Critical Issue in Magento 2.4.7: How to Fix

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How to Fix a Critical Issue in Magento 2.4.7

If your Magento store has been upgraded to the latest 2.4.7 version, you may have already experienced – or are yet to discover – a specific issue with WYSIWYG editing of category descriptions. 

The issue is relevant to all Magento 2.4.7 users, even those not using extensions. That said, the Amasty modules whose functionality will be significantly undermined due to this bug include:

Issue Causes and Consequences

From the technical standpoint, the issue originated from the 2.4.7 JavaScript optimization. The .js updates required some additional code restructuring but a small error has been made in the process. 

It’s far from a severe problem development-wise, but a critical one for the end users. Because of this issue, those who have access to Magento 2.4.7 admin on your team will inevitably end up:

  • Failing to save changes in some editing fields.
  • Encountering broken WYSIWYG elements.
  • Noticing that some UI components in the Admin Panel are missing.

How to Solve the Magento 2.4.7 WYSIWYG Issue

The Magento team has already acknowledged the bug. They are working on a patch and will roll it out as soon as possible.

But Amasty would like to offer a way for our customers and all Magento users to avoid the highly unpleasant consequences of this minor issue until the official patch is released. That’s why we’ve already delivered a fix. 

Here’s how you can get it:

  • Open Composer Suggest. Look for the "amasty/module-mage-2.4.7-fix" package and install it.
  • Go to the Amasty Github, download, and install the package.

The package will automatically apply code restructuring to the dependencies and resolve the issue.


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