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For more details see the Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2 extension page.

Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2

Use numerous parameters (product, cart, customer attributes) as a base for shipping methods restrictions. Upgrade your shipping process: make it more flexible and effective.

  • Define a specific area of each shipping method application
  • Restrict shipping methods of particular carriers
  • Offer to customers different sets of shipping methods, depending on their purchase history
  • Choose the kind of orders, to which shipping restriction rules should be applied
  • Define special shipping methods to specific stores and customer groups

Extension settings overview

Extension settings are located at Stores > Configuration > Amasty Extensions > Shipping Restrictions

  • Include tax in subtotal - indicates, whether the taxes are included in the subtotal.
  • Use subtotal after discount - when enabled, the subtotal value will be used, considering the discounts applied.
  • Always show error message - when disabled, the error message will be shown only when there are no available shipping methods.

Restriction rule settings

To create a restriction rule go to Sales > Operations > Shipping Restrictions


  • Name - specify the name of a restriction rule, which will be used in the admin area.
  • Status - set to Active, if you want the rule to be enabled.
  • Restrict Shipping Methods - specify the list of shipping methods you want to restrict.
Please note, that a Shipping Carrier may have several Shipping Methods. Shipping Methods are not independent.
  • Restrict ALL METHODS from Carriers - select Shipping Carriers you want to block. When the shipping carrier is selected, all its shipping methods will be restricted.
  • Error Message - specify the error message, which will be displayed instead of a blocked shipping method.


  • Condition tree - determines the conditions necessary to be met for the application of a rule. If no conditions are specified, the rule will be applicable to all products.
  • Backorders - specifies the condition, when the rule should be applied, depending on the existence of Backorders in the cart.

Three options are available: Backorders only - the rule is applicable when the cart contains only Backorders; Non-backorders - the rule should be applied when the cart contains no Backorder items; All orders - the rule is applied to all orders, regardless of whether the products in the cart include Backorders.

Use conditions, based on customer attributes or cart attributes, as well as advanced conditions, to create specific rules, if needed.


  • Apply Rules Only With - Coupon Code - define the coupon code, which should be entered by a customer, to activate the rule. The rule will be applied only after the coupon code is entered.
  • Apply Rules Only With - Shopping Cart Rule (discount) - specify the existing shopping cart rules if you want the rule to be activated when a coupon code from the lists of coupons of the specified rules is entered.
  • Do NOT Apply Rules With - Coupon Code - specify the coupon code, which will abolish the application of the rule, when entered by a customer.
  • Do NOT Apply Rules With - Shopping Cart Rule (discount) - name the shopping cart rules to make the rule inactive, when a coupon code from the lists of coupons, set in the mentioned rules, is entered.

Stores & Customer Groups

  • Admin Area - set to No, if you do not want this rule to be applied in the Admin Area.
  • Stores - select the stores, to which the rule should be applied.
  • Customer Groups - define specific Customer Groups, to which the rule should be applied. If nothing is selected, the rule will be applied to all Customer Groups.

Days & Time

  • Days of the Week - specify certain days of the week, if you want the rule to be active only in these days.
  • Time From - Time To - choose the time interval of the validity of the rule.

Usage example

Blockade Free Shipping for certain regions

Imagine that you have a chance to significantly increase your sales by offering free shipping to all the customers except those, located in Australia and New Zealand. It’s possible to realize by creating a restriction rule. All you need to do is:

- to block free shipping on the Shipping Methods tab:

- to set the condition, which activates the rule when shipping country is specified as Australia or New Zealand, on the Conditions tab:

Troubleshooting checklist

If the rule you’ve created doesn’t work, please, make sure, that:

  • there are no other active rules, that should not be applied: if two or more restrictions are in the active status, they will be applied contemporaneously;
  • the conditions are set correctly.
Please check this article to learn how to avoid general mistakes when configuring rules conditions, or how the certain issues can be fixed.

Find out how to install the Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2 via Composer.

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