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Amasty is launching a brand-new product - Calcurates.

This online delivery cost calculator is an all-inclusive SaaS shipping solution which release we set for late summer 2019.

Why we’ve decided to launch a non-standard for our company product and how it works you can learn firsthand.

Nikolay Pasholok, a Product Owner at Amasty, will tell you every secret of Calcurates and even more.

Why new SaaS?

I work with all the shipping extensions presented in the Amasty catalog and can say with total confidence that they are in high demand among our customers. Although there is clearly a need for extending vanilla Magento shipping functionality, I dug deeper and interviewed our clients on their major challenges.

But what I found out is -- Magento interface is simply not enough to offer smooth and intuitive UX/UI while developing unique solutions is not always possible. That’s why we have launched this project and are going to offer a qualitatively new user experience for our clients in terms of their shipping tasks.

Calcurates exclusive first look. What tasks does it solve?

At the release date

The basic version of Calcurates will include the functionality of our most popular shipping extensions:

+ integration with popular carriers.

More options later

These are the features we’ll add at the next iterations:

The coolest feature

A step-forward feature of the service will be the integration with popular carriers - DHL, Royal Mail, UPS, USPS, FedEx, DPD, GLS and more, in terms of collecting live rates, order tracking and labels printing — we’ll try to be in time to provide the integration with several of them even in the basic version.

But that’s not all, our integrator solution Calcurates will be available for Magento 2 and Shopify stores. Later on, we plan to support other popular platforms: BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and more.

Why is Calcurates going to work?

We are always asking ourselves why it is going to work. And personally, as a Product Owner, I believe the key secret lies in our development approach.

While working on this brand new SaaS, we strive to understand clients’ shipping needs better. How? We just continue asking and listening to the end buyer.

While planning the development process, we rely on the results of the interviews that we’ve already conducted. Thus, we identify the high priority problems and jobs-to-be-done of our customers to further implement these technical needs into our upcoming service.

As a part of the development process, our team keeps taking interviews with our clients (you as well can take part in it, see how below) and partners on their shipping tasks. For us, it is a chance to get early feedback and make our service all-purpose; for our clients, it’s an opportunity to get a service that does their job exactly how they want it.

How much is that service?

Calcurates will be available on a monthly subscription basis.

The first basic version will be available at a price from $39 per month. The subscription price goes up with the increased amount of shipping options, rules, segments you use and orders in your store.

These advanced features will be also available on Calcurates Marketplace from $10 for a plan.

BONUS: Buying an annual subscription you get 1+ month for FREE!

For more info on pricing proceed with Calcurates Plans.

How to get a discount?

Are you a store owner or agency rep?

Do you have 15 minutes to answer a few questions about your shipping needs?

If yes, leave your request at Calcurates page here and we’ll contact you directly to set up a perfect time for the interview.

As a reward for your time spent, we’ll give you a 15% OFF promo-code for your next purchase at*.

*Note that this offer remains valid until Calcurates public launch.

Stay tuned for more on this service!

Still have questions? Feel free to drop us a line below.

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