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Delivery Date Manager for Magento 2

Increase the profit per delivery by optimizing your delivery schedule to fulfill the most complex scenarios. Let clients choose delivery dates and time periods to receive orders.
  1. Create delivery channels to fulfill the most complex delivery schedule scenarios
  2. Enable buyers to select desirable days and time of delivery
  3. Configure time slots, set quotas per slots and days
  4. Set operational intervals, add exclusions rules
  5. Include delivery info into docs and emails
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Selling quality products is important but not enough to succeed. While standard Magento 2 delivery options suit some customers, there are many more who want the product immediately or on a specific date. A study by MetaPack with 3,000 online shoppers, indicated that about 49% of consumers agree to pay more for their purchases if various delivery methods are available.


Magento 2 Delivery Date Manager is a premium solution that offers full flexibility when configuring the delivery schedule for your shop. Let customers select the preferred delivery arrival dates, specify the most comfortable time period, and leave a message to a delivery person. With this extension, you can create the most flexible schedules that are fully adjusted to your business.

Optimize delivery schedules for complex scenarios

Reduce operational expenses by organizing delivery timing according to your needs

Improve shopping experience with convenient delivery date and time options

Streamline shipping with informative delivery time notices in emails and docs

Stimulate sales with a handy delivery schedule

Ensure an outstanding shopping experience by letting shoppers choose the desired date and time right on the checkout page. Keeping customers clearly informed on available order delivery dates is very important. With the Magento calendar extension, clients will see only the time and date intervals that are allowed for delivery, thus avoiding confusion.

Optimize deliveries with premium Delivery Date Manager

The module operates on ‘channels’ which is the entity that helps to create independent delivery flows. Therefore, you can create very intricate configurations that businesses with multiple stores and delivery methods often require. For example, it is possible to add a schedule with precise adjustments that are assigned only to wholesalers at France store view.

Add unlimited number of delivery channels

Create as many delivery options as you need and adjust them based on your requirements. The Magento 2 Delivery Schedule Manager allows you to create as many schedules as you need with channels functionality, and finetune it. E.g., choose when a particular delivery method will be available, configure unavailable week off days like weekends and public holidays, specify delivery quotas and the number of timeslots.

Fine-tune delivery quotas and limits

Every store has a limit on how many order it can process per hour. To prevent the system overload, you can set the delivery quotas on a schedule level, e.g. usually you process 150 order per hour. However, in peak hours the you might change it to a different value based on your needs. You can do so by assigning a different order limit when managing time slots.

Add handy labels to the timetable

The Delivery Date Manager can add custom text to any timeslot in the schedule. It might be handy in situations where you want to warn customers on nuances of certain times. E.g., in peak morning/evening hours there might be huge traffic, so delivery man needs more time to get to the destination. Warn customers about it to prevent negative feedback.

Choose the best Delivery Date solution

to schedule delivery load in advance

The Delivery Date and Delivery Date Manager are Magento 2 extensions brought together to provide you with a comprehensive delivery date/time management tool for your store. Let customers choose delivery dates and time periods to receive orders. Streamline the delivery planning for admins by configuring flexible schedules that meet the business needs.

Key Features Delivery Date See Demo Delivery Date Manager See Demo
Launch delivery date functionality in your store
Let buyers select delivery days and time
Allow users to leave comments about the delivery
Set min and max delivery intervals
Limit delivery rescheduling based on the order status or date
Include delivery date info in emails and shipping docs
Set up custom delivery time intervals
Configure delivery dates based on shipping methods
Adjust delivery dates for customer groups
Create custom delivery dates for different store views on global level full multi store support
Improve delivery planning with ultra-flexible channels
Manage schedules of any complexity with an admin-friendly interface
Cover edge business cases by mixing shipping methods, customer groups, store views for any channel
Set order limits: per time slot / per day
Run multiple schedules within a channel
Create multiple exceptions per channel: single and recurrent
Set channels priority
Add numerous channels, schedules, time slots as easy as ‘copy-paste’
See all channels on a single grid with a live preview
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  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Delivery Date Manager for Magento 2

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