The Best UX Tips for Your Magento 2 Store

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use search bar in magento 2
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Magento is a wonderfully comprehensive platform that by default has rich functionality and attractive layout.
However, that doesn’t mean you should leave it as it is. There are plenty of UX tips out there that help savvy entrepreneurs grow their conversion rate by applying seemingly minor changes to the store. Scroll down to learn how exactly optimization of certain store areas works magic on the users’ behavior and buying decisions.

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Every e-commerce store has a search option. After all, this is one of the primary ways for shoppers to discover your products, next to the catalog navigation.

But it is not enough to just have a search option in your store. You can actually optimize it to rise conversions and engage the users more actively.

The replacement of a search icon with a search bar can bring the following benefits:

  • More visibility: a bar is easier to spot than an icon
  • Promoted action: users tend to click more on a bar rather than the icon
  • Increased engagement with the store

use search bar in magento 2

This seemingly minor change actually caused a 43% increase in engagement on desktop and a 13% increase on mobile for the Lyst company. Perform use size chart in magento 2

One of the most important things in the CTA design is A/B testing. It will help you see which buttons perform the best and cause more response. For example, a UK makeup store saw a 78% rise in conversions by simply adding value to their CTA in the form of an informative banner.

Summing up

The UX aspect of a Magento store is a big deal. There are dozens of things to keep in mind, but the main thing to remember: always be user-centric.
As long as you have the shopper in mind, you will be seeing growing conversions and better user engagement. For that, you need to fine-tune the performance of the store and 100% know your audience and its preferences before applying any changes to the site.


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