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  1. SMTP Email Settings M1

    Reliable delivery of emails is crucial for business. Proper Magento 1 SMTP extension settings greatly increase the chance for your order confirmations, marketing emails and other correspondence to get actually delivered to customers.

  2. Customer Group Catalog M1

    Manage visibility of specific categories and products by customer groups. Configure product price visibility on product and category pages.

  3. GDPR M1

    Ensure your business follows all legislative requirements in the most efficient and transparent way with an all-in-one GDPR + CCPA solution. Build a powerful business that fully complies with the data protection regulation terms using the Magento 1 GDPR extension.


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  1. Store Credit M1

    Provide registered customers with a flexible credit system. Let them spend their credit balance on product purchase or easily share it with friends.

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    • Refund orders directly to customers' credit balance
    • Share credit balance with friends
    • Subscribe to credit balance updates
    • Update credit balance for individual customers or in bulk
    • View detailed credit transactions history
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Customers are the basis of any business. Therefore, it is crucial to effectively communicate with them, find out their needs and meet them to extend their client lifecycle. And isn’t it tempting to get all customer data right in Magento? It sure is, and we have appropriate Magento customer management extensions to offer. Check them out!

Our Magento customer management extensions will help you get such attributes as customer email,name, address and assign special id’s for easier management.

Use custom attributes to form Magento customer segments and collect all additional personal and business information you may need. This data includes information on how your Magento customers found your shop, business documents, feedbacks and any other data that may help you. In Magento, you can also create customer address attributes for collecting more detailed address information like apartment number, ZIP code and more. It’s also possible to set order attributes to request information such as order comments, delivery instructions, etc.

Unfortunately, some customers have bad intentions and are a trouble for store owners. Now you have an opportunity to blacklist emails and even domain names to prevent fraudulent registrations and orders.

Good cooperation with customers is an absolute must for every business. Our extensions will enable you to do it a lot more efficiently, legally and with much less effort.

The collected information enables you to considerably improve cooperation with customers. You will also have all the necessary data to process orders quickly and efficiently. The feedback you get from clients will help you optimize business processes and improve customer service. All this has a huge positive impact on customer loyalty.

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