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For M2 Product Labels for Magento 2 | v1.0.1
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Highlight 'on sale' products, products with special price, new products. You can also emphasize other important product information like '100% natural', 'environment-friendly' and so on.
Highlight products with colorful badges
Display the labels based on category, price, status, etc
Specify time period for display of labels
Use variables for label messages
Set priorities for label display
30 Days moneyback
50% Off updates
120 Days free support

Achieve high performance for promotions

magento product labels

Highlight Magento 'onsale' products and special offers

When having a special, it's better to make it stand out, isn't it? Otherwise people just won't notice it and your marketing effort will be wasted. Use images and 'call to action' slogans to attract customers with your special offers. They will definitely notice a bright image or a Magento product ribbon with wording like 'SAVE up to 50%!', 'Buy Now! Just a few left'. The extension automatically calculates and displays discount percent or flat amount based on the difference between special and regular price - you just choose the variable that suits you. When discount amounts are decimal numbers, you can round them to whole numbers, the extension offers 3 rounding algorithms.

Clearly display important product information

It is possible to show different Magento product labels depending on product attributes. For example you can add 'Nike', 'Apple', 'Sony' logos to images of all products by these manufacturers. With this feature you can emphasize key product information such as 'Waterproof', '100% Recyclable', 'No side effects' and so on. Mark your products and indicate magento sale items appropriately  - this will help your customers to find the right items fast and will increase your profits.

new!Set priorities for label display, hide labels with lower priority

You may have a number of Magento product ribbons to display and in some cases they may overlap and confuse customers. To avoid such situations you can set priorities for labels. In addition, you can hide low-priority labels or ribbons, when the one with higher priority is already applied to a product.

Show labels for new products in Magento

There's something exciting about the word 'new'. Everyone wants to see a new film, everybody wants to own new stuff. Make the most out of your new products, while they are such - make them easy to spot by adding Magento image label and text like 'NEW! Arrived just 2 days ago!' The amount of days can be indicated with a variable, so the number of days is updated automatically. For 'Is New' condition you can either select 'New From' and 'New to' dates for a product or specify the number of days after product creation, when a product should be considered as new.

Adjust display of labels to your store needs

Choose time period for display of labels

You can specify dates between which the labels should be displayed. So if you run a sale from November 23 till December 5, you can set Magento stickers to be displayed only during this period. In addition to dates you can specify display time.

Show labels based on product price.

magento product labels

For example, you can apply Magento on sale labels only for products which are priced between 50 and 200. It is possible to indicate which price to use for this option, e.g. base price, special price, final price, etc

new!Display Magento image labels based on category and stock status

When setting up a label, you can choose to products of which category it should be applied. For example if you have a promotion for shirts, you can assign label to 'Shirts' category, so that all items from that category are highlighted. You can also choose stock status for which the labels should be displayed, for example, only on 'in stock' products.

Add or remove labels from individual products

You can automatically assign labels to sale products in Magento by indicating product attributes, category or other criteria described above. At the same time you can add labels to individual items, by specifying their SKUs. Or vice versa, you can indicate SKUs of products to which a label should not be applied. Also you can add or remove labels from products when editing them.

Show labels of associated products on pages of parent products

This feature has been designed specifically for configurable and grouped products. Let's say there's a Magneto product ribbon or label for simple product, which is part of configurable. When this option is enabled, the ribbon/label will be displayed both on the page of the simple product and on the page of the configurable product to which it is associated.

Discover the flexibility of Magento 'on sale' extension

magento product labels

Display labels based on a variety of conditions

Magento Product Labels module lets you use any combination of the above criteria for displaying labels. For example, you can show label for products which meet the following conditions: a) have special price, b) are not new, c) belong to 'Shoes' category, d) are of black color, e) are in stock, f) sku is not Gucci or Armani. Or you can display a label for all keyboards, without additional conditions. Your choice.

Unlimited number of labels

You can have any number of labels simultaneously. You can also use multiple labels for each product. For example show '5-year guarantee', '100% recyclable' and 'Save 30%!' labels at the same time.

Choose label position

magento stickers for products

You can place magento labels in the following positions: bottom-left, bottom-center, and bottom-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, top-left, top-center, top-right.

Choose customer groups for which to show labels

For each Magento image label or a text label you can choose to which customer groups to display them. So when you have discounts for wholesale customers, you can show the labels only to them.

new!Use different images and text for category and product pages

The size of product images on product pages is bigger than on category and search results pages. So feel free to use smaller badges and shorter texts on category and search results pages, and bigger images and longer texts on product pages. For labels you can upload both your own images or the ones provided with the extension. You can apply your own styles as well.

Use variables for label messages

You can utilize following variables in the label texts:

magento image label
  • {SAVE_PERCENT}. Saving percentage, it's the percentage margin between regular price and special price. If you specify in admin panel 'Sale! {SAVE_PERCENT} OFF!', on front end it will be 'Sale! X% OFF!', X stands for the percent number.
  • {SAVE_AMOUNT}. Flat savings amount, represents flat difference between regular price and special price. So 'Save {SAVE_AMOUNT}!' results into 'Save $X!'. X is the amount, '$' sign will be automatically replaced with the symbol of your currency.
  • {PRICE} displays regular price.
  • {SPECIAL_PRICE} displays special price.
  • {NEW_FOR} shows how many days ago a product was added. 'NEW! Arrived just {NEW_FOR} days ago!' will be shown as 'NEW! Arrived just X days ago!', where X is the amount of days.
  • {SKU} displays product SKU.
  • {BR} - new line. The extension automatically breaks messages into several lines if they are too long. If you need to display some word or phrase in a separate line, please use {BR} variable.
  • {ATTR:attribute_code} - with this variable you can display value of any attribute in the label text. Please replace 'attribute_code' with the code of the actual attribute. For example, {ATTR:manufacturer} would display the product manufacturer.

Expand the list of your promotional tools

Inform customers about all store discounts

To effectively activate impulsive purchases in your store try also the Promo Banners module that dramatically boosts promo effect by incentivizing customers to buy more. It will display numerous banners with special offers and discounts on the most relevant pages like shopping cart page, product and category pages according to customers’ needs.

Create numerous promotional offers

Before starting to inform someone about the discounts you offer, you need to create them. Thus, in order to give customers no chance to leave your store without making a purchase, enhance the Product Labels extension impact with Special Promotions Pro module that enables you to create various types of discounts.

Benefit from clear stock statuses

Use stock statuses as one more powerful tool of communication with customers. Let them know when exactly this or that product appears in stock and whether some products are running out soon. With the help of Custom Stock Status module it’s easy to motivate people purchase more.

7 reasons to choose
Risk-free Investment

30-day moneyback guarantee for all extensions. No questions asked.

Comprehensive Documentation

There is a detailed user guide with examples even for tiny addons. FAQ section and videos also available.

Solutions Which Work

Careful in-house testing ensures you get robust applications. Multiple stores support. Custom themes compatibility. All included.

Outstanding Support

Our support service is friendly and of high quality. And it is free. Unbelievably. Just check independent reviews at Magento Connect.

Usability and Performance

Nice and easy to use interfaces. Fast algorithms. Save your time and get things done.

Flexible and Easy Licensing

No product or store view or domain limits. No monthly fees. No hidden charges. One extension license for one Magento installation.

Long Term Strategy

We've been in the market for 5+ years. We're proud to be a Bronze partner and are planning to stick to Magento platform for years ahead. We're doing our best to build extensions which maximize effectiveness of your business. We're open to customers' suggestions and constantly update our products to match your needs.

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • W3C Validated Code

Online Extension User Guide

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General Questions

How can I pay for Amasty extensions?

You can pay for our extensions in any convenient for you way as a full range of payment methods are supported. The most common means are credit card or PayPal. Security and fraud protection are guaranteed.

What is the license policy? On how many websites can I use Amasty extensions?

Our license allows you to use a single extension license on one Magento installation.

Extension is not domain related, but installation related. If you run several domains on the same instance of Magento, you can use one extension license. However if you run each website on a new installation of Magento, you need separate license for each of them.

The full end-user license agreement is located here:

How to install Magento extension by Amasty?

Each Amasty extension pack includes module files, an installation guide, a user guide and license text. Depending on the extension you purchase, there also may be import files which can be used by you as examples.

Amasty extensions are easy to install. All you need is to have FTP/SSH access details, and follow 3 steps to complete.

  • Unpack a "zip" file you download.
  • Upload all files from the "Step 1" and then from the "Step 2" folders to the root folder of your Magento installation.
  • Clear the cache.

If you are using code compilation, before installing the extension it's necessary to disable it! After you install, click the "Run Compilation Process" button in Admin - System - Tools - Compilation to recompile.

Please also check the extensions installation video guide:

Still unsure? Have complicated configurations or a lot of modules? We can offer professional installation service as well!

Can I test an Amasty extension on a staging site before transferring it to a live one?

Yes, you can install any Amasty extension on a test site and configure all the settings there before doing it on your live store.

Can I get a refund if an extension doesn’t suit me?

Absolutely. Amasty provides a 30-day money back guarantee. No risks for you.

Will I get any other benefits?

Yes! The good news is that every Amasty customer becomes a member of our Loyalty Program and can get a discount of up to 15%. You can find more information about it on the Program page. This is our way to thank you for being our client.

Product questions

Can I adjust labels position to display them correctly on my site?

Yes, you can move each magento product label to a fixed position + / - custom offsets.

Can I display multiple labels based on product attribute values?

It's possible to display several labels for one image, e.g. to the right side of the product pic. If you want to show labels in different areas, you need to modify the template.

What product types are supported by this Product Labels module?

The extension supports all types of products.

Great Extension, Even Better Support!
The extension itself works great - exactly as I wanted and as described.
Normally I wouldn't bother to review an extension if this was the end of it but Dzmitry made quite a few modifications to make it work perfectly on my website with no fuss whatsoever, explained what had been changed and created (and emailed to me) backups of every file that had been changed.
I'm massively impressed with this service - highly recommended!
Good product, great support
Bought this product and had some issues with conflicts with out theme. Got great support and all issues were solved very quickly. Rapid response, I'd buy again with no hesitation.
Good product, great support
Bought this product and had some issues with conflicts with out theme. Got great support and all issues were solved very quickly. Rapid response, I\'d buy again with no hesitation.
Very nice extension! Support was amazing..
I love this extension! Makes my website look a million dollars! Dzmitry was excellent to deal with and went out of his way to make sure I was happy with the extension. He made lots of customisations on my website so they worked on all my blocks. I believe other developers would probably charge you for this! Dzmitry definitely went above and beyond with service! Product now works great and i'll definitely buy more extensions from this company in the future because of my experience with them!
Excellent Extension and Helpful Support
The extension work well on my website, Im very glad for that. And the support was very fast and helpfull.
Great Support
We encountered some problems of image not showing on admin and frontend after installing the extension.
Amasty support helped us identified the issue is due to file permission. They helped us resolved the issue and added in codes to change permission of image uploaded into our system.
Thanks for your great support and swift action.
For the extension itself, it is very useful and it fulfills our needs for putting up labels for products.
Recommend this if you are willing to pay for it.
Great extension and great support!
This extensions works wonders and saves us a lot of time when having to put labels on our products.
Great professional support
This plug needed some custom code for our theme, thanks to support its working flawless now.
High Quality Support and Extension
This is not my first Amasty extension, as like the others, support was very fast and the extension is working like a charm.
I would especially like to thank to Dzmitry for his support in order to make extension compatible with Ultimo theme and mobile responsive.
Great features not great for a big shop
Extension has excellent features, which works great.
But if you have a big shop, don't use this extension. Because it doesn't cache the product labels in the Magento cache. So every pageview it directly checks in the database. This caused to slow our product page down, it had a loading time of 25% in total.
Excellent extension
Excellent extension. Wokrs as described. Excellent and reactive support. I recommend Amasty products.
Quick response from the support team with great solutions.
Excellent Support
Excellent support from the Amasty team. All problems resolved quickly. This is a great extension!
Great Product, Great support
Does exactly what we need, and Amasty support were able to fix an issue with our template when we had issues getting the extension to work
Very Good Extension !!
It is a very simple extension to configure and install, the support provided Amasty team is excellent, definitely I recommend this extension for your website.
My website is:
Excellent extension
I have bought already a lot of extensions but when I see one from Amasty you just know they work as described without any strange bugs. I buy them without hesitation.
These guys know how to create extensions.....
My theme (Ultimo Theme) needed a little customisation before the Product Labels showed up, but this was done for me by Amasty Support. Nicely done, backup files and so on.
The extension has got almost every needed form of filtering for products on which you want to show a label.
Great Extension and Service
We have been using this extension for years and love it. Installed a new Theme and had a few issues. Amasty fixed them very quickly!
Great extension - Excellent support
I've been a customer at Amasty for years; because of their extensions and support for them.
I would recommend Amasty Product Labels for everyone who wants to take their webshop to the next level of automication.
Thank you.
Excellent extension, great support
I use in my store Amasty Product labels extension and works great, it provides and delivers what you expect in an easy way. I always use Amasty extensions for my store, never failed me or had any issue at all. Also the support is the best, you always find a solution in 1 day max. Real great job this guys do!
I use Magento
My store
Great Product - Superb Support
This extension works very well. It was not entirely compatible with our theme, however the support team were excellent with a speedy response time and resolution.
Good extension - good service.
We have quite a few Amasty extensions and this one is equally high quality, featured, and promptly and excellently supported when it was required (we messed up the installation and Amasty fixed it).
Excellent extension. Fast and very good support!
I'm very happy with this extension, it works great!
A small issue was quickly fixed by the support team.
Absolutly the best one
Very useful to show your custom labels on all pages. Great features, and awesome support.
Thanks Amasty for the great work.
Thank you for your work.
Very good support.
sells extra products
Very happy with this extension.
It was not completely compatible with the theme, but support did a great job fixing the issue within almost no time at all and now it looks perfect and really helps customers decide on their buys.
Does what it says on the tin
Simple but effective extension. Adds a splash of colour to otherwise dull product photos. Great support from Amasty as always.
Magento Connect
Good product to spice up your shop
Product Labels by Amasty is a good product to spice up you site with many options! We had a little problem with a zoom module on the product page, but the guys from amasty solved this in no time!
Magento Connect
Great extension - a must have for any site! Had a bit of an installation issue but, as always, the folks at Amasty quickly responded and solved the problem.
Excellent product
We already bought several extension from the guys at Amasty and we will continue doing so. Great extension and excellent service support.
bbyromania, Magento Connect
Good Extension, Great Support
Have been using the extension for nearly a year - does exactly what it says.
Changed theme on the site this week and needed assistance to re-integrate the extension into the new theme.
Dzmitry sorted it for us.
johnyates, Magento Connect
Highly recommended!
This extension is easy to install and works as advertised. I’m also very happy with Amasty support.
jean007, Magento Connect
Great product
Very good extension and support. I had a few issues with labels showing up on my custom theme, but all issues were resolved promptly.
pupetmaster, Magento Connect
Awesome support
Bought the extension, works decently by default but had a few issues with our theme. Their developer Dzmitry was awesome in helping us modify it to fit perfectly. Their product and support is why we have purchased 10+ extensions from Amasty. You guys are awesome!
ability to select multiple categories
good and really great module

ability to select multiple categories. I would like to select multiple categoriien to "e'en label. Now I have to make another label with the same image for each node.

Good day,

Rob van Westrop
No cowboys here.
There are a lot of 'cowboys' in the Magento business. They all say they have the knowledge , but several times I have been very dissapointed .
But NOT with the Amasty extensions.
I' m using three extensions now and they all are running perfect.
Also this one. I had a slight problem with the installation ( the explanation was to complex for my my experience) But Dzmitry Smolik helped me out with it. My compliments. I recommend Amasty.
Ruud van Doorn
No cowboys here
There are a lot of 'cowboys' in the Magento business. They all say they have the knowledge , but several times I have been very dissapointed .

But NOT with the Amasty extensions.
I' m using three extensions now and they all are running perfect.
Also this one
. I had a slight problem with the installation ( the explanation was to complex for my my experience) But Dzmitry Smolik helped me out with it. My compliments. I recommend Amasty.
Excellent, does what we expected and easy to use and set up!
As always our experience with Amasty is great. (we already have about 10 of their great extensions)

This extension does what it says. We had a little flaw because of our custom site lay-out and Amasty helped us out immediately. Works like a charm now.

A very happy customer.
great product; excellent support
The products was spot-on what i needed. Even better, as I had a few teething issues, I needed some support; which I got super fast on two different occasions. Very impressive. Thanks very much.
Love this extension!
We purchased this extension last year and loved it. Then, we converted to a new website, and the extension did not work. It took a few weeks of back and forth between Amasty Support and our developer, but we finally got it resolved. We have a graphic designer who is going to design us some labels that match our website, which will be great. Love that the extension allows for your own artwork.
Magento Connect
Vivid decorating labels!
Great Product! Easy to install and custom images in .png included!

Mark Grohe
Goog work, Amasty!
We've installed the extension on our site
The extensions is very good and nice!! Also the service of amasty is very good.

kind regards,
Magento Connect
One of the best mods I've met
Great extension! Eyecatching labels easy to customize and setup for individual and bundles of products with the same attibutes. Easy install and great support. I can only recommend this product and Amasty.

Kurt Hansen,
Magento Connect
Will buy more
I installed the extension a couple of days ago. This was done in just a few minutes and it does what it's supposed to do. Great documentation and awesome support. Amasty replied to my support ticket within minutes as I had troubles customizing.

Now everything works as I want it to. Next time when I look for an extension, I'll first check if they have a solution for me. Great, easy-to-use and flexible extension!

Keep it up!
Professional extension
We tried another similar modules that messed up our magento custom theme. The Amasty "Product Labels" were just what we looking for and worked perfectly. The best part was the support, they are fast and very helpful.

Magento Connect,
Great extension, customizable and excellent support
Recently I had installed this extension but I´ve many additional modifications concerning my special theme and Amasty support worked to fix it, they did it really quick and now works fine. Congratulations.
Great extension and great support
I bought this extension 1 week ago. I had some additional modifications concerning my special theme by Amasty support, they did it really quick and now works perfect :)
Great extension !
Great extension ! Eyecatching labels easy to customize and setup for individual and bundles of products with the same attibutes. Easy install and great support. I can only recommend this product and Amasty. Kurt Hansen, RoyalEshops
Great extention, great support!
Install was easy and I was quickly able to create some labels. After looking at the frontend I saw an issue with my template. Submitted a support ticket and within just a few hours the solved it for me. Detailed information about the changes they made and left the original files correctly as a backup. So for future updates of my template I know what to do.

The extention itself is great. You can create any label you want and there are many way to apply them to your products. Very professional.
Very great extension i recommend
Very great extension i recommend, i bought many extensions from amasty company, easy installation and fast response and experienced fix if there is Conflict with your website, many thanks!
Another slam dunk for Amasty
I am on my 15th Amasty extension and I can't say enough about them and their support. Clean and simple installs and I'm never disappointed with the functionality. Anytime there is an issue they are on top of it quick. As for product labels, I love it. The positioning on catalog versus product pages (or not displaying on one or the other) can be custom and rules are very flexible. Simple but effective tool for communicating valuable marketing messages. If you need this feature I highly recommend this extension.

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Version 3.1.2 - March 09, 2016
– Minor fix
Version 3.1.1 - October 02, 2015
– Use native date functions instead of PHP date functions to take into account all admin settings
Version 3.0.12 - July 15, 2015
– Permissions and security fix for Magento 1.9.2
Version 3.0.11 - May 19, 2015
– Minor improvements
Version 3.0.10 - April 03, 2015
– Better compatibility with Custom Stock Status extension
Version 3.0.9 - March 16, 2015
– Fields dependencies improvement (Edit Label >> Conditions tab)
– No division by zero for grouped products
– Fix for the `Use For Parent` functionality
Version 3.0.7 - February 05, 2015
– Improvement of label configuration UI
– Minor improvements
Version 3.0.0 - November 21, 2014
– Responsive design
– No need to modify templates on module installation
Version 2.0.9 - September 17, 2014
– Small admin UI improvement: for yes/no attributes now there is a drop down instead of 1/0 input box
Version 2.0.8 - August 04, 2014
– Condition for attribute to have some value (with no need to define the value exactly)
Version 2.0.7 - July 11, 2014
– Condition by multiple categories, not just one
– On Sale condition can check all discounts or special price only
Version 2.0.6 - December 05, 2013
– Advanced integration with Custom Stock Status module and quantity based ranges.
Version 2.0.5 - July 18, 2013
– New feature 'Price Type'. You can choose which price to use - base price, special price, final price, etc
– Option to select rounding algorithm for discounts.
– Option to select customer groups to which a particular label is shown.
– Updated configuration page.
– Improved compatibility with third-party extensions.
– Bugfix.
Version 2.0.2 - May 18, 2013
– Fix for dates and product duplication.
Version 2.0.1 - March 26, 2013
– Fix for price & date ranges.
– Auto-detect of product page.
– New label images.
Version 2.0.0 - December 04, 2012
– Date ranges for label display.
– Product price ranges in conditions.
– Better UI for attribute conditions.
– Ability to show associated product labels on parent product pages for configurable and grouped products.
– Ability to set styles for label text (before was for label only).
Version 1.0.4 - October 23, 2012
– Compatibility with Handy Sales Tabs module.
– Better admin UI for attributes selection.
– SKU field allows more characters now.
Version 1.0.3 - July 23, 2012
– Option to set priorities for label display and hide lower-priority labels, when a higher-priority label is applied to a product.
Version 1.0.2 - May 31, 2012
– Option to assign labels to individual products when editing products.
Version 1.0.1 - April 03, 2012
– SKUs logic fixed.
– Admin mass delete fixed.