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Sphinx Search for Magento 2

Turn your potential sales into real ones with an extremely fast and reliable Magento 2 Sphinx Search solution. Provide highly flexible search results to increase your conversion rate and the number of orders.
  1. Provide the most relevant query results
  2. Boost your website search speed
  3. Manage autocomplete product suggestions
  4. Search by category names, custom options and related products
  5. Use synonyms, stop words and hyphens/slashes
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Since more than 40% of site visitors are immediately navigating to the search box, slow search speed and irrelevant results page make customers leave your webstore. It irritates them and affects their loyalty. And, in the end, a lot of potential purchases are missed each day.


Magento 2 Sphinx Search is a powerful tool which needs less than 0,1 sec per search request. Extra quick and accurate indexation process lets customers find the product they need in just one click. The extension works with any language and corrects spelling mistakes automatically.

What benefits do you get for your store

Boost sales by applying extra flexible search to give customers exactly what they are looking for

Push some products to the top and manage search results order according to your business needs

Build visitors’ loyalty and provide customers with outstanding shopping experience


Advanced Search Logic

Magento 2 Sphinx Search extension applies a user-friendly searching algorithm: it distinguishes key words and phrases in any language, ignoring stop words and automatically correcting spelling mistakes. Hyphens, special symbols and synonyms are also taken into account.

Flexible Autosuggestion

Accurate autocomplete functionality allows customers to find the necessary items in a few clicks. As soon as a site visitor starts typing their query, a pop-up window with the suggested results appears. According to your business needs, you can push your bestsellers or products sold poorly to the top.

Impressive Stability

Due to the low memory consuming and requests directed straight to the database, the navigation can handle a great number of queries without delays. That’s why Magento Sphinx search works smoothly, no matter how many products there are.

Full Scanning

Sphinx search engine displays results from multiple store objects: products, categories, CMS pages, blog posts and other custom content. Thus, a customer won’t miss even the slightest piece of information, will see the full picture of the product he is looking for and go deep into your webstore.

Multiple Search Options

Magento 2 Sphinx Search uses various product options. A popup window with autosuggestions is highly flexible: it sorts the results by names, prices, relevance, custom options. To apply extended filtering and make your search process even smarter, check Amasty Elastic Search for Magento 2.

Improved Customization

The extension allows you to configure each component of a searching process, including a technical one. Set the minimum number of characters needed for indexing, content types to search in, a number of results displayed and delay time to reduce server loads.


  • Responsive dropdown box design
  • Mobile-friendly navigation
  • Full compatibility with Luma, Porto & Ultimo themes
  • Intuitive backend interface
  • No external search server needed
  • Accelerated search due to the caching of repeated requests
magento 2 elastic search extension

Multiply Navigation Options with Elastic Search

Let your customers search products by all possible attributes and boost sales with a powerful Amasty Elastic Search extension for Magento 2. Provide the most accurate results even within an extremely large catalog in a split second.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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