Tomorrow we will open the first window in our Advent calendars, which means it’s time to summarize the results of the last month of fall! This November, we made significant updates to our Jet Theme, SEO Toolkit, Reward Points, Shipping Restrictions, and Store Credit & Refund extensions. Check out what new features got YOUR Magento extension and upgrade them.

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Magento 2 extensions updates

Abandoned Cart Email 1.12.2

  • We improved the UI of general settings, so it’s easier to configure the extension.

Advanced Product Reviews 1.15.0

  • NEW We added product images to the review reminder email.
  • Now, the extension no longer creates a new cart price rule for each separate coupon code. Instead, it creates one for each new Discount Coupons configuration.

Affiliate 2.1.3

  • We updated statuses for affiliate transactions in the admin panel.
  • Now, the affiliate’s balance can be a negative number.

AJAX Shopping Cart 1.9.8

Blog Pro 2.8.4

Color Swatches Pro 2.9.3

Customer Group Auto Assign 1.0.5

  • NEW Now, you can display the customer group on the storefront:

customer group auto assign magento 2

Elastic Search 1.13.3

  • We removed the Max Number of Search Results field. Now, the extension works according to default Magento limitations.

Export Customers 1.7.2, Export Orders 1.8.4, Export Products 1.7.2

  • NEW In the new version, you can duplicate parent entity data in each row using the Duplicate Parent Entity Data feature.
  • Now, you can use the last X days and last X weeks filters for date fields:

import export magento 2

Extended Order Grid 1.3.3

  • We added a new column that allows you to display Purchase Order Number.

Facebook Pixel 1.1.0

  • NEW Now, you can set up and manage multiple Facebook IDs for separate store views.

FAQ and Product Questions 2.11.1

  • NEW Now, the Premium version of the theme comes with the possibility to set up the Slide Image Gallery for the product page.
  • We improved compatibility with XML Google® Sitemap.
  • We added animation to the add to cart button.
  • Now, you can display the special price on the shopping cart and mini-cart.
  • We optimized the performance of the theme.
  • We reviewed the width of the blocks on the home page.
  • Now, product list widgets support AJAX Add to Cart functionality.
  • We enhanced compatibility with the Infinite Scroll extension.

Jet Theme 1.14.0

  • NEW Now the Premium version of the theme comes with an option to set up Slide Image Gallery for the PDP.
  • We added animation to the add to cart button when the product gets added to the cart.
  • Now you can enable the visibility of the product’s special price on the Shopping Cart and Mini-Cart.
  • We optimized the performance of the theme.
  • We reviewed the blocks’ width on the Home Page.
  • We added the support of Ajax Add to Cart for the product list widgets.
  • We enhanced compatibility with the Infinite Scroll.

SEO Toolkit 2.0.0

  • NEW Now, you can specify the default ROBOTS tag for categories.
  • NEW We reworked SEO Toolkit packages by separating the SEO Toolkit sub-module from the SEO Toolkit package. It is currently provided as an individual new SEO Toolkit Lite solution. Previous SEO Toolkit Lite solution has been upgraded to Pro. SEO Toolkit Premium solution feature set has been adjusted. You can find up-to-date solution information in a feature table. Please note: all previously purchased solutions will remain available with the features they had initially.

Request a Quote 2.3.8

  • NEW Now, you can add custom quote fields to the quote cart to let customers provide you with additional information (Note: this feature is available as a part of the Request a Quote Pro solution).
  • We improved compatibility with the Jet Theme.

Reward Points 1.17.0

  • NEW Now, you can import or export reward points history if you use Reward Points Pro.
  • NEW In the new version, new customers can be automatically subscribed to the reward point email notifications.
  • NEW Now, the name of the administrator who makes a manual point balance adjustment is stored in the history. Thus, you can track the transactions carried out by your employees.
  • NEW You can send notifications about reward points expiration several times:

reward points magento 2

  • NEW Now, the extension comes with a feature that allows you to exclude specific customers from the reward program. These customers can be notified about their status in their customer accounts.
  • We partially refactored the database structure and moved the Expiration Date to the amasty_rewards_rewards table.

Import and Export 1.5.0

  • NEW We added a new CMS page entity for you to import and export CMS pages data.
  • NEW Now, the extension comes with a new entity that allows you to import and export Search Synonyms.
  • NEW We added a new Search Terms entity for you to import and export the search terms data.

Import Orders 1.7.1, Import Customers 1.5.2, Import Products 1.3.2

  • NEW Now, you can write a custom path to PHP in env.php to use it for the import process.
  • Now, you can use the last X days and last X weeks filters for date fields:

import export magento 2

Improved Layered Navigation 2.17.2

Generate and Import Coupons 1.1.15

  • We added the customer name and email to the coupon usage report.
  • We enhanced compatibility with the Multiple Coupons. Now, the coupon usage report stores information about multiple coupon codes applied to the order.

Gift Card Pro and Premium 2.6.0

  • NEW Now, you can choose whether a Gift Card can be applied only once or a specific number of times till the balance is over.
  • Thanks to the integration with SMS Notification Pro, you can send the following notifications: recipient notification, expiry notification, and change balance notification.

Landing Pages 1.8.10

Product Feed 2.6.15

  • We added a variable to output the current date and time.

PWA for Shop by Brand (Add-On) 1.0.5

Shop by Brand 2.12.3

Shipping Restrictions 2.6.0

  • NEW We optimized the functionality of restriction messages and made it possible to show only one message if the whole carrier is restricted.
  • NEW We added the Source condition to the shipping restriction rules. Now, you can set rules based on Inventory Sources the order will be shipped from.

Shipping Rules 2.8.2

  • Now, if several rules meet the same conditions, they will work one by one according to their priority.

Store Credit & Refund 1.2.0

  • NEW We added the Admin Name column to the Transaction grid, so you are aware of who makes changes in customer balances without digging deep in the Magento logs.
  • NEW Now, the extension comes with the Buy Store Credit feature so you can allow your customers to purchase Store Credit as a product from your website. Also, your store managers can place such orders right from the admin panel.
  • We upgraded the manual balance change workflow on the Store Credit & Refund page so that admins can see balance changes immediately after page reload.

XML Google® Sitemap 2.0.0

  • NEW The extension code was renovated and refactored. We converted it to UI components, so now it works faster.
  • We adjusted the way the extension displays hreflang links.
  • Now, sitemap items from other extensions can all be configured in one place.

Minor improvements for your Magento 2 extensions

How to get the updates?

Download the updated extensions in your account. If you have any questions regarding module updates, please submit a ticket here, and we’ll help you out.