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Two-Factor Authentication for Magento 1

Protect your store from key loggers, network data sniffing, unsecured wifi connections, and other threats. Use password and the security code from your smartphone to enhance admin security. Make sure only authorized users access admin panel.

  1. Secure login into admin panel
  2. Protection against connection sniffing
  3. Secure against spyware
  4. IP address white listing
  5. Varied authentication conditions
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Enhance admin security with two factor authentication

It's easier than you think for someone to steal your security credentials when you access your account. Even having a strong password doesn't completely protect you. That is why a lot of our popular sites like Google/Gmail, Apple, Facebook, Amazon Web Services and many others have added two-factor authentication. Even Google strongly recommends using this type of protection on each site. This system uses both your password and your phone to protect your account.

In order to keep your data safe in Magento 1 admin panel we have launched Two-Factor Authentication extension that combines Google Authenticator application and your smart phone to verify the admin session. Since now you can be absolutely sure that your orders, customers’ data and other private information are completely secured.

Protect your Magento backend against unauthorized logins and fraudsters

Assured access into your admin panel

To start using two-factor authentication in Magento, you will need to enter a temporary security code when logging in to the admin panel. Each security code changes every 30 seconds, so even if someone gets to known your password, he won’t be able to log in to your Magento backend.

Secure against data sniffing

With our Magento secure setup option each particular security code can be used only once, so even if both your password and the security code are sniffed they couldn’t be used to get logged in.

Protection against key logging

If you log in from a device or PC where the keypad input is allowed, your password becomes vulnerable. However, with Two-Factor Authentication you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Apart from the password the scammer also needs to know your time-based security code, that changes every 30 seconds and can only be used successfully once before it expires.

Set flexible authentication requirements

IP address white listing for verification code

Some IP addresses (e.g. your company IP) are reliable and don’t require entering the verification code. To log in from this IP address without checkup you just need to add it to the IP White List in the admin panel.

Flexible authentication requirements

It is possible to have various levels of security requirements for each admin account. E.g. you can create an account that requires only the password or both the password and passcode. This way you will use one account for logging from trusted networks and another one for logging from untrusted networks.

Additional Information

This magento secure login module is compatible with iPhone (iOS 3.1+), iPad, iPod touch, Android (1.5+) and BlackBerry (OS 4.5-6.0) smartphone. Anyway, please make sure your device is able to run the Google Authenticator application before the purchase. Since this application is used to generate security codes required for login.

Fit up your admin management system with more powerful tools

Log all actions performed in the store backend by admin users

With the help of magento admin log extension you can easily find out what have been done in your store admin panel and by whom. Enhance your store protection and easily block all malicious login attempts.

Let your admin users and vendors see and edit only particular categories and products

You have also a great opportunity to improve your website monitoring. Assign permissions to users for editing certain products, categories, Magento store-views and websites. With the help of Advanced Permissions extension one can easily manage online stores with rich item catalogs as well as multivendor and maltilanguage stores. Let anyone play their unique roles to make the work of the whole store even more productive.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
5 Reviews
Nov 13, 2019
Does exactly what I need it to do!
I thought about coding two-factor authentication myself, but figured I should rely on the pros instead. I installed this extension in a couple of minutes (on a test server first, then my live server). My motivation was PCI compliance for my organization's online store.
Ellen also bought the following extension(s):
Photo Amasty employee
Amasty answer
Nov 13, 2019
Natalya Chekanina / Head of Sales Team
Dear Ellen, thank you for your review! We would be happy to see you in our store again!
Apr 20, 2018
Extra Layer Security
With this extension i enhanced admin account security of my store. Every time i have to enter new code from google authenticator apps for accessing admin dashboard. Best feature, i found that i can whitelist my ip. Anyone with different ip address, it will show security code. Customer support team is very helpful.
Shahidul also bought the following extension(s):
Aug 26, 2016
Отличная штука, уже помогло несколько раз от атак.
хотелось бы только, чтобы обновления были бесплатными бессрочно.
Jul 23, 2015
Easy to use & helpful
I’ve installed 4 amasty plugins already and I’m going to grab two more in the nearest future.
Jun 23, 2015
good for security
I’m very conscious of security and try to use additional methods not only for my s tore but also for other things. I already have two-factor authentication in my Gmail account and can see that it works great. So once I saw this module, I decided to add this additional login step to my store. I can’t say that I have many strange login attempts according to server logs but still I prefer to be on a safe side.
The module works ok, the setup process went smooth and I didn’t even need to contact support managers.

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Version 1.0.6
Last Update: Jun 13, 2018
1.0.6 - Jun 13, 2018:
  • Improvement the detection of the current IP was improved
  • Compatibility the compatibility with Magento was improved
1.0.5 - May 14, 2018:
  • Improvement the Google API Key check was added
  • Improvement a small update to the information panes was implemented
1.0.4 - Mar 27, 2018:
  • New added the option to edit the discrepancy for generated verification codes
  • Minor code improvements
1.0.3 - Nov 05, 2015:
  • Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
1.0.1 - May 19, 2015:
  • Minor improvements
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