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Catalog Management

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  1. Admin Actions Log M1

    Log all actions performed in store backend by admin users, view log history on the grid and keep the log records for as long as you need. View login activity and block malicious login attempts. Know what have been done in your store admin panel and by whom.

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    • Keep all Magento admin log details on the grid for the specified time
    • Log the actions of specific admin users
    • Ban users after several unsuccessful login attempts
    • Unban users manually or automatically
    • Keep visit log for store admins and evaluate the efficiency of your staff
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  2. Advanced Permissions M1

    Assign permissions to users for editing products and categories, Magento store-views and websites. No mess when having a lot of users in your store – vendors, category managers, etc – let them see and edit certain categories and products.

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    • Restrict access by store-view and website
    • Separate products management
    • Separate categories management
    • Duplicate roles quickly
    • Automatic compatibility with other extensions
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  3. Two-Factor Authentication M1

    Protect your store from key loggers, network data sniffing, unsecured wifi connections, and other threats. Use password and the security code from your smartphone to enhance admin security. Make sure only authorized users access admin panel.

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    • Secure login into admin panel
    • Protection against connection sniffing
    • Secure against spyware
    • IP address white listing
    • Varied authentication conditions
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Every day Magento store admins perform variety of operations on categories and products, customers and orders, manufacturers and suppliers. Even for a mid-size store the routines are very tiring and time-consuming. Let us introduce Magento catalog management tools, with which you will save 80 per cent or even more time spent on these activities.

Both you and your site administrators will heave a sigh of relief when you offer them the tools for managing magento catalog. They enable you to assign products to categories and update prices in bulk, quickly populate related products, create up-sell & cross-sell blocks unbelievably fast. Magento product grid is the page you face every day, it should be as comfortable to work with as the chair of our boss. To make this possible you can add all the necessary product attributes to the magento grid and manage them with our extension. What’s more, you will be able to edit vast majority of product information right on the grid.

Another important part of catalog management is clear indication of stock to customers. With clearly-speaking stock statuses, you can convince customers to place orders faster when there only a few items left, inform the time when products will get back in stock, show other important data. The nice thing about this – ability to automatically assign appropriate custom stock statuses.

To help customers clearly find what they want, use our extension for magento catalog search. If you have wanted to use shopping search engines like Google Shopping, Nextag, Shopzilla, etc. but are afraid of the hard process, don’t worry. We have a flexible module which will help you to create every product feed you need and expand your sales channels.

We create magento extensions  to help you achieve your goals as a site administrator. The tools for catalog management will liberate you from the hard burden of everyday routines by replacing them with ‘one click’-type actions. Ready to try?

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