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Hi to our blog readers!

Today we want to make an important announcement. A bit late, but here it is: we’ve added a new Shipping Areas feature to the range of our Magento 2 extensions. And this, in fact, is a complete system module.

What extensions have been honored to inherit the feature and, actually, why we’ve made this and much more useful info with live examples wait for you below.

What Amasty extensions have this Shipping Areas feature?

Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2 (2.4.0 and later)

If you already run the extension you may have at least two questions that we cover below.

How can you use Shipping Areas in the mod?

  • gather shipping destinations into areas;
  • Include / exclude certain countries, states, regions, cities, zip codes, etc. in / from the area;
  • apply a restriction rule to the area.

Thus, you can freeze a definite kind of shipping to the costly geographical zones.

Where to find the feature?

  • To start with, we’ve added Shipping Areas option to Amasty menu button, you may see it on the left sidebar of your Magento 2 admin panel.
  • To see the grid, navigate to Stores > Sales > Shipping Areas:

  • And below you may see how the preset areas look like on your rule conditions page:

Find complete instructions on the feature in our user guide.

If it’s the first time you hear of the mod, this short roundup will shed some light on it:

Why merchants use the extension?

The module is a go-to to turn your shipping from costly and ambiguous into effective and absolutely legal.

Using it, you can restrict certain shipping methods of a carrier based on:

  • product,
  • cart,
  • customer parameters and by location.

Shipping Rules for Magento 2 (2.4.0 and later)

In case you run the extension, this new feature will become a good add-on to those current.

How can you use Shipping Areas in the mod?

  • gather shipping destinations into areas;
  • choose to include or exclude certain zip codes, cities, regions, etc.;
  • apply a needed rule to a particular area.

Say, you decide to add a surcharge to a regular price of shipment to distant locations. You gather all the destinations in one area and apply the rule to all of them at once. No additional settings for certain distant places are required.

Where to find the feature?

And again, you’ll see it right under the Amasty menu button on the left sidebar of your admin panel. To learn how to work with it, look above or... right on the product page.

If it’s the first time you hear of the mod, this short round-up will shed some light:

Why merchants use the extension?

The second name of the module is one thousand and one rule :). I get the feeling that even the developers still don’t know the quantity potential of this rule-maker.

With this shipping extension, you can decide what shipping rules apply under certain:

  • product,
  • order,
  • cart attributes.

Base shipping conditions on customer groups or even store views.

Shipping Suite for Magento 2 (1.0.0 and later)

First off, before explaining how to use the feature in this mod you need to know it’s not a simple extension it’s a whole kit.

So, what are the constituents?

The kit includes:

This means no less than the net benefit. You buy one kit and have practically everything needed for advanced Magento 2 shipping functionality, as well as in-built Shipping Area feature.

Besides, you get a reasonable saving not on the functionality but on the price (psss...the offer is still on): you can get these 3 shipping mods in 1 suite and save up to $58.

More about Shipping Areas. Why did we add it to Magento 2 mods?

Though Magento 2 is much more flexible than the predecessor, the shipping functionality has some place for development.

And who knows this better than you do?


Working with thousands of businesses daily, we come across the same shipping challenges. Thus, many merchants complain that they have to create too many rules or long-tail conditions to focus the rules or restrictions on a concrete shipping area.

Below are a few questions that turned us on the Shipping Areas development.

The real-live whys:

  • How can I save time and create a lot of custom shipping zones (areas) in my Magento 2? It would be nice if the zones will be with a high degree of detail (up to postcode and shipping address line) so that I can use them later as attributes for my other shipping extensions by Amasty.
  • In general, how can I provide flexible management of shipping areas for my Magento 2 store?


We’ve decided to develop a new ‘Shipping Area’ feature that allows you to arrange shipping destinations into areas and then apply, for example, a restriction rule for the whole area.
Moreover, in case you have one exception from the restricted area, you can include / exclude various countries, states, regions, cities, zip codes, etc.

Thus, you can simply block shipping or charge an additional price for shipping to the unsuitable area by creating a shipping area that includes the destination.

Shipping Zones: listed features

  • Create unique shipping zones for further shipping restrictions or additional rules;
  • Manage the shipping areas on a separate grid and see on Conditions;
  • Use the deep level of area detail: country, state, city, zip codes, address line;
  • Include or exclude any of the levels in / from the shipping area (up to a certain street! If there’s a necessity).

As a condition, Shipping Area is available in all other extensions where it’s logical. Thus, Shipping Area condition appears in the Cart Price Rules so you can give discounts for definite shipping addresses only. The same feature appears in the Extra Fee extension. You can charge an extra fee for a specific shipping area.

See a shipping area usage live example in the user guide.

Have a question to ask?

Drop us a line below!

April 5, 2019
April 19, 2019
April 3, 2019
April 5, 2019
Amasty modules still cannot create shipping carrier.... this is huge problem for admins, we cannot use other Shipping Rules, Restrictions even Tablerates if we cannot create OWN shipping carrier in M1 and M2.... it should be added by default to one of these extensions
Alina Bragina
May 17, 2019
Hey Tomek, thanks for your interest to our blog and for sharing useful thoughts! If you have a vision of an ideal extension for your store, please feel free to share it with our <a href="" rel="nofollow">support</a> managers. We always apply a customer-oriented approach to our development. P.S. Your suggestion was passed to our dev. team.
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