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Avalara Avatax Integration for Magento 1

Comply with tax regulations without additional development. This extension is designed to handle complex tax liabilities. Calculate taxes, generate returns, and more right from your storefront.
  • Provide a seamless exempt customer experience
  • Manage tax rules for a wide range of products
  • Verify addresses and improve rate accuracy
  • Go global with automated tax liability
  • Simplify the filing and payment process for customers
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How to use Avalara Avatax to boost your store?

Magento 2 Avalara integration allows you to automate tax liability. The platform provides all the tools you need to reduce manual computing so you can spend more time on other business processes. The platform is also flexible in terms of ever-changing laws and rates, so you will never miss the next local tax change. Avalara sends updates to the system without interrupting servicing you.

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Features for Magento 2 Avalara Avatax

Verify addresses and improve rate accuracy

Magento Avalara extension provides address validation that verifies, corrects, and formats addresses across 13,000+ U.S. tax jurisdictions without the help of additional services. The entered addresses will automatically be corrected for spelling errors and inaccurate street names.

Provide a seamless exempt customer experience

Let customers enter certificate numbers into their accounts, which Avalara will keep and make freely accessible at checkout for tax exemption in Magento.

Generate reports and analyze metrics to make business predictions and efficient strategic decisions with the Advanced Reports extension →

Manage tax rules for a wide range of products

This Avalara Magento 2 extension maintains an extensive catalog of product tax rules to apply the required tax to multiple SKUs, taking into account tax holidays and changes in tax legislation. This extension provides a highly accurate tax assessment and ensures that the correct rates are calculated for all products and services.

Go global with automated tax liability

Avalara Avatax for Magento 2 calculates custom duties and import taxes in real-time at the point of sale and collects them at the checkout, reducing the risk of costly fines, additional carrier fees, customs delays, and unexpected costs for customers.

Reduce losses from product returns and keep returned money in your store with the Store Credit & Refund extension →

Simplify the filing and payment process for customers

Paper forms will be printed and mailed, and electronic forms will be submitted in accordance with government requirements. The money transfer can be automated up to a one-time payment via ACH transfer on the respective filing date with the Magento 2 Avalara Tax extension.

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