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Blog Pro for Magento 1

Create responsive blog posts with a handy WYSIWYG editor, easily customize posts display with a layout constructor and make them user and SEO-friendly.

magento 2 data migration
  1. Take advantage of responsive layout design
  2. Use numerous handy widgets
  3. Customize blog posts display
  4. Make blog posts SEO-friendly
  5. Send admin and customer notifications
  6. GDPR compliant
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Equip your website with a powerful content marketing tool

Blogging has become an essential part of any successful online business. Today it’s one of the best ways to draw massive targeted traffic to your website. A fully-fledged Magento 1 blog extension can help you run the blog properly, keep your customers informed about company products, promotions and sales, and receive their feedbacks in the comments.

With the Blog Pro Magento 1 extension you can easily create informative blog posts spicing them up with catchy images, videos and other types of visual content. Use our Magento 1 GDPR to effectively moderate blog comments in compliance with the EU's requirements, customize blog posts layout and make your content SEO-friendly.

What benefits do you get for your store

Attract new customers and enlarge your brand awareness

Improve your SEO ranking positions and outperform competitors

Involve visitors into a closer relationship with your store

Drive more potential customers to your store

Share valuable info with your shoppers

Using the Magento Blog module, you can easily create an informative and content-rich platform for your customers. Create an unlimited number of posts, add various media files and customize posts display to make content extremely useful and easy to get. The set of advanced module features allows you to achieve multiple business and marketing goals using one solution.

Make buyers go deeper into your store

Show featured, recent and relevant posts in separate blocks to engage customers. Apply tags to provide shoppers with all the info they are interested in. In addition to this, you can let them leave comments to involve visitors in discussions and, thus, easily build your customer base. By the way, you are free to limit leaving comments availability for guests or even registered customers as well.

Improved magento 1 blog usability

Responsive template design

Responsive design lets store visitors read posts on all types of devices. Due to the convenient off-canvas menu, they will be able to easily use the blog search option and take advantage of numerous blog widgets both from mobiles and desktop with the same convenience.

Informative blog widgets

Handy widgets will help you draw customers’ attention to recent or tagged blog posts, recent comments, blog categories and blog archives. Choose as many different widget blocks as you need and place them on various webstore pages to attract more attention to blog activities.

Make your blog maximally appealing with the available widget types:

  • New products link;
  • Category block;
  • Recently viewed products;
  • Recent posts;
  • Recently compared products;
  • Recent comments;
  • Tagged posts;
  • Link, block;
  • Category link;
  • Product link;
  • Orders and returns;
  • Archive Sidebar block;
magento blog pro module

Layout constructor

Flexible Magento 1 Blog extension settings allow you to arrange desktop and mobile blog posts according to your specific needs. Use the constructor option to arrange blocks on the main blog page as well as on blog post pages. You can drag, add, delete, and interchange the position of the blocks. The layouts for mobile version are defined in the same way.

Custom blog layout

When editing the layout of the main Magento 1 blog pro page choose either "List" or "Grid" layout type. In case you select the "Grid" type, you can also specify the grid width for each particular post.

Manage tags display

Use attractive 3D cloud of tags on blog post pages. Customize cloud display by specifying its:

    • Size;
    • Color Scheme;
    • Text Color;

Customize 'Recent Posts' block

Blog for Magento 1 allows you to specify how many recent posts you want to add to the block and choose whether to display short content for each post. You can also define the maximal number of characters allowed for a short post.

magento blog pro extension

Go social

Quality content definitely deserves to be spread. Why not help your blog readers easily share your posts with friends in social networks and draw massive traffic to your website? With the Magento 1 blog module you can display sharing buttons on each blog post page.

Who is the target audience for social nets and how to deal with it? See here for details.

Comply with EU's GDPR

The Blog Pro extension helps you comply with the GDPR legislation requirements. Warn blog visitors about personal data processing by providing your privacy policy and collect clear consents.

Click here to learn how GDPR affects your business.

Easy blog management

Handy WYSIWYG Editor

Magento Blog plugin lets you keep all necessary tools at hand to quickly edit any blog post you need. The intuitive dashboard, dressed in clear icons, will help you enrich your text content with an accurate table or a list.

Fast image upload

It’s difficult to imagine a good blog post without images. Blog Pro extension allows uploading pictures in different ways:

  • Upload images through the AJAX window;
  • Select them from the images uploaded for previous posts;
  • Use ‘drag-and-drop’ option.

Why your blog should be responsive? See here.

Effective Comments Management

No blog is alive without customer feedback. Due to comments you can gather priceless information about your customers and potential clients. The Blog Pro tool enables you to easily edit all comments and reply to customers right from the admin panel. You can also use the ‘auto- approve’ feature to automatically approve all new comments.

Set any blog author as default

This feature is very useful for those who have one major blog writer and doesn’t need to specify a new author for each blog article. Apart from that, you can also enable links to the author’s account pages in such social networks as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

SEO optimization

A well thought-out content optimization will definitely improve your positions in search results, thus attracting more potential customers. With the advanced blog Magento 1 editor you can specify meta titles, keywords and descriptions for the whole blog, each particular blog post, category or a blog post tag. You can also add blog content (posts, categories, archives, tags) to the sitemap and create special SEO-friendly URLs for each blog post.

Manage search settings

It’s possible to define which type of search should be used in your store's blog according to the general capabilities of your store and server.

Here are the options you can choose from:

  • Built-in search engine is preselected by default. It’s a resourceful but powerful solution; offers synonyms to the customer’s search request;
  • Fulltext Search uses MYSQL algorithms; corrects typos automatically;
  • MySQL LIKE Search is the fastest type of search that works with the exact matches. If visitors are mostly searching your store for particular models, this type of search would be the most suitable.
magento blog pro module

Allow guest comments

If you want to motivate blog readers get registered on your website, you can disable guest comments. In this case customers will be asked to log in or create an account.

Schedule blog posts

Easily schedule posts to automatically publish themselves according to your publication plan.

Send email notifications

Keep your blog administrators notified about new comments and added blog posts. This option will help timely moderate all blog comments, filter spam in your blog and keep your blog content under total control. With the extension, you can also send email notifications to customers to inform them about new comments or replies left by other blog readers. Thus, you will stimulate them to come back and continue surfing the blog.

magento blog pro extension

Advanced functionality which our Magento 1 Blog extension can offer

Blog Pro Magento editor offers a rich set of options to make your work with blog posts as comfortable as it can be and provides your customers with the best user experience.

Please click here to see the full list of extension features

magento google invidible recaptcha

Built-in spam and fraud protection with Google Invisible reCaptcha

The Magento 1 Blog Pro extension comes with the built-in Google Invisible reCaptcha module that protects your comments form from spam and frauds. Benefit from the most advanced security tool and boost your store security.

Product questions

Does this blog extension integrate Magento with another CMS like WordPress?

No, the extension doesn't offer Magento WordPress integration. However, you'll manage to add a blog within Magento, which eliminates any requrement for an additional website installation.

Is this Blog Pro mobile-friendly?

Yes, our Blog Pro is absolutely mobile-friendly. The extension offers 4 layout types: desktop layouts for the main blog page and for a post page and the same ones for mobile devices.

Can I customize the layout of the blog?

Yes, with the use of the extension your blog inside Magento can be highly customized. This means you can choose one of the four layout types, as well as the number of listed posts on the homepage. Read on to see how to make all the settings.

Read the FULL answer

Can I preview articles before posting them?

Yes, sure. Only this way you will be able to achieve the formatting you need.

Is it possible to have multiple authors on my Magento blog?

Yes, an author can be stated in post settings:

How to hide the blog pages from search engine crawlers to avoid duplicate content issue?

Some of your posts may be included in multiple categories and have several tags. That's why different category and tag pages can posses the same content that search engines mark as duplicated. Hide these pages from indexation to avoid this problem.

Will blog posts URLs be added to my XML sitemap automatically?

Yes, as we don't create a separate blog sitemap, but add posts to the website sitemap.

Read the FULL answer

What magento widgets can be added to my blog?

There is a number of useful widgets you can display on your blog for different reasons. Continue reading to see the full list.

Can I add a snippet of latest blog post to the site pages?

Yes, the extension allows for adding a widget with latest blog posts to any page of a store. Read on to see the examples. 

Can I import blog posts from another blog?

Yes, it’s possible to import your previous blog posts if you used to have a blog on WordPress. Read on to see the settings.

Read the FULL answer

Can I add a blog URL to my main top Magento navigation?

Yes, you can make a blog URL visible in the footer using a special option. Continue reading to see where to find it.

Read the FULL answer

How do I add a link to my Blog to the Footer?

You can add a link to your blog to the footer using the 'Footer Menu Integration' setting. Read on to see how to make it.

Is the Blog Pro extension compatible with Amasty Google Invisible reCapcha?

Yes, there is compatibility between our Blog Pro and Google Invisible reCaptcha. Follow the link below to see the settings.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
11 Reviews
Mar 26, 2019
I use many of the extensions, and they all work really well
Anthony Trizzino
Swimd, Owner
I use many of the extensions, and they all work really well. Any measurable changes depend on the extension, but the seo extensions work well, many of our sites are 1st result. Support is great, and they help quickly if there is ever a problem.
Photo Amasty employee
Amasty answer
Mar 26, 2019
Natalya Chekanina / Head of Sales Team
Dear Anthony, thank you for your review! We would be happy to see you in our store again!
Aug 25, 2018
good buy
I only worked a bit with word press so I was worried. But the post admin here is very much like the previous admin, so that’s cool. I especially like blog widgets, 5 types of them. They are very flexible in terms of location, you can customize them the way you like and add thumbnails to posts in widgets. And this great feature also has clear set-up instructions.
Jun 05, 2018
extension needs improvement
it gives a good improvement for magento. However the editor does not able to change color of the text nor to choose the size of the text. so you have to use external editor
Feb 19, 2018
Handy blog management is great
I thought it would be hard, more money and efforts needed to set up this blogand then integrate with store. At least no time spent for development. Now I have bigger traffic I see conversions. Management is very easy and logical, blog supports social buttons, layouts, comments. And you always stay in control, even with readers’ comments
Jul 17, 2017
Super for SEO and customer reviews
Totally love it. Helps me do so many things. It’s seo friendly and supports tags, meta-titles, keywords, so all to make the article get through competitors in google. Also I like wysiwyg editor. Thanks to this my writing staff doesn’t need to spend time on html. It looks much like wp and works in similar way.
Aug 19, 2016
Nice to have but troublesome search
I considered spending extra time and money on team who would make a custom blog on my magento. Now I see that choosing this module was a good idea. Why to spend much more if this extension works well? I like that I can make layouts for different mobiles and for desktop separately. My customers mostly use tablets so for them separate layout is musthave and with this extension it is possible. All settings are easy, I managed all myself. Only trouble is search. When a reader misspells some words, they can’t find it in the blog. Though I have blog article on this topic.
Jul 06, 2016
Excellent Extension
This extension just excellent! I suggest to every one. It's easy to use, has a very nice fronted design and includes the all meta options you need for your page. The Amasty team also helped me to install this extension. Could not say nothing wrong about the product 100/100!
Anna also bought the following extension(s):
Apr 14, 2016
Good support
We used an analog from another vendor first. It was troublesome (too slow). I often left some post in the middle because I simply had no time to finish the task, had to do something more urgent. Because of this content lost relevance. So fast work was top priority for us. We chose this one and it works fast and correctly right after set up, all configs are native, it never freeze. In case of any question, support is there to help.
Nov 14, 2015
Secure and helpful
My store went down because of sql injection, we could hardly recover. And when my guys offered to run a blog for more clients, I was scared to be attacked again. At least we had to choose a better protected blog platform. But when I learned that this plugin is compatible with magento supee-10266, I allowed to install it. It was right good decision indeed. Now we analyze statistics as we have more feedbacks on our service. Also I like widgets. There are so many types, we now can experiment with them, choosing the most useful.
Oct 27, 2015
could be beter takes much time
First it was good but then I couldn’t see post previews from backend. I have to logout from admin and sign in as a fake customer to see how the post looks. It took too much time. Luckily the team fixed it though I had to wait for this. Now everything works as it should.
Sep 25, 2015
Good and easy
Ok, I'll be the first to write a review.
First of all, this is my first Amasty extension so my experience with this company is based entirely on it.
I had a blog on my site previously but used CMS pages for that which is not a way out at all. This extension makes it really easy to manage posts and in general makes a blog similar to a blog but not to just some random pages on an eCommerce site.
Configuration is easy, it took time to set up the options. I had a problem on installation and even send a note to Amasty support, but then managed to solve it myself by clearing cache.

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Version 2.3.9
Last Update: May 05, 2020
2.3.9 - May 05, 2020:
  • Fix we corrected html redactor issue in Chrome browser
2.3.8 - Jun 13, 2019:
  • Fix the issue with success message was resolved
2.3.7 - Jan 29, 2019:
  • Fix the issue with WYSIWYG malfunction was resolved
2.3.6 - Dec 19, 2018:
  • Improvement the jQuery Migrate library was updated to the latest version (3.0.0). Thus the security of the extension was enhanced.
2.3.5 - Nov 22, 2018:
  • Improvement the ability to adjust height and width for a youtube video block was added
  • Fix the issue with loading blog homepage was resolved
2.3.4 - Nov 08, 2018:
  • Fix security issues were resolved
2.3.3 - Sep 11, 2018:
  • New the possibility to add the custom title to the blog block created via widget was added
2.3.2 - Jul 06, 2018:
  • Compatibility the compatibility with the Amasty Advanced Permissions extension was improved
2.3.1 - Jun 14, 2018:
  • Improvement the https compatibility was improved
2.3.0 - May 30, 2018:
  • New the functionality to comply with the latest GDPR EU changes was added
See previous updates
Version 2.2.2
Last Update: May 03, 2018
2.2.2 - May 03, 2018:
  • Fix the vulnerability with the cross-site scripting was fixed
2.2.1 - Feb 26, 2018:
  • Minor code improvements
2.2.0 - Feb 08, 2018:
  • New now, the module comes with the Google Invisible reCaptcha extension built-in to protect custom forms from spam and fraud
Version 2.1.8
Last Update: Oct 10, 2017
2.1.8 - Oct 10, 2017:
  • Compatibility with security patch SUPEE-10266 is added
2.1.7 - Oct 05, 2017:
  • Minor fixes
2.1.6 - May 22, 2017:
  • Redirect issues fixed
2.1.5 - Apr 12, 2017:
  • A number of general improvements
2.1.4 - Mar 29, 2017:
  • Security enhancement
2.1.3 - Feb 27, 2017:
  • Compatibility with the XML Sitemap extension improved
2.1.2 - Feb 21, 2017:
  • Few minor fixes and improvements
2.1.1 - Nov 21, 2016:
  • Minor code refactoring
2.1.0 - Sep 20, 2016:
  • Two new search options added: Fulltext Search; MySQL LIKE Search; in addition to built-in search engine
Version 2.0.9
Last Update: Jul 19, 2016
2.0.9 - Jul 19, 2016:
  • Fix for caching pages when posts have same URL key (on different stores, for example)
2.0.8 - May 19, 2016:
  • Possibility to specify "canonical" URL tag for blog post
2.0.7 - Jan 18, 2016:
  • Minor fix for admin URLs
2.0.6 - Nov 05, 2015:
  • Fixed issue with previewing post in the backend
2.0.5 - Oct 27, 2015:
  • Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
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