Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s time to review the results of the final month of 2021 and see what new features you can get. This December, we improved 40+ of our products, and the Jet Theme, Blog Pro, One Step Checkout, and Mass Order Action extensions got big updates.

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Magento 2 extensions updates

Abandoned Cart Email 1.13.0

  • We improved the UX&UI of Abandoned Cart Reports.
  • Now, the module is compatible with the Push Notifications extension. Thus, you can make triggered campaigns when the shopping cart is abandoned.

Automatic Related Products 2.12.0

  • NEW We introduced a single bundle pack widget. Now, you can display a specific bundle on the required page.
  • NEW Now, you can replace the bundle pack discount with the Cart Price Rule.
  • We added unique keys to extension tables.
  • The Order Status setting input for the Bought together condition was changed to multi-select.
  • We changed the way extension gathers views/clicks data. Now, it will be more accurate.

Blog Pro 2.9.0

  • NEW Now, you can specify Canonical URLs for articles.
  • NEW In the new version, you can enable prev/next navigation between posts:

blog pro update

  • NEW Now, it is possible to add Open Graph Metadata for posts.
  • We enhanced compatibility with the Advanced Search extension.
  • We updated MFTF tests.

Custom Form 1.17.0

  • NEW We added a new field with the WYSIWYG editor.
  • NEW Now, you can use product attribute variables to autofill form text inputs:

custom form update

  • In the new version, you can separately configure how the form should be displayed by a button click or not:

custom form update 2

  • You can set the lifetime to the public links of the uploaded files.
  • Now, it is possible to restrict the admin role from removing forms.

Extended Order Grid 1.4.0

  • We updated the display of the Fixed Product Tax attribute on the Orders grid.

FAQ and Product Questions 2.11.3

  • Now, the extension has better compatibility with the Jet Theme.
  • The new version of this extension can be used together with the Social Login to show a social login popup to guest users when they aren’t allowed to set a rating.

Free Gift 2.11.0

  • NEW Now, you can specify if the free gifts should be added based on subtotal including or excluding tax.
  • NEW In the new version, you can choose whether a free gift comes as a $0 product or as a product with a 100% discount.

Google Rich Snippets 1.5.1

  • NEW The extension displays individual SKUs of each child product when displaying configurable products as a list of associated product offers.
  • NEW Now, you can limit the number of product reviews displayed in rich data.
  • We updated MFTF tests.
  • We adjusted the object type for the author and brand fields.
  • Now, the extension will display values for brand attributes with the Text Field type.

Import Customers 1.6.0

  • Now, the extension considers the fields mapping configuration before generating a sample file.

Import Orders 1.8.0

  • Now, the extension considers the fields mapping configuration before generating a sample file.
  • In the new version, the module supports custom order statuses generated by the Order Status.

Import Products 1.4.0

  • Now, the extension considers the fields mapping configuration before generating a sample file.

Jet Theme 1.15.1

jet theme update

  • We enhanced and added some settings responsible for the mobile logo image display.
  • We reviewed the Color Scheme and Style Switcher settings.
  • We reviewed compatibility with mobile and tablet views.
  • We improved compatibility with Magento B2B.

Mass Order Actions 1.6.1

  • NEW Now, you can use the Print Packing Slips mass action to print packing slips before shipping.
  • NEW We added new mass actions Change Status and Change Status and Notify so you can change order statuses with and without notifications.
  • NEW In the new version, you will have the mass action Add Comment that allows you to add comments to several orders at once.

Order Management Suite 1.1.0

  • NEW Now, the Import Orders module is included in the Order Management Suite.

Order Status 1.1.0

  • Now, you can import orders with custom statuses thanks to the compatibility with the Import Orders extension.

One Step Checkout 2.0.0

  • NEW We rearranged the components of One Step Checkout by splitting some of the features into the system modules. It’s a major technical release. However, it will not affect the functionality you acquired in any way. These changes are specific to the One Step Checkout extension. The rest of the solution remains unchanged. Now, during the update, instead of one, you will get the following packages: One Step Checkout Core, Gift Wrap, Thank You Page, Delivery Date, Style Switcher, and Layout Builder.

Product Attachments 2.5.0

  • Now, the extension is GraphQL (read) compatible.

Product Tabs 1.2.2

  • NEW  Now, you can use the Accordion View display type for the Product Tabs.

Push Notifications 1.4.0

  • NEW Now, you can set triggered push notification campaigns by the event.
  • We made the module compatible with the Abandoned Cart Email. Thus, you can make triggered campaigns when the shopping cart is abandoned.

Reward Points 1.17.1

  • We added notes to the actions that require the Complete order status to calculate reward points.
  • Now, you can return applied reward points to the customer account if the refunded order was paid with a custom payment method.

Social Login 1.9.0

  • NEW Now, you can display social buttons on the checkout page.
  • We reviewed and enhanced WCAG compliance.
  • We added an extension popup on the FAQ pages when a not-logged-in customer tries to rate the question.
  • Now, you can leave the extension popup open when a customer clicks outside of the popup area.

Thank You Page 1.2.1

  • We moved the Installation and Upgrade scripts to Patch & db_schema.

Minor improvements for your Magento 2 extensions


How to get the updates?

Download the updated extensions in your account. If you have any questions regarding module updates, please submit a ticket here, and we’ll help you out.