April was a highly productive month. We’ve released big updates for our Jet Theme, Google Rich Snippets, and Automatic Related Products extensions with a bunch of new features. Moreover, some of our PWA add-ons are now compatible with Magento PWA Studio 10.0.0 version. Check out what’s new in YOUR Magento extension, and don’t forget to visit our promo program for new deals.

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Magento 2 extensions updates

Advanced Search 1.17.3

  • NEW Now, you can apply Relevance Rules to autocomplete search popup.
  • We enhanced compatibility with the Magento Shared Catalog feature.

Automatic Related Products 2.11.0

  • NEW We’ve developed a new discount type for Bundle Packs. Now, you can set a conditional discount that depends on the quantity of Bundle Pack items the customer adds to the shopping cart:

сonditional discount

  • NEW We added the sales statistics for Bundle Packs:

bundle packs

  • NEW Now, you can apply the discount only if items were added from the special Bundle Pack block. In this case, items added to the cart separately, e.g. from their product pages, won’t be associated with any bundle pack.

  • NEW We implemented the built-in lazy load functionality. Now, you can enable/disable the lazy load of the first banner if needed.
  • NEW Now, the resize feature supports separate settings for mobile devices and is applicable for retina screens. The extension detects the type of screen and device automatically and displays the appropriate image version.

Cookie Consent (GDPR) 2.6.0

  • NEW We developed JavaScript and PHP APIs to let you block cookies added on your frontend by the JS component.
  • We enhanced the work of a cookie banner. Now, when you update cookies or cookie groups, the banner reappears with the right information.

Elastic Search 1.13.0

  • NEW Now, you can set Relevance Rules to work in autocomplete search popup.
  • NEW Preview products to which a Relevance Rule will be applied.
  • Now Relevance Rules data is indexed by Elastic.

Export Customers 1.4.0, Export Orders 1.5.0, Export Products 1.4.0

  • NEW We’ve added a drag-and-drop feature, so now you can move fields within entities and export them in the order you need.

FAQ and Product Questions 2.9.0

  • NEW We’ve added a new type of questions rating. Now, you can show the average rating of questions to your customers.
  • In the new version, you can enable rating for registered customers only.

Google Rich Snippets 1.5.0

  • NEW Now, you can choose the product condition for the itemCondition property.
  • NEW We added the possibility to choose the rating format (either percent or numeric) to be used in the product snippet.
  • NEW In the new version, you can add the streetAddress to the organization’s rich data.
  • NEW The extension now allows you to set a default value for the priceValidUntil snippet and avoid warnings if a special price end date is missing.
  • If a parent (configurable or grouped) product is a list of the associated products, the extension considers the visibility criterion and replaces invisible links of the child products with visible parent links.
  • Now, the breadcrumb list includes the current category.

Jet Theme 1.9.0

  • NEW Now, you can customize our theme on your website using the Layout Switcher feature.
  • We added the new tooltips to the Color Scheme settings.
  • We enhanced the display of our Color Scheme Presets.

Product Labels 2.1.0

  • NEW Now, you can modify tooltip text with HTML.
  • Now, labels are displayed on the Magento Recently Viewed widget.
  • We implemented the performance enhancement for the interaction with composite products.

PWA Studio 10.0.0 support

We continue upgrading our PWA add-ons to make them compatible with the latest version of Magento PWA Studio.

Important note: Please pay attention that the lower versions of PWA Studio are no longer supported!

RMA 2.4.0

  • Now, your customers can request returns right from the order grid at the customer account.
  • In the new version, when a new order is created via the RMA request, you may return to this request in one click via the Back to Return button.

SEO Toolkit 1.20.0

  • NEW The Rich Snippets part of the suite includes new functionality. Now, you can set product conditions and choose a format of rating, assign the default value for the priceValidUntil, specify the street address of your organization. We also improved the compliance with Google guidelines.
  • NEW Now, you can configure canonical links and robots for CMS pages.

Minor improvements for your Magento 2 extensions


How to get the updates?

Download the updated extensions in your account. If you have any questions regarding module updates, please submit a ticket here, and we’ll help you out.