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iOS App Builder for Magento 2

Create a native mobile app for iOS without any technical skills.
  1. push notifications
  2. barcode scanner
  3. voice and image search
  4. one-click purchase
  5. instant synchronization with Magento 2
  6. Apple ID and Face ID support
60 Days Money Back
Free Lifetime Updates
90 Days Free Support

→ Please, notice that the extension described on this page is not in development, and we are checking the demand. If you are interested in the release, leave your email in the form to the right of the page. 

Why develop an app for iOS?

The roles of smartphones in our lives have increased significantly in the last few years. They impact not only on our daily routine but also on business strategies and customer behavior. Here are some statistics every merchant should know:

  • an average smartphone owner spends over 3 hours daily using the device
  • almost half of the people open an app over 11 times every day
  • according to the forecast, mobile apps will generate around $935 billion in revenue by the year 2023
  • mobile applications have 3 times higher CR than mobile versions of the sites.

In addition, 35.71% of smartphone users choose iOS. And if we compare Android and iOS users, we’ll notice the difference in users and their behavior:

  • 52% of US Gen Z consumers are more likely to use iPhones more than any other device, compared to Millennials (38%).
  • Apple App Store gross app revenue is $19 billion, while Google Play Store revenue is only $10.3 billion.

As you can see from the statistics above, the trend on mobile app usage is growing, and as the new generation gains purchasing power, the situation is unlikely to change.

Features for Magento 2 iOS App Builder

Personalized push notifications

Notify users about important updates, new products, and special offers. Personalize your message based on their location, interests, and recent in-app activities. Configure trigger-based notifications.

Protect sensitive data and improving your store security with Two-Factor Authentication → 

Built-in barcode scanner

The future Magento 2 iPhone App extension will include a built-in barcode and QR code scanner. Thus, users can open a product page by scanning its barcode. This feature is highly convenient in order to connect your online and offline stores. For example, if the client wants to get more information about the product or wants to order it online later.

Voice and image search

Sometimes users don’t know the correct name of the product they are looking for. With the image search feature, they can simply take a picture of the product, and the AI-based search will offer possible options.

And voice search helps users that cannot type their query because their hands are full or for any other reason. Using AI technology, you can create the best Magento iPhone app.

Live inventory sync

With this extension, you can build a Magento iPhone app that will automatically synchronize all the changes made by users with Magento 2 instances. It will keep updated orders, inventory, reviews, customer data, and so on. 

One-click checkout

Long and complicated checkouts are one of the most common reasons for cart abandonment. And filling in multiple fields on a mobile device is even more difficult than using a desktop. That is why our Magento 2 store iPhone app will support one-click checkout for registered users.

Apple ID and Face ID support

The extension will support login using Apple ID or Face ID depending on the iPhone version. This will not only help to get easier access to customer accounts but also proceed to checkout.

Let users log in to your Magento 2 via Apple ID → 

Please leave your email in the form to the right of the page if you want us to develop this module.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.

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