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Zoom Pro for Magento 1

Get the chance to improve visual presentation of your products greatly. Let your customers see all product details to leave no doubt their choice is right.

  1. Attractive zoom both for main and thumbnail images
  2. Carousel for thumbnails with ability to change its position
  3. Customers can zoom product images at category pages
  4. Lightbox for product large images with thumbnails
  5. Very many options for zoom and lightbox configuration
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Customers who are happy with their purchases are loyal customers.

Another tool to convince customers to purchase

Often people don’t trust e-shopping just because they have no possibility to examine a product in details or touch it. For that reason it’s very important to keep product presentation at a high level. Let customers zoom magento images both on product and category pages and use highly adjustable lightbox to let customers feel like they are shopping in a real store.

Inspire customers to stay longer on your site with Magento zoom extension

With elegant lightbox and detailed  Magento product zoom view your site looks alive, so customers will really enjoy it and spend more time investigating the product range. The number of purchases will increase.

Make product pages visually attractive

Improve product presentation with zoom feature

Customers see the texture and all the details of a product with zoom tool, which is available on both product and category pages. You can also check out Color Swatches Pro extension which takes configurable products presentation to a new level.

Inside and outside Magento product zoom for main images

According to your store design and usability goals you can choose whether to use inside zoom or an outside one. Moreover, for outside zoom further adjustments are available:

  • Place it to the right or left of the main product image.
  • Define width and height for the zoom window.
  • Choose whether to use tint effect or not.
  • Show product title or hide it.
  • magento product zoom

    Settings for thumbnails

    One picture for a product can be enough, yet in most cases you have to show the product from different angles. Now you can adjust the thumbnails of all product images the way you need.

    • Use zoom for them.
    • Enable ‘carousel’ feature.
  • Choose the number of items in carousel.
  • Place thumbnails under the main image horizontally or to the left of it vertically.
  • magic zoom magento

    Change image on mouse hover or a click

    Decide whether to change the main product image when the mouse hovers over thumbnails or when customers click them.

    More usability enhancements

    Zoom on category pages

    Nobody would argue that finding the right product in the store quite often turns into a hard and time-consuming task. Now you have the power to help customers spend much less efforts to find the products they actually need. How? With Magento magic zoom on category page you provide your potential customers with the possibility to see all product details right at the category grid. No need to open each product page for large image – extra credit to your site usability! 

    magento zoom

    For this feature you can configure zoom window position (place it to the left or right of main image), specify zoom window width and height and choose whether to show product name or not.

    Magento lightbox extension

    Lightbox option provides a nice view of full-size images and user-friendly picture display. You can configure several options:

    • Use circular lightbox so images are shown in a loop.
    • Choose the position of product title (float, inside, outside and over options are available).
  • Use effect of motion or disappearance for image change.
  • Thumbnail helper, which lets customers ‘lightbox’ images in any order without closing lightbox window.
  • Make your customers plunge into the world of quality product images and user-friendly interface!

    Reasons to choose

    Other Features

    • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
    • Follows Magento Code Architecture
    • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
    • Simple installation via Composer
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