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Pre Order for Magento 1

Find out which products enjoy greater popularity and restock your items accordingly. Display customizable stock statuses. Enable customers easily pre order necessary products.

  1. Let customers pre order store products
  2. Analyze customers’ demands
  3. Fill the stock according to customers’ needs
  4. Create pre order notes
  5. Launch pre-sale campaigns
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Please keep in mind that Pre Order functionality doesn’t split payments for in stock and pre ordered products. Also, you can see more details on each aspect related to your e-commerce business with the Advanced Reports for Magento.

Some of your products are running out of stock and you are in two minds whether to restock them? Want to start a pre-sale campaign for a new store item? Then you need a powerful marketing tool, enabling you effectively estimate customer demand and provide visitors with the items they really need.

Exploit the power of Pre Orders to the full

With the Free Magento Pre Order extension you can demonstrate to your visitors which store items they can order in advance, thus getting a clear picture of real consumer interest.

  • Effectively examine customers’ demand
  • Restock products according to customers’ needs
  • Show visitors clear way how to pre order store items
  • Launch effective pre-sale campaigns
  • Easily customize preorder Magento notifications
  • Raise customers’ satisfaction

Clear way to pre order products

Due to multifunctional Magento backorder tool one can inform store visitors about the products available in the nearest time. By replacing the ‘Add to cart’ with the ‘Pre order’ button  for certain items on category and product pages, you enable customers easily select products for pre order. You can combine this with nice-looking custom stock statuses. To display the Preorder button for out of stock items you should set their status to 'in stock' and specify their quantity as zero.

  • Let customers easily pre order store items
  • Find out customers’ preferences
  • Offer products relevant to shoppers’ demand

Pre order for simple products

Effectively handle Magento backorders by allowing store visitors quickly add simple products to cart. Use special notification feature to create custom notes for each particular item. For example, you can specify when the product will be available in stock.

  • Place "Pre Order" button on product pages
  • Show product configurations available for pre orders
  • Effectively manage your pre orders

Configurable, grouped and bundle products pre order

Enable visitors to pre order or backorder Magento configurable products. As soon as customer chooses the necessary product configuration he/she will see whether the item is available for pre order. The same logic works with grouped and bundle products (except multiple selections). In case one of the items included in a bundle or a group is currently available only for pre order, customer will see the corresponding notification. Flexible module options allow you specify various notifications for each particular product in a bundle or a group.

  • Place "Pre Order" button on product pages
  • Show product configurations available for pre orders
  • Effectively manage your pre orders

Pre order functional in the Related Products block

Since now you can show your customers the items from the Related Products block that are available for pre order.

Fine tune warning message display

In case all simple products included in a configurable product are available for pre order only, the warning message will be displayed before customers select any configuration. The option also works for bundle and grouped products.

Take order management to a new level

Pre orders on the order grid

With a new extra column added to your order grid you'll be able quickly sort and edit your store pre orders. There is no need to look through the whole orders list to find out which items have been pre ordered. This handy option will help you significantly decrease the time spent on order processing and eventually raise your productivity.

  • Use advanced pre order filter
  • Enhance your productivity
  • Get more satisfied customers

Advanced customization tools

Timely inform customers about stock statuses of pre ordered and backordered Magento products with the extension. Place catchy notes not only on product or category pages, but on the order information page and email templates as well. This will help to avoid any misunderstanding and visibly improve customer experience.

  • Create pre order notes for product and category pages
  • Place special notifications on the order information page
  • Customize "Pre Order" button

Custom warning message display in email templates

Use pre order warning variable to customize email templates according to your needs. Display warning message in any place of the email.

Are you looking for more solutions to boost sales?

Pay attention to your checkout page. In line with the latest research, with too many steps at the checkout, you are likely to lose 27% of customers. To prevent the problem, try out our Magento One Step Checkout and keep the users in-store. According to the statistics, the magento 2 free pre order extension can cover each business need in synergy with the following solution: magento order processing.

Product questions

Is it possible to split an order if one item is in stock and the other should be pre-ordered?

No, you can't split an order as the possibility is currently not supported by our Pre Order extension.

How does the extension work with configurable, grouped and bundle products?

It is a simple product status which is taken into account. This means that the stock status of a configurable product, for example, will depend on the status of the simple product which is currently selected.

Can I see pre orders on the Magento Order Grid?

Yes, you can see the back order report in a separate column in the 'Orders' section. Go on reading to see the screenshot. 

Can I assign pre order status to a category in bulk?

Yes, in case you have customized your Magento options with additional extensions for sorting products by category, you will need to use the 'Update Attributes' mass action and make changes in the back order field to assign the status to a category. Read on to see the example.

Can I restrict customers from adding both regular and pre-order items to a single order?

Unfortunately, you can’t create such restrictions with this Pre Order extension.

Is it possible to automatically email a customer once their product becomes available?

At the moment the extension doesn't send back order email notifications when pre-ordered products come back to stock.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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19 Reviews
Mar 24, 2016
Above and beyond
Amasty is great! their support is super fast and they went above and beyond to make some changes for me. You won't find better support anywhere else.
Thank you!
Feb 04, 2016
Great Extension
I have been very happy with this extension. Hope it is ported to Magento 2
Jan 14, 2016
Great extension with fast support
The extension works well and developer is ready to fix any problems you may have along the way.
I would appreciate if I could set up the date when products will be available and be able to sort preorders according to that date. This is the only feature I am missing.
It saved us hours of our time already.
Oct 16, 2015
Excellent. No other word can describe it!
Excellent extensions. Works as described. Had a minor issue with our template desing, but the support team fixed it within 24hours.

Great product with an excellent support. What else can you ask for.

5 star all the way.
Roman also bought the following extension(s):
Sep 04, 2015
Perfect for our needs and has helped increase orders
We have customers that like to order products in advance and in quantity to save money on shipping. They are not in a hurry and this extension helps us greatly in filling their needs. Support was very prompt in helping us integrate it into a custom template and quickly added some suggested features for us that made it immediately even more useful. We are staying with Amasty first for any extension needs as support is obviously not an issue. Thank you!
Aug 11, 2015
Useful product, but lacks some options
Pre order runs quite well, everything that is written in the description is true. But if amasty added the option of splitting payment, the module would become priceless for me. As it's not very convenient for customers to pay for both in stock and out of stock products.
Aug 07, 2015
Highly recommended
Due to this app we've greatly reduced the number of chat questions from customers who didn't know when out of stock items would be in stock. It's very easy to configure even without special tech skills. Has been running on 1.9.1 Magento version for 2 months already - everything works perfectly!
Aug 03, 2015
Doesn't work with out of stock products
The module works almost as it's described, but to enable preorders for out of stock items one have to specify that the product is IN stock and at least a zero value, but not Out of stock. Before finding this out I spent a couple of hours trying to setup preorder option for the products that were currently out of stock.
Jul 29, 2015
Decent quality for the money I paid
Works fine for preorders and backorders as well. It doesn't allow splitting payments and it's a huge minus, but there are some separate extensions for this purpose out there.

The installation went quickly and the navigation is intuitive - very easy to set up.
Jun 25, 2015
Before using this extension I added preorders features with code but needed to make changes after each upgrade of Mag ento. So I decided to go for an extension. This one is ok, nothing special, I think such extensions from different companies are all the same.
Jun 25, 2015
Pre Order does what it says
We've tried several solutions, using plugins or personal scripts for backorder/preorder messages and warnings and things often became quite complicated.
This little Magento App did exactly what it said and made this part easy to manage, especially since quite a few of our products are not always on stock.
On top of all we had a little issue that was solved with a quick customization free of charge by the developer.
Thumbs up and Thanks again!
Mar 04, 2015
One of the best on the market
We have tried several extensions of this kind, and this one came out the best to fit our needs. We
literally needed such functionality as we have economic crisis in our country and it’s a pain dealing with suppliers, this way we can make prepayments and still deliver products.
Also I have a feature suggestion – automated email notifications on changing the status of a preorder. For now we send them manually which can take time, or maybe we will figure out a way how to send automated messages until this feature is implemented. The last update was in 2014 summer, I’m hoping there still will be more updates.
Magento Connect
Dec 06, 2014
Amasty has done it again. This allowed us to pre-launch some products that were still in production. It additionally allowed us to recoupe some of the investment money into products during production time. PERFECT
Aug 01, 2014
Extension works as described
The extension works as described and helps me to understand my customers needs better. I also have some feature suggestions, I've sent them to Amasty
Jul 03, 2014
this extension does its work
The best thing about this extension is that negative values are allowed. Letting customers to pre order products is a necessary feature for me and this extension does its work!
May 20, 2014
Great extension, even better support
The extension works very well in communicating to your customers that the product is a pre-order/back-order item.

Since our site has a special theme with additional design, they offered to customize it for us for a very reasonable fee. They communicated very well and was able to meet all our demands, even if it's little issues. I can't say enough about their service. It speaks volumes when our site has over 20 of their extensions.

Highly recommended extension and company.
Apr 05, 2014
Blows AITOC Preorder Out Of The Water
This extension is better than AITOC's extension. It allows negative values. Preorders and preorder messaging can be automated so that once product quantity goes to zero, it automatically turns on. I love it. Just wish Amasty would add the option to display some big global warning at checkout that will warn customers if a preorder item is in their cart. i.e. "YOUR ENTIRE ORDER WON'T SHIP UNTIL THIS PREORDER IS IN STOCK"

Thanks Amasty. Great solution to a problem we have faced for a long time.
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Mar 06, 2014
Extension indispensable
Magento gère très mal les possibilités de BackOrder.
Avec cette extension, on peut résoudre ce problème natif.
Amasty est comme toujours "très Pro" et réactif. Ils ont tout de suite corrigé un problème rencontré.
Je vous recommande ce module et cet éditeur. Vous ne serez jamais déçu.
Feb 10, 2014
Good as usual!
I've purchased the extension right after it was released. I believe I'm the first buyer :) It works fine. As always Amasty is great building new extensions! Now I do not even hesitate when placing an order with Amasty - top level!

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My Downloads
Version 1.3.13
Last Update: Jan 22, 2019
1.3.13 - Jan 22, 2019:
  • Fix an issue with pre-order note applied incorrectly at the shopping cart was resolved
1.3.12 - Jan 15, 2019:
  • Compatibility compatibility with Amasty Custom Stock Status extension was enhanced
  • Fix an issue with missing Pre-order note in order review on checkout was resolved
1.3.11 - Nov 15, 2018:
  • Compatibility compatibility with default Magento swatches functionality was improved
1.3.10 - Sep 03, 2018:
  • Fix the issue with the wrong preorder status on the order grid view page was fixed
1.3.9 - Aug 21, 2018:
  • New the information section was added. Now, you can see the version of installed extension, available updates, the user guide link, conflicts and other useful information right on the module configuration page
1.3.8 - Apr 26, 2018:
  • Fixed an issue with pre-order note for simple product when hover on magento swatch
1.3.7 - Feb 28, 2018:
  • Fixed an issue with a place order process
1.3.6 - Nov 30, 2017:
  • Fixed an issue with the out of stock notification buttons
1.3.5 - May 22, 2017:
  • Compatibility with Amasty and 3rd party extensions improved
  • Number of lesser fixes
1.3.4 - Apr 13, 2016:
  • Compatibility with the Custom Stock Status extension
  • Compatibility with Magento swatches improved
1.3.3 - Sep 24, 2015:
  • Improvement regexp for elements can now be changed via backend settings
  • Support for related block on a product view page
  • Speed improvement for customer account pages
  • Improvements for multi store setup when order created from the backend
1.3.2 - Jun 24, 2015:
  • Correct workflow for Configurable Swatches on a product page
1.3.1 - May 05, 2015:
  • Fixes for date shift in different time zones
  • Correct handling of pre-order status for quantities close to 0
1.3.0 - Mar 25, 2015:
  • Possibility to display pre order message for bundle/configurable/grouped products before any configuration is selected (on a category page as well)
  • Possibility to use pre order warning variable to display message in any place of e-mail template
  • Pre order warning for a placed order is fixed; and is not modified when changing warning in settings for old orders
  • Pre order warning is removed after order was processed
See previous updates
Version 1.2.3
Last Update: Jul 14, 2014
1.2.3 - Jul 14, 2014:
  • Speed improved for category pages
  • Bugfix for order filter
1.2.2 - Jul 07, 2014:
  • Bugfix for multi shipping checkout
  • Minor bugfix
1.2.1 - May 15, 2014:
  • Minor improvements
1.2.0 - May 07, 2014:
  • Possibility to customize pre-order cart button for each product separately
  • Now it's possible to use attribute {variables} in product pre-order note and pre-order button
Version 1.1.1
Last Update: Mar 26, 2014
1.1.1 - Mar 26, 2014:
  • Option to enable pre order only for products with negative or zero quantity
1.1.0 - Mar 25, 2014:
  • Option to pre order products with zero or negative quantity
  • Option to enable/disable pre orders via setting
Version 1.0.9
Last Update: Mar 18, 2014
1.0.9 - Mar 18, 2014:
  • Ability to change "Pre-Order Note" when using "Update Attributes" standard mass action
1.0.8 - Mar 12, 2014:
  • Compatibility with custom themes enhanced for category pages
  • Better compatibility with 3rd party extensions when viewing orders in the backend
1.0.7 - Feb 24, 2014:
  • Minor syntax fix
1.0.6 - Feb 24, 2014:
  • Compatibility with Magento 1.4.0-1.4.1 improved
1.0.5 - Feb 13, 2014:
  • Improvements for configurable product page.
1.0.4 - Feb 11, 2014:
  • Bugfix for compatibility with older PHP versions
1.0.3 - Feb 07, 2014:
  • Better compatibility with custom themes and 3rd party extensions
1.0.1 - Feb 04, 2014:
  • Minor bug fix for configurable product view page
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