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Login with Apple ID for Social Login (Add-On) for Magento 2

Improve customer retention by offering them a secure and user-friendly login option on your website. Let users register and sign in with one click with a trustworthy Apple ID.
  1. Register and sign in with Apple account
  2. Provide two-factor authentication for advanced security
  3. Login via Face ID and Touch ID
  4. Works only as an Add-On for Social Login extension
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When browsing on a new website, 76% of visitors avoid filling in registration forms. Shoppers don’t want to remember the multitude of various passwords and usernames. Moreover, users are often concerned about the security of their accounts. If there is no reliable login method available, a customer might abandon the store. That’s why many merchants are seeking new ways to provide seamless registration on their website.


The Login with Apple ID Add-On for Social Login by Amasty is the first to introduce the fastest way to securely onboard new users. With a one-click login, visitors can quickly create accounts on your Magento 2 website using their Apple account credentials. For admins, there are notably fewer spam accounts, as most Apple accounts are protected by the two-factor authentication and require little or no developer maintenance.

Engage more users with simple Apple login

Be the first developer to offer
the Apple ID login for your
Magento 2 clients

Provide users with a fast way
to sign in while protecting their privacy

Employ an easy-to-implement solution, no additional
coding required

Employ quick and secure login option

Turn your visitors into clients from the first tap

Oftentimes, merchants give special promotional gifts to motivate a customer to create an account. You can save a lot of money in the long run by introducing a handy Magento 2 login option via Apple account. The easier login and signup process, the more likely a visitor is to make a purchase at the end of their browsing experience.

Offer trustworthy Magento 2 Apple ID login

96% of customers are concerned about the lack of privacy for their accounts, so adding the Magento 2 Apple login is a great decision for your business. With Apple login, there is a built-in secure two-factor authentication system. The user will be asked to prove their identity by entering the code obtained either via SMS or via a trusted Apple device.

apple id login for magento 2

Tailored for Magento 2 web stores

Many stores offer both the mobile application and the website. That’s why it’s a very smart move to create a single login method that will work across numerous platforms. It creates a smooth user experience, as customers are no longer required to keep separate accounts for the website and the app. With a single click, clients will be able to access their accounts on Magento 2 websites via Apple login.

Prevent frauds and spam accounts

The Apple login employs on-device machine learning and counts numerous other factors to give you confidence in new users. Based on gathered data, it provides a privacy-friendly signal on whether a newly generated profile is a real person or an account you might want to take another look at. This is highly valuable in e-commerce, as merchants are always on the lookout to prevent fraudulent actions.

Supports the Touch ID and Face ID login

Now visitors can log in into their accounts in less than second! If a user has an account on your website and connects their Apple ID to it, the next login will be as simple as unlocking their iPhone. It positively impacts the clients' shopping experience.

Easy to implement on your website

Save the precious time you have as a business owner or a developer. To connect the add-on to the Apple sign-in system, you will simply need to paste the basic social login credentials, and the module will do the rest. No additional coding required.

magento 2 custom form extension

Engage customers with instant login

This add-on works only as a part of the Social Login extension for Magento 2. Let customers authorize on your website via social login buttons for seamless shopping experience.
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Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Login with Apple ID for Social Login (Add-On)

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