use synonyms, stop words and hyphens/slashes
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  3. GLS M2
    Save on shipping in Europe and US with 40 percent lower rates of GLS courier. Delegate responsibility for shipping to professionals inspiring trust among your customers.
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    • adds GSL shipping solutions
    • creates downloadable shipping labels in PDF
    • auto-generates shipping labels in bulk
    • adds parcel tracking links to Magento backend
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  4. 360 Product View M2
    Magento 2 360 Product View extension shows your products in 360 degrees. Visitors can rotate images down and up to view over and under a product. The Magento 3D product viewer is designed for maximizing sales conversions making online purchasing closer to offline.
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    • Make your site eye-catching with 360-degree product icons
    • Fix a separate 360-degree view for every product posted on your site
    • Customize the width and height of the product
    • Adjust animation effects and speed settings for the products shown
    • Import the 360 icons through CSV
    • Magento 3d product viewer is 100% mobile responsive
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  5. Amazon Integration M2
    Connect your Magento 2 store with the Amazon marketplace. Reach more potential clients by enabling additional sale source and increase your revenue. Sync the data and manage inventory and orders from the Magento 2 admin panel.
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    • Upload products to the Amazon account in bulk and vice versa
    • Synchronize orders and manage them from one grid
    • Set rules to update prices automatically via cron
    • Notify your admins about a low stock
    • Benefit from Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
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  6. Point of Sales (POS) M2
    Sync your online and physical stores using our POS system. Increase customer loyalty keeping needed prods always in stock and completing orders in minutes.
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    • Find the product by scanning the barcode label
    • Complete the checkout in one minute
    • Connect your POS system with cash drawer
    • Allow staff to apply discounts, coupons, and gift cards
    • Add as many offline stores as you need
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