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Hyva Theme Extensions

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  1. Hyva compatibility
    Open Graph Tags M2
    Effortlessly share your store pages on social networks, opening the door to a wider audience and attracting new customers. Take complete control over how your website's content appears when shared across various platforms.

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    • Manage your store links display on social networks
    • Add Open Graph tags for product, category, and CMS pages
    • Enable automatic OG tags based on various attributes
    • Share informative links with your social media followers
    • Hyva-compatible by default
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  2. Hyva compatibility
    Omnibus Price Tracker M2

    Bring your store pricing into line with the EU Omnibus Directive requirements. Gain customers' trust and protect your store from unexpected fines and penalties by providing transparent and accurate information about price changes.

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    • Effortlessly showcase the lowest product’s price in the previous 30 days or more
    • Display the historical prices for all or only for discounted products on category and product pages
    • Monitor price change history from the handy grid
    • Automatically clean price log to prevent database overload
    • Hyva-ready storefront
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Meet an innovative frontend solution for the e-commerce business sphere! Hyva Theme implemented in Magento 2 stores brings customer shopping experience to a new level thanks to an extremely lightweight and responsive storefront. No more excessive styles, complex functions and an infinite list of dependencies – Hyva simplifies Magento 2 to the maximum, making your store super-fast for customers and super-easy to maintain for developers.

Following the trend, we introduce our Hyva-ready extensions for Magento 2. Exclude development time and cut down implementation costs by getting full compatibility out of the box.

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